Second World
Second World

Second World

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Second World novel is a popular light novel covering Video Games, Adventure, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author UnrivaledArcaner. 1035 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


He was about to join the beta test on the newest VR games, Second World.

But an anomaly threw him into a world with familiar rules, a rule he usually only experienced in a game.

Now he must use his past gaming experience in this new world.

It was no longer a game, it was survival! A strive to reach the highest level possible.

Equipped with dual-class of melee and magic user, Jack was set on the path to become the strongest character in this brave new world.

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  • polatimus_666 1

    what a generic, boring *ss name for a main character.

  • Jakuloow 2

    I rlly dont want to jump in conclusion but is it rlly that bad?

  • Ihaveatheory 1

    Man, what an irritating journey, i have traveled so far 144 chap, but i don't see any improvement regarding MC's intelligence, idk why the author decided that way but mc just completely retard about his gaming sense, i mean the author explain that he is an "expert" in gaming but i just... Sigh, forget it. See you folks, imma just gerara here man

  • Old_Demon 2

    This novel is not compatible with this Old Demon, tastes off.

  • harry0307 1

    Bro admin there is a good novel called ' fantastic beasts of records ' on *** it's quite good . Listen to this avod reader's suggestion and can you pls try to bring it to this site

    Edited: 1d~
    Admin Edit: 29 Jan, 03:56

    Edited due to domain name. Please make your novel requests via email or via the dev tab.

  • Frost_mate 1

    When I first saw this, it was in thousands and now it is in this rank.

  • Yurikitao 1

    Have romance?

  • GreatBeing 1

    After Reading the comments I don't think I will read this

    • SujetoXVII 1

      I'm the same, they say that the mc uses instinct and not the brain because the guy is retarded, examples the mc has to choose a chewing gum or mythical weapon but his instinct has to choose the chewing gum and take it

  • Aetherion 1

    Is it good to read for real fantasy lover not game one?

  • CasualCacophony 1

    If you want an under 90 IQ MC that is handed everything and blindly bumbles forward through plot armor, this is the novel for you. Reading some of the comments, I saw people saying that he's supposed to be the type to do things by instinct, so it makes sense, but that is incorrect in many ways. For starters, no matter how much of an instinctual gamer you are, there are many basic things about games that you learn with time, no matter how dumb you are. Secondly, why would the author showcase him solving a complicated puzzle then? Lastly, the MC is written like a 12yo in the middle of a concussion, who barely ever played any games. That brings me to the supposed 'game'. Full immersion VR has been a thing for over 30 years in that world, and the 'game' we get is something that looks ancient even compared to vanilla WoW? F*ck off with that garbage. Save yourself sometime and go watch grass grow.

    • Irynth 5

      I don't wanna watch grass grow... Any other recommendations?

      • CasualCacophony 1

        Go play Path of Exile, there is easily at least a few hundred hours in there for you. Assuming you like ARPGs that is.

      • CasualCacophony 1

        If you mean Lord of the Mysteries, I remember reading the first few chapters and stopping due to not being the vibe I was looking for at the time, but it's in my list.

    • Izumi_Shimizu 1

      Yeah man, it's like, go read the story, the only thing you have to loose is your mind

    • Laconic 2

      The last part of your comment is epic🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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