Running Away From The Hero! (Remake)
Chapter 68: 8. If you do it, it works. (7)


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8. If you do it, it works. (7)

“Today was such a pity.”

“Ya said that yesterday as well tho?”

“Because yesterday was such a waste too.”

Although this is a world without TV, there are magic tools that can act like a TV.

Although of course since there’s no one making fun content for it it’s useless!

Once, I thought about doing business with this, but since I knew nothing about broadcasting I gave up on it.

It could have been the continent’s greatest venture, but it had an equally high result to simply go bust.

And if you thought of the veteran actors of this world, it would be either the theater actors or the nobles that were skilled in faction wars, but there was no way nobles would act.

Although their acting skills alone send chills down my spine.

If you saw them happily smiling at someone they were cursing out mere seconds ago then you’d think my previous world’s actors would have to learn a thing or two from them

But right now, if I could capture Yugrasia’s night study and broadcast it, I could even think about starting up the broadcasting business that I’d given up on!

And the army teachers, who had been struggling since Aris became a swordsmaster, their revival tonight could easily be counted as the best highlight minute of tonight.

-Very well. We have lost. But as your teachers we cannot give up here!

-Even if we lose, and lose, and lose again. So that we can emerge victorious tomorrow. This is what we must do as soldiers of the empire!

“Kahh~ the misters are so cool! Even though they’re being pushed back they don’t give up to the end, and they look so cool holding on like that!”

“And the way the held on for quite a long time was memorable.”

“At this rate won’t the weapon summoning mister become a swordsmaster as well?”

“Professor Aruhan… well, that might be possible.”

They said that the door to becoming a swordsmaster is does not open for just anyone, yet is open for everyone.

There’s honestly no bigger bullshit than this, but all swordsmen agree with this statement.

To be honest I, who has literally no mana can’t understand heads or tails of it but I can get a rough idea of what it’s all about.

The biggest factor in becoming a swordsmaster.

“It’s basically luck after all.”

You need to be lucky.

Even if your sword smashed through every obstacle in your path, you simply cannot break through the path of a swordsmaster in one go.

But Aris became a swordsmaster after just getting hit with a few snowballs.

But this has nothing to do with snowballs.

If it was possible to become a swordsmaster just be getting hit with a couple of snowballs, the princess’s personal knight order would all be having snowball fights in the icy lands in the southernmost tip of the empire.

The fact that Aris became a swordsmaster after getting hit with a snowballs is literally the product of a miracle.

In short, it’s all down to luck.

“So ya saying it’s possible, or nah?”

“I don’t know. Swordsmasters are just luck.”

Well, I might understand if I did some proper research, but seeing as I had a probability of precisely 0% to become a swordsmaster, I felt no need for me to look those things up just for my disciples.

“Ya did good. If there were just a couple ‘a more swordsmasters outta owner’s disciples then owner’s belly’d already be gutted out!”


The odds of failing was high, but what if I actually found a method to become a swordsmaster?

I’d use a bit of my past life’s experiences to found a martial family, and develop it into a great name that would mass-produce swordsmasters… or the princess’s swordsmaster brigade would capture me and I’d have that done to me.

“Have what done to ya?”

“Hm… [Censored]?”

“I gotta feeling that something incredible woulda happen!”

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Ah, the magic word, censored.

Despite being usable in a G-rated setting, it was enough to get the metal bat to understand instantly.

“If the mister can become a swordsmaster, can the teachers win? Dontcha think we have to bring back the traitor initative again?”

“No, that might be difficult now as well?”

Traitors only appear when one’s chances of victory were either nonexistent or very slim.

Since it was hard for everyone to win, they might as well win by themselves.

But conversely, turning traitor when you were about to win anyway makes zero sense.

And to turn traitor when right now they can already beat Professor Harian and are coming agonizingly close to beating Professor Muam as well?

“It’s common sense that they would never do that.”

But the metal bat countered in a way I would never have anticipated.

“Owner? Since when were owner’s school’s kids ever adhere to common sense?”


Now that I think of it, all these kids are all abnormal!

Let alone their combat power, not even their personalities could be judged as normal.

Normally, no matter how much you’d make them do the night study, there was no way that the entire school would run from night study without a single person left behind.

And normally they should hesitate at attacking a teacher, but for the sake of escaping night study, they don’t hesitate to launch a direct attack at the teachers.

This isn’t a card game? They’re actually attacking?

And yet these kids have absolutely no hesitation?!

“At th’ least, owner shouldn’t be thinking like dat! Coming from the man who used me and mercilessly thrashed all the students!”

“Mine are the beatings of love.”

Everything was designed in mind for a teacher to look over his students’ safe growth.

For that purpose, I even went as far as creating the safe but effective bat series after all.

“The kid that’re getting hit probs aren’t thinking like dat tho?”

“It’s a shame.”

The difference in perspectives is this fearful.

“If owner’s the beating of love, then the students’re struggles to survive.”

“And so I have to have the teachers understand the students’ rough rebellions.”

“Lately I think the teachers’ve all been struggling to survive as well tho?”

“Because their lives(salary) are on the line as well.”

“Still calm even knowing dat! As I thought, owner’s the best villain!”

“Even my background is a member of the empire’s (former) strongest evil organization after all.”

I am a self-assured villain.

For the record, third-rates blame their birth, or say they have their own uncontrollable circumstances but the people that will live within the law will do so anyway.

I became a villain just to make my life easier, and yet I can’t even say that out loud!

“Yes~ yes~ mister self-assured villain owner. So whatcha gonna do? Ya gonna bring back the traitors again?”

“Hm… although that does sound fun…”

If I throw in a few extra bonuses then the teachers will have it easier, and the students will find the night study more enjoyable too.

