Running Away From The Hero! (Remake)
Chapter 69: 8. If you do it, it works. (8)


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8. If you do it, it works. (8)

#10 A certain student council president’s story.

The teachers became stronger.


The ones who said that used to mostly be students.

But now the teachers were saying that as well.


“P, professor?”

“Sorry, but die!”

A student that was dragging a teacher to the deadzone screamed as she fell.

Even if they lost, the teachers normally displayed a clean fight.

But after that day…

Even their fighting methods became troublesome… no, it would be best to say that they started fighting dirty.

But it couldn’t be helped.

The students, who had already experienced it, simply could not criticize the teachers.


“Itz a-okay! If ya lose I’ll heal ya! So fight as much as ya want!”

The being that excitedly waved her hand at us as she watched us fight was none other than the silver devil.

And said devil was threatening the teachers with her fearsome fists high in the air.

The devil’s method of healing was, as you’d expect from a devil, to beat up the opposition.

It shows an incredible healing power, but in contrast, it grants the healed an incredible pain.

To the point where that dying would be easier!

“Even so, we can’t give up!”

The other students yelled as they charged in, but the teachers evaded and dodged as they fought to minimise the damage to their own bodies.

“Isn’t that too unfair?”

“Our own lives are on the line as well.”

The teachers engaged in hit and run tactics that whittled down the student forces while minimising their own damage.

This fighting style where they avoided large teamfights altogether was the complete opposite of how the teachers of Yugrasia had fought until now.

Because of that, we were still stuck on the eighth floor when we’d normally be on the second floor right now.

“How are the other floors doing?”

“Same as we are, pres.”

“What about just brute forcing our way through?”

“Would it work? The enemy already has their backs to the water, no, their backs to the devil.”

“We were like that during the holidays.”

“Actually, in some respects it’s worse for them. We’re done once we fall, but they get hit every time they fall.”

“Why is that the devil knows how to heal.”

“Of course it’s to heal them and hit them again.”

“That’s the devil of devils for you, no, the evil god’s apostle!”

Unlike the grumbling students, the teachers were stone-faced.

As if the situations of the teachers and students before the holidays had been reversed.

The teachers’ expressions were that serious, no, rigid.

“Those eyes look like they’re prepared to face death.”

“Is it just me feeling a real sense of kinship with them?”

“No, because we also have those exact same eyes.”

“Professor Nicerwin isn’t human. Just how could he do this to his fellow teachers…”

Just what the hell was victory at the imperial festival even worth.

The students that were participating it aside, he even pushed the teachers who weren’t going to be in it straight into hell.

“But, our objective is fighting against the teachers anyway.”

Lately it felt like it would be possible to break through the academy, no, even our results were showing that if we managed to beat Professor Muam then we were guaranteed victory.

But the more we did so the more anxious we got.

Because it didn’t seem like Professor Nicerwin would let us off before the imperial festival no matter what!

Just what trick would he play to destroy our teamwork, or put fear into us.

Or that he would start some absolutely ridiculous tribulation.

But thankfully he put pressure on us by putting the teachers into hell.

We felt sorry for the teachers, but considering how they had pretended to ignore our plight so far we got a bit of schadenfreude out of it!

“We just have to be thankful that it was the teachers and not us he pushed.”

“True, if he set the silver devil on us like that…”

“I honestly think I would have killed myself.”

“Is it possible for us to kill ourselves?”

“Dunno. But the important thing is that, we can fight the teachers going at their full power, no, when they are surpassing their own limits.”

Our current location was the middle of the eighth floor.

Our clear speed had almost dropped to what it was at the beginning of the year, but we equally had as much to learn.

“Normally we’d be at the second floor by now… but this is our turn to make a difference.”

“Will it be okay?”

“If we can’t get through here we can’t get down to the second floor anyway. And if we beat this as well, who knows what Professor Nicerwin might come up with.”


Let alone the students, our enemy even drives the teachers into hell.

He was the monster who turned the academy named Yugrasia into hell.

Perhaps it might have been different if it had been a monster we could fight, but Professor Nicerwin managed to turn our parents, and even Lady Aris’s farther, Marquis Letia, over to his side.

And so avoiding him was for the best for the sake of our physical and mental well-being.

“When the devil’s attention is on the teachers, we have to do our best to raise our skills even more.”

Our objective is victory at the imperial festival.

If we can win there, we can finally be free of this hell.

“Do our best, and finish everything! In order to do that, we will do anything and everything!”

With those words, the student council began to fight against the teachers, and soon afterwards.



The teacher’s screams.

“Heeheehiit! That’s a good pres! Fight harder! Ah! There’s another injury over there!”

And the devil’s bright laughter filled the halls of Yugrasia.

#11 Their story: A certain teacher’s story.

“Lil’ Muam, the student’s haven’t really been coming our way lately?”

As I tilted my head and looked down at Muamy, he sighed and said.

“You seem excited.”

I seem excited?

“Ooooof course I am!”

This is great! Really really great!

At the beginning of the semester I honestly thought about quitting this job even if it meant getting killed by Her Highness.

Seriously, I dragged Professor Nicerwin into the night study just one time, and because of that I suffered mass isolation, and a group assault as well.

And the most important thing was that it was all legal!

This academy was so insane, exchanging attacks during night study was seen as a form of conversation.

I’ll admit that I put in a lot of effort as well, but seriously, a group attack is way too much!

But perhaps the other teachers powered up, the students aren’t coming down to the first floor where Muamy and I are.

…The imperial festival is in just a few more weeks!

Once the imperial festival gets underway in just under a month’s time, this initiative called night study which drove the entire academy insane will disappear.

