Running Away From The Hero! (Remake)

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Chapter 18 one month ago

The POV are too vague and I had a hard time figuring out who the MC is. Its hard to remember names as they are mentioned rarely. The prologue (MC’s backstory) doesn’t have much detail on how the current story began. All I knew was that through a stroke of bad luck he ended up being a criminal and joining an organization. There was no context whatsoever about why the royal family was targeting the MC and why they wanted marriage from him. I felt like I was reading a sequel to a novel I have never read before.

Chapter 1 7 months ago

All of the characters are connected somehow and I think that the story makes them all likable and I sometimes felt sad by how they where hurt no matter what they did. I really like the fact that this LN has many POV changes, because I'm a big fan of them especially when, as I have mentioned before, the characters are interesting. Side stories are my favourite and least favourite parts of this novel, because they mix some interesting viewpoints with quite boring ones. My only other complaint is caused by the existence of the hero arc, because it's a boring couple of chapters splitting apart the story of, in my opinion, the best side characters. I hope this story will get many more chapters and I highly recommend you read it.

Chapter 1 7 months ago

I was a bit confused during the first few chapters because the POV changed a lot. But after I started to understand what was going on it became my favourite novel, it's just so funny and absurd I can't describe it.

Chapter 1 9 months ago

this is basically a good story. but maybe some people are confused by the pov used here, or the story line that goes back and forth, or also the references that are lacking so they don't understand the joke. but if you can bear it this is a good novel I think, I mean it's a comedy novel, so don't take it too seriously and just enjoy it.

Chapter 1 11 months ago

This is an amazing find! Some may find it weird and hard to understand as the titles for the parts or chapters are supposed to be used for a third person POV, but no, it's the POV of the specific person. You just have to remember who is who at first so you can understand it. But really, this book is amazing! One of the gems that made me cry due to excessive laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Can't even stop until I finished reading the chapters.

Chapter 1 one year ago

this is seriously so fun to read XD. . . it is quite rare for wn without clear plot like this to actually make me unable to stop reading. all characters have their own charm and are somehow relatable. some may find the story kinda repeatable, but i still enjoy the story just for the interaction between characters.