Shen Yin Wang Zuo
Chapter 22: Sacred Awakening, Scion of Light (II)

“Persevere! For our beliefs, for protecting everyone we care about!” Long Xing Yu’s voice clearly resounded in Long Hao Chen’s mind, making his pain gradually reduce and his spirit rise.

The awakening stone in Long Xing Yu’s hand was being dissolved, continuously being refined in his hand before finally taking the form of a drop of pure golden liquid floating and heading towards the pit in the middle of Long Hao Chen’s stomach. Compared to the awakening of ordinary knights, with Xing Yu’s refining, this drip of Holy Liquid didn’t have a trace of impurity. It was only golden colored and it merged with Long Hao Chen’s body.

Puff — –, in the instant after the drip of Holy Liquid merged with Long Hao Chen’s body, an intense golden light shone on his forehead.

The golden light reacted with the [Bright Blessing], slowly heading towards the top of Long Hao Chen’s head, then growing up little by little.

Long Xing Yu nervously looked at this golden pillar. It would determine Long Hao Chen’s future potential regarding the use of the holy attribute.

During the [Sacred Awakening], knights would acquire the holy attribute in their inner spiritual energy and during this process, their innate quantity of internal spiritual energy, one of the most important standards for determining the potential of a knight, would be determined. Generally speaking, if one’s innate internal spiritual energy level couldn’t even exceed 10, then that knight would have no way to break through the third step.

From the top of Long Hao Chen’s head, a golden thread was suddenly growing before falling backwards; it had quickly already reached the length corresponding to the tenth spiritual energy level. His body was suffering and shaking as violently as before, but the growth speed of the golden thread was really astonishing.

10, 20, 30, 40… …

At the moment the spiritual energy level reached 40, Long Xing Yu couldn’t help clenching his fists. When one’s innate internal spiritual energy reached 40, he was already a rare genius in the Knight Temple. But this golden column was still growing at the same speed.

Such a formidable innate mental capacity, Long Xing Yu couldn’t help but secretly sigh. He suspected beforehand that Long Hao Chen’s mental capacity was abnormal, but he had no way to be sure before performing the [Sacred Awakening]. At that moment, he would be able to see how formidable Long Hao Chen’s mental capacity really was.

50, it exceeded 50!

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55, 58, 60. It surprisingly even exceeded 60.

Long Xing Yu remembered that he was known as the greatest genius of the century in the Knight Temple, and during his [Sacred Awakening], his internal spiritual energy peaked at the 77th level. Although he took care of Long Hao Chen during the past year, building his foundation by making him sit in meditation, the fact his spiritual energy exceeded 60 meant a lot of things, and this golden pillar of light was still continuing to grow.

65, 67, already 67!

Long Xing Yu’s pupils violently shrank. For innate internal spiritual energy, every 10 levels corresponded to a step and if Long Hao Chen’s internal spiritual energy exceeded 70, his capacity for using holy magic would not be inferior to any light element mage’s.

70, it really was 70!

At this instant, Long Xing Yu couldn’t help but hold his breath; when Long Hao Chen’s innate internal spiritual energy broke through the 70th level, he stopped shaking.

With another Puff sound, numerous golden threads of light burst out of Long Hao Chen’s body. The pain was, at this moment, all gone and Long Hao Chen’s clothes disappeared because of these golden lights.

His fair white skin shone like a crystal, the thin golden threads wandering about, piling up on his whole body, covering it of a gold color. The golden ring of light was gradually drawn into the middle of Long Hao Chen’s chest before finally taking the form of a little soybean.

Part 2:

Long Hao Chen had a very strange feeling when his innate inner spiritual energy reached 70, he felt as if the pain carried by his whole body had disappeared, replaced by a heavenly sensation.

Everything became clear and transparent, including his heart and his soul. This rich divine atmosphere improved his body. The inner spiritual energy was still growing, though, and Long Hao Chen seemed to have somewhat changed, influenced by the laws of light.

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Heavens! 80, his innate spiritual energy actually even exceeded 80!

Long Xing Yu’s body shivered once more. This frightening innate spiritual force actually didn’t make Long Hao Chen formidable for the moment, but it would definitely have a great influence on his potential.

81, 83, 85… …

The golden light rose as before, even after having surpassed the 70th inner spiritual energy level. In the history of the Knight Temple, there were 17 records of this accomplishment. Among these 17 people, except for six of them, all of the others became the most formidable Divine Knights of history.

However, his inborn spiritual energy outstripped 80. This happened only three times in history. Among those three knights, two did not manage to rise up: only one succeeded. On the year of his 36th birthday, that one broke through the threshold of the ninth step of the vocation, the 10,000th spiritual energy level, the divine achievement.

Heavens! 90, really 90?! The only one in the Knight Temple’s History who reached the 90th spiritual energy level!

Long Xing Yu struck dumb with amazement. A pure heart, a mental capacity different from ordinary people’s, a good grasp on the Ten Rules of a Knight, and such a terrifying innate internal spiritual energy level.

The golden pillar seemed to have reached its bottleneck, its growth clearly reduced by a great amount. Now, it was rising slowly.

An innate internal spiritual energy of 70 was known as giving a physique of angel, one of 80 was known as having a physique blessed by Gods, and above the 90th spiritual energy level, even though this case never appeared in the Knight Temple, in the original Knight Temple’s records written by the ancestors, the physique associated was known as the physique of a Scion of Light, the purest holy body that could exist. With it, he would innately be able to use any holy weapon and be friendly with any magical beast of the light attribute.

In the end, the golden pillar wasn’t able to keep raising and stopped at the position of the 97th level.

Innate spiritual energy level, 97.

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The golden light became gradually weaker, revealing the silhouette of both father and son.

“It feels so good!” Long Hao Chen just came back to his senses, released from this special holy atmosphere.

Opening his eyes, Long Hao Chen discovered to his surprise that the father in front of him showed a shocked expression on his dull face.

“Father, what’s wrong?“ Long Hao Chen made haste to ask.

Long Xing Yu’s body shook, and coming back to his senses, he looked at Long Hao Chen in the eyes.

Long Hao Chen’s originally dark blue colored eyes changed into a peculiar gold

color. Light gold colored eyes were not something completely unusual, but it was the first time Long Xing Yu saw this kind of transparent gold colored eyes.

“Scion of Light, it is really a Scion of Light! God bless the humanity, God bless the Knight Temple.” Long Xing Yu couldn’t control his slightly trembling voice. As he spoke, he took back his [Bright Blessing].

“Father, what is the ‘Scion of Light’? Ah, and what about my clothes?” The wind blew from the mountain and Long Hao Chen felt a chill, discovering that he became unexpectedly naked. He immediately cried out in alarm.

Long Xing Yu reacted at this moment, his right hand trembled and from it, a long gown appeared, covering Long Hao Chen’s body

Carefully looking at his son, Long Xing Yu discovered that Long Hao Chen’s skin now had a golden luster that could only be noticed because of the sunlight. But the strange fact was that there wasn’t as much holy atmosphere left on his body as the other knights after their [Sacred Awakening]; all the holy atmosphere was in fact in his body, and no slightest amount spilled out. Only Long Xing Yu’s eyes could notice such a special phenomenon.

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