Shen Yin Wang Zuo
Chapter 16: Standard Knight Examination (IV)

Long Hao Chen replied showing a somewhat confused look: “I don’t know what [Divine Obstruction] is, Teacher only told me that this was an obstruction skill.”

Nalan Shu took a deep breath, calmed himself, and muttered: “No mistake, it is without a doubt [Divine Obstruction]. Xin Er (kid Xin), I did not see [Divine Obstruction] only once. Whether they are Retribution Knights or Guardian Knights, once at the level of a Radiant Knight, they will all practice this skill. If it wasn’t for the [Divine Obstruction], Hao Chen couldn’t possibly have kept off that earlier attack of yours. No wonder, no wonder senior Xing Yu would let him challenge a knight to battle. With the [Divine Obstruction], withstanding a knight’s attacks for a quarter of an hour is not impossible.”

“The threshold to the [Divine Obstruction] is, without a doubt, the grade of Radiant Knight, but this is merely our Knight Temple’s threshold, it is not the threshold for the study of the ability. Provided one has the inborn talent, enough ability, and the necessary reaction speed, a sixth step knight can pass any ability onto him, but this premise needs the authorization of our Temple Knight to be done. There was formerly a great knight who because of his great merits, got the authorization to break this rule and be able to pass them on.”

Nalan Shu is an Earth Knight so he knows much more than Li Xin in regard to the skill [Divine Obstruction], but because of that, he became even more shaken.

The [Divine Obstruction] is a skill that can be easily described. It enables one to momentarily transform his defense entirely. Simply said, it causes one’s defense to become like an iron rock so that only attacks that exceed the defensive power of the skill can break through it. However, if the attacks use weapons of the same volume and hardness as an iron rock, when attacking, it cannot possibly break this defense.

[Divine Obstruction] is like the process of the transformation of an ore of iron into a bar of iron. It is easily explained, but extremely hard to do because it takes a lot of talent.

Though, if [Divine Obstruction] is trained to a certain level, it can use at least a part of the power of the opponent’s attack to become its own force and use it for attack as well as defense. Practiced to its utmost potential, [Divine Obstruction]’s defensive power is worthy of being called “divine”.

To possibly break [Divine Obstruction]’s defense, one must have at least three times the spiritual force of the user of [Divine Obstruction].

“Nalan Master, can we consider that I have passed the examination?” Long Hao Chen didn’t know what startled these two people before him, and simply asked.

“Naturally, you passed. Wait a little, I have to look for the thing senior Xing Yu wanted you to bring back.” Nalan Shu turned around and left, but he didn’t show signs of having calmed down yet.

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Li Xin looked at Long Hao Chen as if he was some kind of monster, “Little brother, tell me, what was this skill that you used to repel my [Lightning Stab]?”

Long Hao Chen shook his head and answered: “No no! I only used pure physical force.”

“You broke my [Lightning Stab] with only your physical power?” Li Xin couldn’t help raising her voice. She naturally didn’t know that Long Hao Chen’s attack had been enhanced a lot. Over the last year, the torment in the owl-ant’s crypt didn’t go to waste. In addition to that, he soaked in the hot spring and had his spiritual energy’s twelve standards enhanced, its impurities dispelled. That year of practice equaled at least three years of practice for an ordinary person.

After a short time, Nalan Shu came back, handing two things over to Long Hao Chen, a circular badge with a sword and a shield engraved on it and a golden yellow gem the size of an egg.

“This is your insignia of a Standard Knight. On it, there is a star that symbolizes the fact you are first ranked. Once there are all the stars, will you be able to once more take an examination. This awakening stone is something Senior Xing Yu told you to bring back. You must keep it well.”

“Thank you.” after receiving these two items, Long Hao Chen respectfully saluted Nalan Shu.

Nalan Shu asked: “Should I have Xin Er accompany you out of Hao Yue Hall?”

Long Hao Chen shaked his head, answering: “No. Teacher gave me another task to accomplish. I should hurry up.”

Nalan Shu didn’t insist and asked Li Xin to send him directly to the entrance.

“Xin Er elder sister, how can I go to the adventurers’ guild?” Long Hao Chen asked Li Xin right before leaving.

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Li Xin replied: “The adventurers’ guild isn’t far from here. Look, go to the front and then turn at the right. After about a kilometer, there will be an intersection where you should finally turn left.”

“Thank you, Xin Er elder sister, I am glad to have met you. I have to go first. Nalan Shu hall master, goodbye.”

After bidding farewell to both of them, Long Hao Chen took the route shown by Li Xin.

Looking at his leaving figure, Li Xin can’t help asking Nalan Shu: “Uncle Nalan, from where does this little guy come from?! It is impossible to find another such outstanding talent of his age in our Knight Temple. And how could he learn the [Divine Obstruction]? What kind of person is his teacher?”

Nalan Shu let out a sigh, shaking his head, and replied: “I cannot tell you that yet. All you need to know is that towards the fact that he already learnt the [Divine Obstruction] is in accordance with the rules of our Temple. In the near future, I expect that it is unthinkable that our Hao Yue Hall stays unknown. Xin Er, did you see, you are not the only genius in this world! You have to practice seriously or otherwise, you will fail the Alliance’s hunting beast selection in four years.”

Li Xin quietly nodded, “I wonder when I’ll see this beautiful little brother again.”

Nalan Shu revealed a smile: “There is something I can tell you; in two years, he will come back. He will at least stay for the duration of the magical hunt of the Alliance.”

Long Hao Chen moved according to the direction given by Li Xin and quickly found the place of his second task, the adventurers’ guild.

Compared to this place, the Knight Temple of Hao Chen was rather calm: the surroundings of the adventurers’ guild were in a total mess. Numerous people came in and out of this place and people dressed in every kind of outfit could be seen.

His eyes shone, he had already found the place he was looking for. Not far from the left side, on a counter, was where assignments were taken.

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By chance, there was someone at the counter. Long Hao Chen advanced towards it and looked at a woman in her twenties: “Elder sister, I want to receive a task.”

“Ah?” The young woman at the counter saw someone who was only a head taller than the counter. She couldn’t help but be distracted by Long Hao Chen’s pretty face.

“Haa, our adventurers’ guild really accepts anyone! Even this little thing ran looking for an assignment, it is really hilarious.” A severe voice resounded near them.

Long Hao Chen turned his head around, only to see a strong statured, full beard man laughing as he looked at him with a face full of disdain

Long Hao Chen wrinkled, not understanding what is up with him, and asked once more to the young woman: “Elder sister, I want to receive a task.”

The youth behind the counter looked full of curiosity, “Little brother, what kind of task would you like to receive?”

Without letting Long Hao Chen have the time to speak, the loud voice already rang for a second time, “What little brother, she is clearly a little sister. Little sister, how about this uncle buys some excellent lollipops for you, haha — —” This straightforward man’s speech caused a stream of laughter in his surroundings.

“I want to receive a second step assignment. The best would be one that consists of killing magical beasts.” Long Hao Chen wrinkled even more, but the girl’s answer wasn’t very satisfying.

She answered, with a little awkward tone: “Little brother, I’m afraid that it is impossible. Second step assignments require you to be at the second step in a vocation to be received.”

“Then, quickly go back home to suck the breast of your mother. Or is it that you don’t know if she still has milk to give you. If she still has some, what about letting me drink two sips of it? Looking at your pretty appearance, I guess your mother should be not bad. If you could also have an elder sister, it would be even greater.”

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It was the same voice. Hearing it again, Long Hao Chen’s expression suddenly became cold.

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