Running Away From The Hero! (Remake)
Chapter 32: RATH 32 TL: Eevee


TL: Eevee

TN: Uweeek. So much dialogue and monologues….

5. Welcome to the summoners’ school. (2)

“Are we really going to move forward according to this plan?”

“The number of lecturers that have quit are only increasing.”

“Do you really think that this is possible?”

Including the dean and I, we were in a meeting with the lecturers that represented each year.

But the air in the room was significantly bleak.

-Owner, innit gonna fail at this rate? Owner release some more of the plan? There’s so little bait that no one’s biting in!

-If I scatter too much then they’ll all flock in. You only need just enough bait.

Experienced master fishermen do not use a lot of bait.

They just simply toss out a bit at a time, and the fish bite in and are reeled in on a line.

If you throw out too much bait then you also attract the useless small fry.

“Let the ones who wish to leave, leave.”

“Are you serious!”

“Even if Professor Nicerwin is outstanding as a summoner, isn’t it your first time as a lecturer?”

“At this rate, we won’t have enough lecturers to teach the students!”

“Then we simply need to reduce the numbers.”

“You can’t be serious!”

All sorts of shouts come and go. Ho ho, were you very surprised when the number of teachers dropped?

But, this academy had too many useless teachers.

No seriously, the ones that had contracts with high-rank summons aside, how the heck did summoners with just a few low-rank summons get places as lecturers here?

After I inspected them it turned out that it wasn’t that they were particularly skilled, it wasn’t that they were good at teaching, but they were just idiots with a good bloodline!

“We are already at risk of closing due to our declining number of students!”

“What is that supposed to mean? It’s not that we’re lacking in students, the enrollment numbers at our academy is similar to the other schools. The problem is the perception.”

They should say it properly.

The number of students at Yugrasia aren’t all that different to its glory days.

Why? Because since it’s the easiest school the dropouts from the other academies all end up here.

Especially among the low-ranking nobles, rather than paying big money to contract with a summon for self-protection, they can get their child to contract a summon for a much cheaper price by enrolling their child at Yugrasia, so some even deliberately do that instead.

Since it’s still one of the Four Great Academies its name still has some value to it, and since there are some ex-Yugrasia students from its glory days on the front lines, sometimes you get kids sent here to make connections with the military.

But, these children do not come to Yugrasia out of a genuine wish to learn the summoning arts.

“The numbers aren’t important. No, rather, a small number can prove their value.”

There were always a lot of nobles in the empire.

Way too many of them.

But there are a lot less of the ones that are Earls and higher, and that’s why they’re called high-rank nobles.

“Do you know why the dukes and margraves of the Ten Great Families are called as such? It’s because their numbers are limited. They have that much authority and might, and it’s not like the rest don’t have long family histories either, but it’s because that those titles are only allowed to a few that they are called the Ten Great Families.”

In the history of the empire, there are almost no families that rose to the rank of marquis.

Even in the previous great war only one family earned the title of margrave.

And as for the title of duke, only one of them were given out in the entire 1000 years of the empire’s history.

“So what is it that you are trying to say?”

“If Yugrasia is to have that much value, accepting only a small number of elites is much more meaningful. Hence, there is no need to stop those that are walking out. We have already finished discussions with summoners much greater than them. Summoners that would be a better long-term investment even if we gave them the wages of all the outgoing lecturers combined.”

Even if I look like this I still have a few connections with the army and other races.

Of course, excepting those who know of Naruan or Ast.

If it goes wrong then Operation Dark Under the Lantern! becomes Very Close Under the Lantern instead.

If it’s that miss Imperial Princess, I wouldn’t put it past her to close off all the city walls and gates to trap me.

Even if I was armed with the metal bat, a one-man reverse-siege to get through the continent’s strongest capital city is impossible.

As long as the escape route that I commissioned the dwarves is incomplete I cannot leave a single trace.

“Is that possible?”

“It is.”

Everyone shut their mouth at my conviction.

Now, let’s look at our Hell Joseon.

Even when you go to university, everything you learned in primary intermediate high school becomes absolutely useless, why do they try so hard to stay in Seoul?

Because they’re rare!

Especially Seo** University!

If you go there then all their dogs and cows are all top of their schools? That’s why people recognize you if said you were a graduate.

If it really was a place where all your dogs and cattle could enter, no one would want to go to Seo** Uni. Because just going to a uni near your house would be so much simpler.

In that case, like my past life’s old hometown that wanted to go to Seo** Uni, I just have to change the environment in Yugrasia into that!

“The current students include many where they couldn’t even progress to the next year at other schools and came to Yugrasia even though they had no aptitude for summoning just because it was one of the Four Greats. In that case just how many new students would we get that actually wanted to learn about summoning properly? And the students that had to learn with them, would those that did have the aptitude for summoning have the desire to learn properly, either?”

