Running Away From The Hero! (Remake)
Chapter 39: Welcome to the summoner’s school. (9)


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Welcome to the summoner’s school. (9)

#6 Their Story: Aris ril Letia’s story.


“Hwuu, hwooht?”

“This sounds aren’t coming fwom my mouth, they’re fwom my arms!”

“I, I can hear them from your mouth… Kuiiit?”

“Ang? Did ya still have enough left to talk? Then that’s good for me, pretty unni!”


The current situation was the silver creature making noises with its mouth and claiming them to be from its hands when realistically arms couldn’t make that sound, and one-sidedly beating the living daylights out of the goddess of war.

…Just how should I explain this situation?

The majestic appearance that the goddess had for that very brief moment when she was first summoned was no more.

The goddess’s beautiful face was currently a mess of snot and tears, the beautiful helmet she had on her head was gone, and in its place was hair that was still emanating a clear light like the ocean, but even that was a mess.

“Pr, professor! She’s still the goddess of war! Even if she’s from another world, she could bear a grudge for this and contract with an enemy nation!”

As I was blankly staring onwards, the sounds the goddess was making turned from shouts of “huuht?” or “kuahh!” to nonsensical “kueeeeehk!” or “huoooohhh” and those noises brought be round.

Of all the summons available, why do they rate gods, spirit kings, and archdevils as the greatest?

Other spirits exist where just as long as you use them correctly, they could output just as much power.

But these beings had other abilities other than just pure strength.

Half-aligned to another dimension, but also half-aligned to this world, beings that could control nature, those were the Spirit Kings.

The god’s weapons that they used. Drawing on divine power, those able to lend their summoners the authority of the contracted god, those were the gods of the other worlds.

And those with the power and weapons to oppose those gods, the archdevils.

Just the presence of even one of these beings could change the history of wars, that was why summoners that contracted them were all feared.

And actually, the records where a contractor of a Spirit King of water became victorious in a naval battle where they were outnumbered by over ten to one,(1) or an individual that received the power of the god of storms single-handedly defeated 222 enemy battlemages in aerial combat(2) have still yet to be broken, even now after countless battles over the history of warfare.

But, out of all the gods that existed, to think that he would be mercilessly thrashing the Goddess of War and goddess of many other aspects besides.

And a god that I summoned to boot!

Isn’t this just the perfect condition for her to hold a grudge against me as well?

“Keep watching, Miss Aris. Hit her more, more!”

“Hihwiin. Ya don’t have ta tell me twice!”

“N, nyoooohh!”



“Heehee! Hey unni, hitting you feels awesome!”

But on the contrary, Professor Nicerwin instructed the silver lifeform to keep punching, and according to his words the silver lifeform’s hands began to move again.

And how many more tushitushis echoed through the room after that?

In the end, the goddess even went as far as to resort to grabbing onto the silver lifeform and begging for it to end.

“Sa, save me!”

“Ahn? Pretty unni? I dun kill people. Aru is pure and weak, and dislikes violence so she can’t kill people! Actually, I’m a kind summon that treats unni’s hurts!”

“N, no! Just kill me!”

The crying goddess begged but the silver lifeform refused her pleas.

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No, on the contrary, since she said that she couldn’t even die, that brought the goddess even more despair.

And at that moment, as if had been waiting for it, Professor Nicerwin approached the goddess’s side.

“Goddess, I know of a way to escape this place.”

“Wha, whadisit! I’ll even sell my soul to a devil so please!”

The goddess who had been so thoroughly ruined that you would never believe that she had once competed with the goddess of beauty over appearances rushed over to Professor Nicerwin as if she was begging.

“Don’t go clinging to my owner! If you do then the scary unnis will get angry!”


Although she was shut down in a single hit.

“Now, if you make a contract with this child, then you can escape safely.”

At that moment, the goddess looked at me with pleading eyes.

Contract? With me? Of course it’s true that I did summon her to make a contract.

But, is it alright to make a contract like this?

What would happen if later on, she came back to her senses and decided to break the contract on her own in a bout of rage, regardless of the consequences?

In that case, the fallout falls squarely onto me.

It could lead to the worst case scenario that I would have to bear it all on my own.

But as if Professor Nicerwin had known about that as well, with movements that bore the look of long practice he brought out a sheet of paper from somewhere and pushed it in front of the goddess.

“Now now, press your signature here and you will have freedom from this pain.”

“Free, freedom…”

At the word freedom, as the goddess stared at the sheet of paper, her eyes were filled with hope that she could be freed from this pain.

“Wiin? Ownerowner! This pretty unni, she feels so delicious to beat up, can’t I hit her a bit more?”

“Hiiik! Hurry, hurry and make a contract! Child! If you make a contract with me now then I will do my best to teach you all my knowledge and power! So hurry! Uwaht! Why, why are you hitting me!”

“Because I can’t hit you after you make a contract so I need to hit you while I can!”

After saying that, the word ‘tushitushi’ could be heard again, and as the same proceedings that had occurred till now repeated themselves once again, even as she screamed in pain the goddess looked at me scorchingly and said.

“N, nao! Hurwy! Contrakk! Naao!”

The goddess who was gradually losing her ability to speech was pitiable.

And I began to fear as to what that silver spirit of Professor Nicerwin’s was.

“A, alright. I’ll make a contract.”

“Right, all you need to do is print your thumb onto this inkpad and thumb the contract. Yes, there. Now, Aru, stop hitting her for a bit.”

“Wiiin, pitypity.”

In the fear that she could end up in tears at those hands once again, the goddess didn’t even read the contract, and hurriedly stamped her thumb on the contract.

“Miss Aris, whether you sign, or stamp here, either is acceptable.”

But I couldn’t do that.

