Rise of The Anti God (Web Novel)
Chapter 723: Abandoned

Hearing Damien ask about his father made Akira's expression stiff as she briefly looked away.

"Your father is…gone, Damien," Akira said in a heavy tone after a few moments of silence and continued, "But there was not a single moment where he didn't care about you. In fact, he was risking his life every second since you were born."

"What do you mean by saying he is gone? Do you mean he is…dead?" Damien didn't know why he was feeling so concerned about a man he had never met, yet after hearing Akira mention how much his biological father cared about him, Damien could feel some emotions stirring up inside him.

In his past life, he grew up with the notion that he was an unwanted kid abandoned by his parents, and because of that, he would watch with envy as he saw other parents play with their kids.

But as his life went downhill in his past life, he just stopped caring altogether and thought that learning about his origins wouldn't change anything. Then why was he feeling more and more curious now? Did he unconsciously care about who his parents were and if they loved him or hated him to the point of abandoning him? He realized that maybe it was not that he never cared, but he was just afraid of the truth.

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He also thought about his stepfather in this life, who treated him like his own son. But since his past life self woke up after his death, all Damien could do was avenge him. He was the closest thing to a father Damien ever had and now hearing about his biological father's death made Damien wonder why he was always late. Why couldn't he be there when his loved ones needed him the most?

Akira nodded stiffly as she said, "I know the fact that you are family might be hard to believe, especially with how different you look or, should I say, you look no different than a human."

Damien's focus redirected itself to her words since this was something he had been meaning to ask.

"Your father was a ghoul like me and the others here, but your mother…she was a human," Akira's expression contorted into one of suppressed anger as she mentioned his mother, which Damien noticed.

But he was shocked by what he had just heard. He realized ghouls were a race of people and beasts who thrive on nethereal energy. So was he really an offspring of a ghoul and a human? Was this the reason his ethereal core was able to house an Origin Seed from the Nether Dimension?

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"Is something like that even possible?" Damien asked with a look of disbelief.

Akira looked at him with a focused gaze as she said, "No…You must have already seen what we are to humans. We can never mix well physically or socially. A union would only end in death. But you…you are the first of your kind to be born as the offspring of a human and a ghoul. Your existence is impossible and goes against everything we know of. I never thought I would get to see you grow up into a man, well and alive, fearing the unknown complications of your existence. But it seems like you couldn't have been better," Akira had a glazed expression mixed with disbelief since she couldn't really believe she was looking at a family member she thought she had lost forever.

Damien felt a bit awkward seeing how keenly she was gazing at him, but then he could understand why she was so surprised since he was equally baffled to hear all this.

Her eyes became misty as she said, "You have no idea how relieved and happy I was to realize it was really you. I thought you were dead because of how long it was, even though I never wanted to believe it. Ever since the day you went missing, I considered it my fault for not being there for you. If only I had been close to you that day, then I could have saved you," Akira's expression suddenly turned cold and vengeful as she continued, "But that damned human who was undeserving of being your mother tricked us all."

"My mother? You speak of her as if she has done something very bad?" Damien didn't expect such a reaction and wondered what his mother did for Akira to talk about her like this.

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"Your mother was no mother, Damien, trust me. That woman deserves to rot in hell for what she did to not only us but even to you," Akira said as her eyes shook with hatred.

"I…I don't understand. What did she do?" Damien asked while feeling a sinking sensation in his chest, wondering if he was feeling dejected over expectations of his mother he never realized he had. This was the fear that he unconsciously always had, preventing him from finding out about his origins.

"Your father was a respectable and powerful warlord, Damien. I know you don't understand what it means to be a warlord here, but it means that a lot of people here respected and looked up to him. He was also feared by his enemies, and he was about to be the next Chief Warlord by completing a mission that involved taking down an important station of the Salvation, the organization these remaining humans had formed together. But as if it was a coincidence, your father chanced upon a pretty human woman who seduced or bewitched him," Akira said with a clenched jaw, making Damien listen on with a slightly confused look.

"I warned him many times to get rid of her, but he never listened and stayed with her in the middle of nowhere where other ghouls or humans wouldn't see them together. She was surely somebody the Salvation had sent to sabotage your father, but I guess she didn't expect to really get pregnant. Your father wanted to keep it, but the moment you were born, she immediately abandoned you by leaving you and your father. She was afraid her people would find out about her mistake. And not even a week passed before your father was found dead, and you went missing," Akira said as her eyes flickered with complicated emotions.

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Rise of The Anti God (Web Novel) Chapter 723: Abandoned
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