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SuddenTaro 2
Chapter 1682 12 days ago

Given it six months since finishing it and the fact it's till in my head is a testimony of how memorable the book was. The scaling was amazing, the mystery of whose behind the system intriguing and the nationalism definetly choking but it holds up in the end. Can't wait for the spin off

tundler 6
Chapter 1250 2 months ago

The first 900 chapters I'd give four or five stars. However, after that point, the story assumes an almost entirely different purpose. It's not about a guy exploring the mysteries of science and solving grand problems, it's about a Chinese guy proving to the world that China is in fact the best country, with the best people, and the best government. Complete with face slaps for every single rival of China every few chapters, you will get to watch as China giggles to itself about how everyone else is so dumb, while they bask in the glory of literally impossible scientific advances. In short, it basically becomes a completely different story, and a real grind to finish unless hardcore Chinese nationalism happens to be your cup of tea. The worst part is that the author writes the antagonists like they're five minutes past their lunch break and just need to punch out a few more lines that someone else can fix in post. Half the time they're not even really antagonists, just not Chinese, but the author treats them like they might try to cannibalize children if their devious scheme (i. e. normal business) succeeds. It's possible to power through, but honestly, I feel like two thirds of the chapters between 900 and 1250 could be stripped out of the story because they're mostly trash filler. So, overall. I genuinely enjoyed the first 900 chapters. They were a great, highly technical, dive into the world of science. The system was neat, the sense of improvement steady, it was all looking good. The next 350 chapters were an absolute grind, fueled entirely by the brief moments where the story had seemingly returned to form. It's not the first story to have brainless antagonists, but when the antagonists are brainless because they aren't China, you realize you're just reading propaganda. But not the good stuff, like the Goebbels cinema or Birth of A Nation where what they've produced is just as well-made as it is racist, but like propaganda aimed at the lowest common denominator. So you have intricate high level math and science, paired with trash propaganda for people who didn't finish high school. At any rate, the reason I rate this so low is that the story essentially gives up everything that it focused on for nearly 1000 chapters to turn the MC from a scientist to nationalist. Had I known how much it would change, I wouldn't have wasted my time and just passed on the whole story.

Sekuri 3
Chapter 1210 4 months ago

Nationalism is a little strong but overall a very interesting concept and nice change of pace from the standard generic light novels esp for people with an interest in science or future development

M1sF1t 1
Chapter 1375 7 months ago

Good progress until after a century time skip, the story became boring. i drop it after few chapters. but still good job to the author

lnwUser77399 0
Chapter 1375 9 months ago

My thoughts I just finished the LN and I'm confused and dissatisfied I feel like the ending is rush. And Mc Anyway Xiao Ai is the best waifu.

Meloira 0
Chapter 1375 9 months ago

I found this quite enjoyable yet so detestable. Only after I took a time to look at the tags did I see the national tag and immediately found my answer. So yeah dropped it.

RoyLe 0
Chapter 1375 10 months ago

I think the light novel so far is pretty good. The MC is hardworking. I feel I could continue reading this novel if nothing changes. I hope that the ending would be satisfactory.

NicoleGarcia 0
Chapter 1375 11 months ago

It was good not until the last 200 chapters or so hates the ending, specially when he's about to be married to the FL but it WHY does he have to be in a coma and wake up in the future! Really hates the ending.

JustAWildGod 1
Chapter 1375 one year ago

This novel has several arc: -It start with the academy -The teaching part -The discovery of space (which is one of the best moments lasts up to 1200 -1300 chapters) But after this arc everything changes the world is getting darker and sadder. I recommend to you continue because I think most of the people who stop is doing that around the 1200 chapters. But hang on the last part is getting better (๑•̀ᄇ•́)و✧]

lnwUser85301 0
Chapter 1375 one year ago

A really worthwhile story I sincerely thank the author I appreciate if you can create more wonderful works like this in the future thank you for everything