Because the students of Yugrasia have long surpassed the standards of students!

“If the kids win in the imperial festival like we expect, the kids don’t have to do night study so they’re happy, I have information to pass to the princess so I’m happy, and I can earn myself a big fat bonus so that’s even better!’

“You seem to be certain of our victory.”

“Of course. If the kids in this academy can’t win, then the humans would have conquered the world already.”

“I can’t deny that.”

Even Muamy who’d constantly made snippy remarks at whatever I said nodded.

“But I do wonder how the other teachers have been holding out against the students. Shall we go watch them?

Watch? Waaaaaaatchh~?(1)

“Of course I refuse!”

After the holidays ended, Professor Nicerwin undid all the restrictions up to Plan B so there was no problem if we went up to the other floors.

Problem was that there was nothing good would come of us by going to another floor.

No, there were only bad things.

“Lately the teachers’ eyes have changed to what the students were like before the promise of the imperial festival came along? That’s proof that there’s nothing good for us even if we go.”

“But aren’t you curious?”

“Lil’ Muam, there’s an elvish saying. Curiosity enslaves the elf!”

They were wise words from our ancestors.

The stories of elves who only lived in the forests being fooled by slave merchants or scammers to become slaves for humans have been passed down since ancient times.

And just how many elves have fallen for the stupid trick of being convinced to try on a cool looking choker that was actually a slave subordination collar!

Curiosity kills the elf.

And as a weak and frail elf, I should think of my own safety rather than satisfying my curiosity.

“You’ve changed a lot since the first time I met you, Professor Harian.”

“Of course. I’ve… grown while I was here.”

“Although the process was hardly ideal, it seems like the results alone were good.”

Just when I was about to say something to Muamy who said something that nearly made me cry.



When my naturally good hearing picked up the sound of shoes in the hallway, I couldn’t help but close my mouth again.

“…Just what happened in the upper floors until now, Professor Harian.”

“I don’t know… no, I know one thing at least.”

As I heard the sounds of footsteps increase one after another, I saw the students of Yugrasia come down the stairs with the student council in the lead.

But their appearance was a far cry from when I last saw them.

Previously they had suppressed the other teachers with ease, and looked perfectly fresh as they came down to curbstomp me, but right now they almost looked like defeated soldiers.

Despite being made of good quality material and enchanted with numerous spells, their uniform was in tatters, and there were others, even girls, marching resolutely down uncaring of the blood streaming down their faces.

“Just what kind of academy am I teaching in…”

Rather than students, they looked like warriors.

The uniforms that proved their status as students carried the air of uniforms of well-trained elite troops, and the students’ footsteps carried the sounds of an undefeated army.

“Professor Harian, I think we honestly do need to prepare ourselves.”

A completely different pressure compared to the berserker mode they ran in with before.

As if he felt it too, even Muamy’s voice quavered a bit.

Tak. Tak. Stomp.

And just ten metres out from where we were standing, the person furthest at the front, the student council president Nerkia, halted and raised his hand.


And his command truly was like a general commanding his army.

At his words, the speed-buffed summons that came running at us felt like a cavalry brigade running at full tilt.

“The kids’re weird, the kids’re weird!”

“Oh great king, stop our enemies!”

As I screamed I had Boreas create several layers of wind barriers, while Muamy also prepared water shields to face off the students.

“Marksmen, ready.”

As we picked off the charging summons one by one while maintaining our barriers, the president gestured to the students with a relaxed expression.

When he did, from further away, a number of summons began to form magics or objects with numerous different attributes.

“Hang on, prezzie? You’re not an army? You’re all students?”

I yelled to the students that reeked of professionalism, but the students ignored me and fired at us.

“Listen when an elf is talking to yoooouuu!”

The magics slammed into my wind barrier with a loud clash.

Although I didn’t think they would break Boreas, the god of wind’s barrier anytime soon.

“I can’t see!”

As numerous bright lights began to blur my vision, I started to have a really bad feeling about this.

And if this was the case… then almost certainly…

“Hello, Professor.”

“I knew ittt!”

As I expected, Aris emerged from the light and sliced through my wind barrier.

“Take it easy on me Aris!”

“You’re going to revive soon anyway.”

“What’s that supposed to mean!”

I screamed as Aris unleashed even more savage slashes than before but Aris kept attacking, and in the end I was defeated.

“Ya fell down?”

And it began.


What I felt was a pain that simply could not be described into words.

“Professor Harian has revived!”

“Phase 1! Beat her again when she’s still fuzzy!”

I hadn’t even gotten my shredded wits back together again, but all sorts of magic came flying into my face.

-Get a grip on yourself, contractor!

And I fainted again.


And I woke up again from another incredible pain!

“N, noooo!”

“Phase two, denial!”

“Attack again!”

After I was knocked out and woken up by pain a few more times after that I finally realised what was happening.

If I fainted, Professor Nicerwin’s summon would hit me awake, and the students would attack me again.

And I would fall again, get attacked again, fall again…”

“You’re telling me I’m not even allowed to fall daaaaaaaownn!”

“Final phase, final phase!”

“Everyone be careful!”

Seriously, these little shits.

“So is that how it’s going to be, you brats! Do I look like a pushover to you!”

“Professor Harian’s already gone into berserker mode!”

“Lady Aris, please keep Professor Muam busy!”

As I faced down the students that were looking at me as if I was the demon king, I let my mana run rampant.

“Boreas, kill them all!”

And that day, along with the rest of the teachers.

I became a true resident of the hell named Yugrasia.

Chapter 69: 8. If you do it, it works. (8)
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