Moreover, this was a Geass Roll.

An absolute contract that let alone gods of other worlds, not even gods of this world could interfere with.

If you were to contract poorly with a Geass Roll then your entire life as you knew it could be over.

So I peeked at the contract but…

‘Isn’t this totally a scam contract?!”

Of course, there’s no harm to me.

No, it’s profitable to the point that I thought ‘are these conditions even possible?’

But to the goddess Athena that was making a contract with me, there could be no more one-sided contract than this.

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To think that this was a contract that would let me use a god’s power when and however much I wished without any conditions attached!

‘Oh my, I must have this!’

It’s a goddess of war.

From a military family’s point of view, making this contract would be a done deal no matter how many millions we needed to spend, but to think that we could make a contract this full of nothing but benefits!

“Hu, hurry!”

While I was reading the contract, the silver summon couldn’t wait any longer and started beating up the goddess again with another round of ‘tushitushi’s.

The goddess that was getting beaten up again looked at me pleadingly.

‘I did nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong!’

Yes, this is what the goddess wanted. I just listened to what she said.

I have no responsibility for any of this!

This is all Professor Nicerwin’s fault.

“I’ll do it!”

At the goddess’s cries I quickly stamped my thumb on the inkpad and then the Geass Roll.

“Nah, naoh that it’s dunn…”

As soon as the contract between the goddess and I was forged, the sounds of ‘tushitushi’ could no longer be heard.

“Hiing… Aww… Felt so good on my hands too…”


The goddess scrambling back as the silver lifeform looked at her with what seemed like genuine regret was another minor incident.

“Now then, Miss Aris, now.”

“Ye, yes!”

To me who was watching this happen, Professor Nicerwin said to me.

“Desummon her.”


The goddess’s momentarily pupil-less eyes blinked a couple of times, before life finally came back to her.

And lowering her head for a moment, she stood back up on shaky feet and shouted.

“Th, this is a scam!”

“It is already too late.”

The goddess glared at Professor Nicerwin with a face that said she’d been had, while Professor Nicerwin was making a very evil expression, as if everything had gone according to his plan.

“Now, Miss Aris. Once you desummon her, that is the end of the process.”

“Sc, scam! This is a scam!”


An action wherein the summoner returned the summon back to its original world.

Meaning, I would return my contracted summon the goddess, back to her original world.

But even if I didn’t do such a thing, the goddess could desummon herself.

Rather, because of the contract, she couldn’t desummon herself freely.

It was a moment where her title as the goddess of wisdom became worthless, but the one that had made this happen was that silver creature over there.

“It’s a scaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmm!”

As the goddess disappeared with a scream of despair, I stared at Professor Nicerwin.

“Are all contracts like this?”

No matter how little my family had to do with summoning, what I had heard from nobles who my family were either associates or quite close with, this was not what I had heard from them.

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They said that this supposed to be a far more solemn, ceremonial occasion, where you would find a partner you would spend the rest of your life with.

But just what had happened while I was making my contract!

Violence and threats, and a slave contract!

No matter how ignorant I was about summoning this was definitely not your everyday normal summoning process!

It felt like my life had kept on taking turns for the weirder ever since I had enrolled into this school.

“You have become a summoner of a god. In the end, are the results not for the better for everyone involved?”

But even to my words, Professor Nicerwin calmly said as if absolutely nothing was out of the ordinary.


“Yes, young lady. It so happens that the basics of negotiations involve pressing forward when your opponent is not in a state to make rational decisions.”

Although it felt like I hadn’t learned the basics of negotiations, but the basics of threatening, but since I could make a contract with the great goddess Athena I decided to keep my mouth shut.

The next day.

As I was walking to school first thing in the morning.

In front of the school gates was a giant placard that read [Congratulations! Lady Aris ril Letia! The new summoner of Athena, Goddess of War!]


Although I hadn’t anticipated it, thanks to the metal bat we could very easily form a contract with the goddess of war.

Thanks to that the school’s evaluation was on the up!

Although there had been many gazes of suspicion and doubt from the parents, this incident caused them to all but vanish.

It’s a god. And the goddess of war no less!

And moreover, the contractor was someone from the famous Ten Great Families, the daughter of the Letia Marquisate that was front and center of the empire’s military, Aris!

The stories had already started spreading throughout the empire, and rumours had it that the families who hadn’t sent enrollment forms to Yugrasia were now very envious.

As I expected, the best promotion for Yugrasia!

At this rate, even if I don’t make a speech next year the students will come flowing in!

-But, at this rate then we’ll probs get other rumours going round as well?

-Of course.

But at the moment, the only god-level contractor is the Letia girl.

Although contractors of gods are an extremely rare minority, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Even before I arrived, one of the student council had already made a contract with the god Loki, after all.

Most likely there would be those who would not want Yugrasia’s popularity to continue any further.

Especially those attending the other Four Great Academies, or their parents, would want to see Yugrasia cut down down to size.

And so they would probably spread the rumour that Aris already had the capabilities to make a contract with a god.

Because if it’s the Letia marquisate that’s more than plausible after all. So.

-Then, we just need to make contracts with some more gods.

Although I realised this when the metal bat returned the goddess of hell that Sia had summoned, the metal bat works on gods of other worlds as well.

-Haang, the sole goddess, Lady Arcadia would never lose to some gods of other worlds!

-Yes, you’re the best!

As I replied in the positive to the smug metal bat, I tried to think of some other usable first years.

Since there’s already a tried and true method of making contracts, there’s no reason for me to not use it, right?

-I am the great, kuaaaagh!

-I rule over fiyaaaaahgh!


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-Hu, human! Stop, stop iiiht!

And so, around a month later.

Yugrasia gained five new god-class summoners.

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