Running Away From The Hero! (Remake)
Running Away From The Hero! (Remake)

Running Away From The Hero! (Remake)

Evade The Hero and Flee!

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254 Chapters 517K Views 2.1K Bookmarked Ongoing Status

Running Away From The Hero! (Remake) novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Comedy genres. Written by the Author Phantom Of The Moonlit Night. 254 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


When I woke up after a pretty crappy death, what greeted me was one of those famous fantasy worlds! I didn’t expect anything like becoming the strongest with a common job, or rising to the top with the weakest class…

All I wanted was to live a slow farming life, but the world just wouldn’t leave me alone! And so I equally backstabbed good people and bad people alike, becoming a villain with a true sense of equality and just when I was about to retire and enjoy a proper life on a farm…


My former disciple at the evil organisation, currently the hero of justice came looking for me. Can’t you all just leave me alone?

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Comments on the novel chapters for the last week.

: 1 comment on Chapter 218
  • IncognitoRaven
    Reader KP:249

    It says adapted to manwha but i havent found it... does it go by some other name?

    2 days ago Reply
  • pika
    Reader KP:258

    But it is written poorly

    4 days ago Reply
  • pika
    Reader KP:258

    I read 4 chs and its kinda fun. . . Though it was difficult to understand in the beginning because of different people with different pov at different times but now that i know the writing style, its fine

    Edited: 30 Sep, 04:44
    5 days ago Reply
  • InnkO
    Reader KP:617

    Should I read the prologue? A lot of manhwas and novels I’ve read have had useless prologues.

    12 days ago Reply
  • Janko2k
    Reader KP:156

    Wait I cought up The novel is really good and very funny

    20 days ago Reply
  • PandemonioDC
    Reader KP:79

    I cannot understand why people write that it is difficult to read .. Simply the author describes single events according to the perception of more characters than that of the protagonist .. all there. There are many books that use the same approach, even in a more difficult way .. (the whole "Empire" series by Asimov). At the moment I would give it 9/10 weak point the slow chapter updates.

    21 days ago Reply
  • lnwUser87269
    Reader KP:9

    Am i just stupid or what? I don't understand what's happening.

    1 months ago Reply
      Reader KP:5

      Tbh I also don't know what's happening, all I know is it's chaotic and a fun read

      1 months ago Reply
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  • MuhammadRivalsyah
    Reader KP:51

    Shouldn't the title of this novel be "Running Away From the Princess"?

    1 months ago Reply
  • pika
    Reader KP:258

    Looks like a fun novel to read... I'll probably read it after exams

    1 months ago Reply
    • LeoRen
      Reader KP:19

      just read it during exam because reading during exam time is more interesting when reading in free time. the feelings are different , go for it

      1 months ago Reply
    • MrShota
      Reader KP:72

      Good move if you read it while exam I can guarantee you that you gonna get either fail in exam or you grade get lower I say from experience honestly just done exam but there is no time for regret

      1 months ago Reply
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  • daowmingtsu
    Reader KP:2

    How old is the MC?

    2 months ago Reply