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Vayne8D 1
Chapter 812 22 hours ago

I think everything positive about this novel has already been said over and over by other people. That's why I want to address some other things: A lot of people seem to get turned off by the whole 'Slave' aspect of this novel. It's a bit confusing to me how so many people complain about that part since so far it didn't even play any major role in the story. It's not like he is someone's property or even ordered around at all for that matter. It's a very unique plot device and serves for interesting character dynamics and motivations. The characters are also rather unique, which seems to put alot of people off. They all have a different personality, different problems, different agendas, each their own flaws (both literally and figuratively) and are somehow bound together by fate. I think a lot of people like to self-insert into Sunny and fail to comprehend the other character's POV's at times which leads to some people getting massively irritated (and I get that) but I don't think it's a valid point of criticism, it just shows that you care and are invested in the story. I'm just going to tell you: If you're used to overpowered, always the strongest/most talented/luckiest, ruthless, cold, basically high-functioning sociopath MC and are going in with those expectations, this is NOT the novel for you. The characters are human, they are realistic depictions of what an actual human being could be. I'm not saying they are relatable, I'm just saying there are growths -both steps forward and setbacks. If I had to compare this to your average chinese/korean novel it would be like comparing a home-cooked meal to fast food. Both have upsides and downsides to them but in the end it's just a matter of preference.

Thejadedsaint 3
Chapter 786 yesterday

What can I even say that hasn't been said. Just to secure my own mental health, I had to stop reading to stack chapters cause having to read two chapters everyday was torture. The book is epic. Definitely in my top 1%

Renegadedao 2
Chapter 818 2 days ago

Honestly I was bored when I decided to read this now I am hooked the writing is 5 star and the plot is amazing the main character goes through trials and survives in a realistic way that doesn't seem forced side characters also have a personality and are well developed. The novel is worth the read I highly recommend it

Baleygr 2
Chapter 818 2 days ago

I just finished reading 818 chapters in about a week and a half. . . so I am currently experiencing a hard hitting moment of emptiness. . . so this review is gonna be a way to cope with this! Do not start reading this story if you care about your sleep schedule! Cuz it is an addicting read to say the least! Do not start reading this if you are not already hyped! cuz you will regret not having waited before starting! If you are gonna start reading, make sure that you have time! Anyway, I can't really say anyhting that has not been said in the reviews down below. . . Amazing writting, no dumb plot points and cliches, no annoying tropes! Superbe world building, truly makes one want to dive in and explore this world. Compelling characters that are truly likeable! Sunny is an amazing protagonist to follow! and the rest of the characters are amazing too! Great music too, yes you read this right, music, the wiki has a music session, one for the forgotten shore, one for the black city, one for the Crimson Spire Siege (best song), one for Nephis, one for Mordret and 2 others, anyway, they are all great, and if you are starting this web novel, I highly recommend listening to these songs at the right moment, they fit perfectly! Anyway, I am gonna go catch up on sleep, and probably cry while doing so! I hope you have a good read!

ghosts_ 7
Chapter 818 2 days ago

This book is so good. The world building is amazing and consistant, and dont even get me started on the character depth. Even the ruins are full to the brim with personality and I feel cool piecing things together. I also love the Cuthulu vibes with some of the threats.

Brypsos 2
Chapter 797 2 days ago

Really enjoyable read ! I love being immersed in a world through detailed description, be it of the environment or the characters and this story delivers on that front incredibly well.

DPina 2
Chapter 816 2 days ago

This novel starts relatively slow but in the first 150 chapters builds the foundation for this world and I can say that the author used their ideas to create a very unique novel. I expect great things for the novel and recommend the people to give it a try. 10\10

Seeker101 2
Chapter 690 3 days ago

Caution: Way too addicting, way too much world building (down right terrifying, in good sense of course), awesome plotline, way too mysterious. Everything about this novel is too good that it's still hard to believe something like this exists.

BlackJade 1
Chapter 814 4 days ago

My honest review as of chapter 814. So Shadow Slave has an amazing world setting, great characters, and great character interaction. I'm excited to see where the book goes honestly, at times I don't like what happens and at times I like it a lot. It keeps me guessing what's next and keeps me on the edge of my seat. I've not noticed any blatant loopholes in either the story or the world. The power progression is steady not too fast nor too slow. My couple of bad 2 cents now, sometimes I feel that sunnys 400+ chapters of hardship are null and void, and sometimes sunny loses his brain specifically for the plot to progress, the real 'main' character or for the readers easement. I'm enjoying the book at the moment, no matter the outcome of that looming [FATED] romance tag. I just hope it's done well.

ExaltedPeasant 6
Chapter 805 4 days ago

Its extremely hard to find a LN with chapters this good, I can binge read 100+ chapters easily. If I had to say this would definitely be in my top 5 LN sure its the most popular on the website but its justified by the thought out content and plot the author has made its not just me hoping on the ban wagon, I find myself caught up on the current chapters and have no idea what to read now so before I start looking I decided to write a review, hope this helps decide if you want to read, leave me a suggestion on anything you think I should read too always looking for suggestions. :)