Rise of the White Dragon
Chapter 353: Star of Dawn

Cristina, who was previously taking a shower, arrived in the living room.

Wearing comfortable clothing, being a short-sleeved blouse and denim shorts, she had her beautiful hair pulled back in a high ponytail that swung from side to side as she walked.

"Brother Luann!" Cristina ran to him and hugged him.

"Ahh!" Soon after, she appears to have become embarrassed and walked away.

Playing with her hands, she looked like a child who did something wrong, in fact, she just on impulse did something she saw in a soap opera that she came to like, and maybe because of that, she had an impulse desire to do something similar.

"Did you miss me so much?" Luan rubbed his hand on her head affectionately. He smiled when he saw her blush.

"Uh-huh." Cutely, she nodded.

Everyone's hearts in the living room were stolen by Cristina's cuteness.

"Mommy." Little Rikka in a pretty pink floral dress leans on Ingrid's lap and with a smiling smile she said: "Aunt Cristina kept asking about daddy whenever he came home from class, it seems like she missed him a lot, hehee~"

Her giggle rang like a bell. It was sparkling, very pleasant to the point of being contagious.

Her little feet were suspended in the air, Little Rikka swayed as she leaned into Ingrid's lap. Her genuine and innocent smile made Ingrid smile fondly.

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"Tsk, it hasn't been that long since Luan left." Catharina pouted, "But when I stayed in the tower for a long time, you weren't all that happy about my return..." She sounded sad when she said it.

Cristina ran to her, and hugged her: "No, it's not true! I missed you a lot!"


When everyone started to laugh, Cristina realized that Catharina was playing a trick on her, just looking up, meeting her gaze, and the lips that even though she tried to hide them, curved into a satisfied smile, made her blush in embarrassment.

"Sister, y-you, you..." Her little face was completely red, she was so embarrassed, she couldn't even think what to say. The funniest and cutest is the sound she made after that that sounded a lot like a moo, it was so cute and funny that the laughter in the living room increased.

Amanda was thrilled while experiencing it all. Before, because of poverty, and being very busy as a single mother, she didn't have many moments together. In fact, the only people she could say she loved were limited to only her two daughters. And then there was what had happened with Monica… Well, she didn't want to remember that, so she shook her head.

"Man, you're so cute~" Catharina didn't let go, with both hands, she cupped Cristina's rosy cheeks. "They look like marshmallows. Mmm, I'm satisfied, there's a lot more meat now~"

"...I'm not fat!" Cristina managed to escape and puffed out her cheeks.

"Cristina, come here," Luan called out to her with a wave.

"Yea?" Although she was still a little embarrassed because of what happened, when she saw Luan call out to her, and hold something with her other hand, she started to anticipate and joy was written all over her face: "What is it, brother Luan? "

"It's a gift from me to you." He smiled softly, placing his free hand on her head and rubbing a little, he handed her the liter-sized beige milk carton with gold and diamond accents.

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"Can I really accept? Only the box looks so expensive..." Although she got used to her new life, she was still afraid when she received expensive gifts.

"Silly, of course, you can," Luan said in a gentle tone.

"Okay, I'll listen to the brother." She came closer and kissed his face, with a cute and bright smile, she added, "Thank you so much brother Luan~!"

"Mm." Luan smiled.

"Can I open it now?" Even though she tried very hard to hide it, Cristina had a pretty face of hers filled with excitement, happiness, and curiosity.

"Clear." Luan nodded.

"Thanks, I'll open it now." She went to the table, in the center of the room, putting the box, she starts to open it.

"Wow~" Cristina couldn't hide her surprise when she saw it placed with a beautiful obsidian stone, but in the center, the color was bright honey that gave an air of elegance, a true feast for the eyes.

The obsidian pendant was in the shape of a star, magically, the five points of the star glowed honey-colored, like the stars in the sky that twinkled constantly. It was as if she had a star of her own.

Honestly, she could barely contain her happiness.

"So beautiful…" Catharina was also mesmerized by the necklace. It wasn't like she'd never had beautiful jewelry before, but this was by far the most beautiful and mystical she'd ever seen.

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"It's like I have a real star of my own..." Cristina murmured as she took the necklace in her hand. As she did so, she felt a strange but extremely pleasant sensation that invaded her entire being.

"Must have felt it already, yes?" Luan smiled: "This necklace, is called: Sunset Star. It is not wrong to think of this necklace as having a star, as it was made from part of the star of the ancient titans. What stands out most about this jewel is that it is capable of amplifying Origin Flame's powers, especially if it is the purple titan flames, the effects will be even more powerful."

"Wow, such a valuable gift... Brother Luan, I loved it so much, I love you~" She went to him and kissed his cheek again while hugging him.

"Haha, it's not over yet." Luan said, "That piece of stone, it's called: Flammable Meteor. It is a very rare meteor, as well as with many uses, but few know that it is possible to fuse with the body of a Fire Origin user. Then come to the office, I will teach you how to merge with the meteor."

"Yes yes." She smiled adorably.



After they ate, the conversation continued about Luan and Ingrid's wedding.

"Mother, mother-in-law, let's skip the engagement party, I already talked to Luan and I don't think it's necessary. All I want is to get married, no need to go through the engagement process first." Ingrid said.

"... okay, I've already realized that there's no use trying to convince you, sigh~" Maira said, then she smiled: "But at least the wedding needs to be something big."

"Mm, I'm not against that." Ingrid nodded with a smile.

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Rise of the White Dragon Chapter 353: Star of Dawn
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