When a regular friend wants to go to a PC café, then even the studious kids have an internal struggle.

It’s not like the surroundings have nothing to do with studying. Mengzi’s(1) mother didn’t move house three times for her son for nothing.

“There is no reason to take in those students. If we take those who have no belief or affection for our academy, then they can only be a harm to the other students who do have those traits. And from the beginning, all education is most effective with a small number of students.

“But, the fees to keep the academy running will…”

Indeed. Although the academy gets some money from the empire to get it running, magic and summoning always have a lot of places to spend money.

If the numbers of students decrease then the tuition fee intake will naturally drop. In that case.

“Then we simply need to raise the tuition fees.”


If there aren’t enough fees then you can simply raise them, no?

Parents of students don’t care how much it costs as long as their kids are taught well.

And it’s also the reason why people do all sorts of shit to get their kids into those expensive private schools.

“Then, then what about excellent students that can’t afford the tuition!”

“We give them scholarships.”

And the rare dragons from small streams(2) can be taken in with the tuition money earned that way.

And later on once they become big, an interview saying “it was because of Yugrasia that I became who I am now” would also be good publicity.

“Do, do you really believe that is possible?”

“Yes, it is. Why do you believe that the fees for Mercaria are the cheapest. Is it because they have the most commoners? Or was it an institution designed for commoners like the school’s creed? No it is not. Out of their graduates, the vast majority of them will bear little difference to the graduates of other nations’ academies. It is because one lecturer teaches hundreds of students.”

To be precise, it’s more like an internet lecture.

If the lecture keeps on talking, then they need to absorb it like that.

Of course if there are any outstanding students then they can guide them separately, but in the middle of over a hundred students in a class, they can’t stop a class for the sake of helping a single student.

“And, what do you think is the reason for Marcis having the highest tuition fees among all the academies? It is because like it’s nickname of the ‘education magic tower,’ a small number of students are taught by many magicians and sorcerers.”

Furthermore, a professor at Marcis isn’t in charge of more than five students, tops. It’s pretty much a 1:1 session there.

A disciple gets stuck at a wall?

Then direct help to get said disciple through that wall is Marcis’ style.

That’s why there’s such a sturdy relationship between teacher and student even after graduation, and because of that both the empire’s army and the Magic Tower are eager to send personnel to be lecturers.

Because once a teacher takes a student in under their wing, then said student naturally moves to join whatever organization their teacher is in.

In that case, we can also use that method, and guarantee them a job after graduation, there’s no reason that we can’t be like Marcis as well.

“If we look after our students even better than Marcis, there will be no opposition to our high fees.”

“But with our current teaching quality…”

“Which is why, drastic changes are needed.”

“Th, this is?!”

“Is this really possible?!”

The lecturers that all stared at my proposal with wide eyes.

Even the dean that believed in me looked surprised.

-Owner, owner? Ya nuts? Whaddaya have against those kids? Wazzis? This hell or something?

-I said I would bring in the entrance exam hell.

-What’s an entrance exam hell? I heard of the 8 Hells, but was there actually nine? Why is the kids only free time when they sleep? Hang on, I can’t even see any time to sleep?

The timetable I put forward was simple. To explain.

1. After school study time

2. Night time study time

3. Weekend study time

4. Holiday study time

That should be enough for an explanation.

“Now, if we educate them like this, there will be no parents that will oppose this.”

“But, but can the students actually endure this…”

“They can.”

The citizens of Hell Joseon can all survive this, there’s no way that these lively mana-doped lively kids can’t endure it, no?

This isn’t even the Go3(3) version either. The Go3 version is a special regime designed to be used from a month out from the empire festival. Even middle schoolers can handle this much.

These kids will be fine too.

“Te, ten hours of education a day!”

Ho ho, why are they so surprised?

The study race of H3 students that can be compared to the combat race Sa*yans(4) would be more than easily studying double digit hours.

If it’s just ten hours, isn’t it about the same as the time they’re in school? Even if you take out the night study then they’d be in school for roughly that long.

“Wouldn’t they oppose coming to school on weekends?”

“Even if they do, the ones paying the tuition are the parents.”

“This, this is violation of the students’ rights!”

“A student’s role is to study. Our role is to help them study voluntarily.”

“Can this be called voluntary?”

“Our role is to make them study, since the students decide what type of study they do, yes it is voluntary.”

“That is a ridiculous argument!”

“And the necessity of that ridiculous argument, is the state that our academy is in now.”


The teacher that had been heatedly arguing against me shut his mouth.

Yes, that’s it. We were in a position where we had to do anything to survive.

Of course it’s not like I can’t understand that lecturer.

To think he would think of the students, he is a kind teacher.

But those were only sentiments for if I was a student.