“Won’t it be better to end that bloody night study for everyone’s happy ending?”

“No, then our fun disappears.”

“We can’t have that! As expected of my owner that prioritises yaself over others, you’re the best!”

Hasn’t it always been us over them, me over you?

If you help others without taking care of yourself then you’re not a saint, just an easy pushover.

I have to look out for myself first, why would I give up what’s mine for others.

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I honestly wonder just what was in the heads of those old heroes that sacrificed their lovers for the world.

“Now then, let’s start getting to work as well.”

“Wiing? Wasn’t I a NEET after the holidays ended? Ya said that the students’ mental health’d crash?”

“Now that I think about it, it’s fine as long as you don’t attack the students.”

For the sake of the students’ minds I hadn’t brought her out since the holidays ended, but now I just thought of a new way to use her.

“Where’s it? Where is the place this goddess needs to descend!”

As if the feel of her beating up the students still remained on her hands she was responding extremely positively, so let’s tell her the new highly imaginative plan.

“The place where you’ll make your stage is Yugrasia, of course.”

“Mm, mm!”

“And this Plan Alpha is!”

“Alpha is!”

To the bat who looked at me with sparkling eyes, I told her the contents of this plan.

“Hit the teachers!”

#9 Their story: A certain teachers’ story.


“Da, damn it!”

“Professor Matel is down! Fall back to the next line of defence!”

Night study started today as well.

Unlike the beginning of the year, the students were on a different level and it was now difficult enough just to stop their quick charge.

“Damn it, the students attacks have gotten way too strong lately.”

“Kuugh… if only we could heal like the students…”

“Then it’s too unfair. To be honest it’s incredible that the students have gotten this far as it is…”

“Who knows. If the students become able to escape the night study, then might we be allowed recovery options as well?”

“We might be able to recover but our wallets won’t.”

Unlike the very first night study there weren’t as many restrictions on us, but Professor Nicerwin still placed a number of restrictions on the teachers.

And the most fatal one was the banning of healing magic or healing type summons.

Because of that, unlike the students who could repeatedly charge after being healed, the teachers couldn’t move as aggressively to conserve their stamina, and the students didn’t miss that gap, they’d bitten in and they had yet to let go.

“It’s tough, it’s tough.”

It was then.

The thing called the self-directed night study, the thing that gave students tribulations and fear.

The thing that gave the teachers tribulations and fear.

“For th’ teachers that have it hard, owner’s grand special service!”

“Wh, what?”

“Professor Nicerwin’s summon?”

What suddenly appeared was Professor Nicerwin’s summon and the symbol of fear known as the silver devil among the students.

Said symbol looked up at us and grinned.

“Now th’ teachers can heal too!”

Her sparkling silver eyes narrowed in mirth, and the devil smiled brightly.

“Tho’ of course, ya can only heal through me!”

“Wh, what’s that…”

“Actions over words!”

She passed in front of the teachers who were still working their hardest to stop the students.

There were screams from those who saw Professor Nicerwin’s summon, but the devil said “not you kids today!” as she walked forward with light steps.

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Where her footsteps stopped was in front of the teacher collapsed in the corner.

“The students’re doing their best so the teachers can’t sleep now!”

In front of the fallen teacher, Professor Nicerwin’s summon lifted her cute small hands and punched the teacher.


The teacher that had fainted against the wall bolted up instantly.

“Get up, and fight!”


Professor Nicerwin’s summon prodded the leg of the teacher who couldn’t understand what was going on because of the sudden pain, as he started to hop around while screaming.

“M, my summon has already been defeated so I can’t do anything more!”

As if he was flustered, he used formal language against a summon and that wasn’t normal for a teacher, but what he was saying was correct.

The biggest difference between magicians and summoners was the length of time they could operate for.

Unlike magicians who could only draw from their own mana reserves, both the summoners and the summon shared their stamina and magic power together with each other, and so summoners could fight for longer.

But unlike magicians who can recover using mana potions and such, for summoners, even if they could heal themselves up, if their summons were still disabled then they couldn’t do anything.

That was why the students could afford to neglect the teachers that had fallen over in the non-combat zone.

Because even if they got up they still couldn’t fight!

“Call ’em out.”

“N, no that’s impossib… kwuuhgh!”

“Bring ‘im.”

“Th, that’s not posiblleaaaaagh!”

“Bring ‘im.”

But Professor Nicerwin’s… no, the silver devil didn’t listen to him, and kept hitting him every time he refused.

“S, summon!”


Perhaps it was due to the summoner’s fervent wish.

Looking at the grey wolf that responded to the summon despite its injuries, the silver devil smiled brightly.



And seeing the wolf the devil launched her fists again.

“Wh, what!”

The summon screamed in pain at the silver devil’s fists despite being several times bigger than her!

But the summon was not desummoned like all of the other students’ summons had so far.

No, on the contrary.

“It’s healing!”

The rivulets of blood that streaked through its fur began to disappear.

“Kwuun, kwuuuuhhh! Kwuuuhhhuuuuuung!”

Although the wolf’s screams got louder and louder!

“Now, fite! Don’t worry ’bout getting hurt. I’ll take responsibility and heal ya!”

“U, understood.”


The teacher nodded, and his summon the grey wolf had an expression on its face as if to say it never wanted to get injured again.

“Now, I gotta focus on healing, the rest of ya teachers all go ahead and fite!”

With those words, she went on to revive all the other fallen teachers with her two fists, one by one, and as we saw this happen, all of us teachers thought as one.

-If we fall we’re dead.

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And on that day.

The legend of the silver devil began to spread not only between the students, but among the teachers as well.

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