Rise Of The Infinite Sovereig

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Chapter 104 5 days ago

From what I’ve read 104 chapters the novel is well written and well translated it has some reoccurring things that other novels of the same type have but that is to be expected.

Chapter 68 6 days ago

I was very surprised when reading this novel, because I was the first person to write a review, but I have to say, this is an amazing novel. The MC is very smart, and most important of all, strong. It doesn't feel rushed and the progression is very smooth. I'm here for the journey.

Chapter n/a 6 days ago

the kind of story where the protagonist goes to school to waste his time and slap others in the face, this kind of slap in the face thing is so neurotic that it makes me sick to read.

  • Kaleopsis
    Reader KP:50

    How was this review approved he hasn't even been in a school in the 113 chapters I've read.

    an hour ago Reply
  • Unkn0wnX
    Reader KP:31

    Did you even read properly? tf

    4 days ago Reply
Chapter 113 6 days ago

nice storyline the plot is okay with not much overused clichés. It presents quite the good take on the kingdom building aspect of the story. The protagonist is also a very complex character with better human alignments than most typical mc's. OVERALL A GOOD PLOT AND A HIDDEN GEM.

Chapter n/a 7 days ago

chapter 113 review good plot you know your basic rebirth into a baby but now hes royalty, the mc isnt stupid and theres a few times where he plot helped him like with fredi his master rank knigth