Since I am in the position of a teacher, only the brats who can study well, meaning here the ones who can create strong summoners are good teachers!

That was what they normally did, and is the academy not on the brink of ruin!

The academy needs to survive to allow the students to survive.

So now’s not the time to care about hell or high water.

I went easy on them as well? It’s just ten hours.

Well, although there is extra time added on.

Plus on the weekends it’s just six hours.

It’s only ten hours on paper, I even allocated proper break times within those ten hours as well, you know?

What is this heaven? If this was my high school life then this would be heaven?

But it seemed that the instructors seemed to have little faith.

“Then, I will ask you sincerely.”

Hoho, it’s a magic lie detector. Where did he bring that out from? Ah, if there was one of those in the classroom it would make life a lot easier.

“Do you sincerely believe, that the students can endure this timetable?”

“Yes. In a country I know of, students there begin their day at seven-thirty in the morning study until ten at night, and there were many that received separate private tuition afterwards.”

“Li, lies!”

“No, the magic detector isn’t reacting!”

“Th, the truth? Are you telling me that’s the truth!”

Sorry but since I have no mana whatsoever the magic tool won’t react at all?

Well, thanks to that it’s very convenient when I’m questioned at castle gates. No matter what I say it never rings.

Well, what I’m talking about is another dimension’s country.

-You, you serious that a hell like that exists? What kinda country’s school is that!

-There is a fearful place called Hell Joseon.

-He, hell in the name… the country’s name is hell… scawy…

Oh, it even made that metal bat quiver in fear.

Kahh~ as expected of Hell Joseon’s majesty!

“Is that a demon nation.”

“What kind of horrific things do they…”

“Ah, and the special traits of study race called Go3s in that country sleep for as little as four hours a day to study.”

“Fearful. How fearful, Go3!”

Hoho, these lecturers.

Although they seem to be having a culture shock, very soon they will be praising that education.

Because let alone simple study fever, my final goal is to bring the nobles of this empire private study fever as well!

The sort of private study fever that says ‘A former Yugrasia teacher is teaching at this academy!’ would make all the noble parents swarm in like bees with application forms!

If I retire early then a small private class sounds like a great way to bring in some cash!

“Now, we need to change our way of thinking. This is not a change for the students alone. Of course, we, the teachers will also be embarking on this road of change with the students. We need to unify our strength, and guide these students to not deviate from their paths. We need to be the first to make sacrifices, the first to be passionate in order for our students to believe in us and follow us, and only then will our academy restore its former glory.”

I keep emphasising the word ‘we.’

A group mentality has a habit of rotting everyone once it sets in, but as long as the mood control is done well then under the banner of ‘we’ we can always raise our solidarity.

Majority rules isn’t the best rule for nothing.

If we can get a few people directing the flow the way I want it to then we can achieve our purpose quickly!

-Wha’d the students ever do to you?

-What do you mean? I simply taught them the study methods I personally experienced.

-Owner said you’re a commoner! You said you were a commoner from the country beside the empire! Dun lie! There’s no way that country could ever exist!

-But you already know! That my words have no lies in them! Between us who are connected by our souls, there can be no lie between us!

-Nyoo! It’s just owner blocking off a few key thoughts like normal! Othe, otherwise there’s no way that there could be an academy filled with those demons!

-Fufufu, that’s what you say, but I already know of your fear!

I could feel the metal bat’s fear through our souls’ connection.

Hahaha, I finally made this pervert shake in fear! And I should spread this emotion throughout the students as well!

“Then I understand that we will all follow Professor Nicerwin’s directives.”

There were a few scrunched faces at the dean’s words, but everyone assented.

-Now, only the most important thing is left.

-Wh, what’s that? You summoning a few of Hell Joseon’s devils or sumfing?

-No, but…


-School modifications.

-Just what are you gonna do…

Just what am I going to do. Of course I need to make sure they can’t run away.

To students, night study is there to wag?

Perhaps if I was a student, but now that I’m a teacher now, I should prevent that from happening, no?

(1) Mengzi/Mencius, one of the great philosophers of China, often rated second only to Confucius. His mother is held up as an exemplary female figure in East Asia in reference to the legend that she moved house three times before finally settling next to a school, where Mengzi began to study imitating the scholars and students. Also a parable to describe the importance of the environment in raising children.

(2) Idiom used to describe cases of geniuses/excellent people from humble/poor backgrounds you wouldn’t expect them to be from

(3) An (Korean) abbreviation for Korean Third Year High School students, the last year of high school for Korean students, after which they take the infamous National University Entrance exams which determines which university they can/’t get into and is also the single sole reason for their thirteen years of formal education. Best summarized as the epitome/final boss version of the Asian student.

(4) Saiyan race, from Dragonball/Z and beyond

Chapter 32: RATH 32 TL: Eevee
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