Shen Yin Wang Zuo
Chapter 35: Asura Ye (I)

Looking at Long Hao Chen who was facing him, Ye Hua nodded to himself, This kid’s assault has not only met the standard, but he has also an excellent attack rhythm; he is not going all-out, and this way, his attack power is a little weaker, but there are more patterns in his attacks.

While shifting his body, taking advantage of the power coming from his assault, Long Hao Chen pointed the heavy sword in his hand forward; he then made an ordinary thrust. A silver-white aura seemed to have appeared almost instantly on the heavy sword and at the same time, a [Pure White Edge] was launched.

When the heavy sword was only less than a third of a meter (1 chi) away, Ye Hua moved. His movement was very swift; right hand behind his back, he lift the shield on his left hand to block in front. He did not directly block Long Hao Chen’s heavy sword; instead, he slightly tilted his shield on contact.

Dang~, Long Hao Chen only felt that the sword grazed the shield, there was no direct hit. His sword just slipped past the tilted shield. The [Pure White Edge] grazed the face of Ye Hua’s shield, bringing out a series of sparks. The next moment, he saw a big shield closing on his face.

Bang, Long Hao Chen was knocked flying back seven or eight meters away and he fell terribly on the ground.

During this whole process, he protected his body by using the Radiant Shield just in time before being sent flying away in the next instant.

Before standing up, Long Hao Chen started crawling on the ground, with a completely stupefied face.

Ye Hua wasn’t holding any weapon, he only had a shield, but this shield was enough to end the battle and beat him.

“Trash.” Ye Hua coldly spit out this word.

Long Hao Chen’s gaze was frozen; as soon as he picked up his heavy sword, he saluted once more Ye Hua, “Instructor, please give me your guidance. ” After saluting him, he charged once more.

The knights who were running in circles were all peeping at this exchange of blows, and seeing Long Hao Chen get up after being beaten up like that, they could only look at each other in blank dismay.

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“This little fellow is quite capable! It is the first time that I see someone in our Hall who dares challenge Asura Ye twice in a row.”

How could they know how cruel his training with Long Xing Yu was? Falling down once was nothing to him. In addition, it was his Radiant Shield that had absorbed most of the strike’s power. Long Xing Yu had trained him to become more and more courageous every time the boy tasted defeat; he was taught to learn from each defeat and find ways to improve himself.

Long Hao Chen charged once more, his steps briefly adjusting; his speed had clearly lowered, but his steps were even steadier. This time, the skill he used was not [Thorny Charge], but [Lightning Thrust].

With a flash of golden light, the internal spiritual energy from his Sacred Awakening burst out. The difference between [Lightning Thrust] and [Thorny Charge] was that [Thorny Charge] was a simple charge forward, whereas [Lightning Thrust] could easily change directions.

Internal spiritual energy? Third step? The knights who were running in circles were flabbergasted.

There wasn’t any change on Ye Hua’s face. He moved as before, his shield preparing to parry him the same way as before. The heavy sword sent out a crisp sound as it came in contact with the shield but, this time, it was retrieved by Long Hao Chen after having just been in contact for a short moment and his balance hadn’t been lost yet.

However, the shield on Ye Hua’s hand was drawing nearer to Long Hao Chen. It was just like his previous move, a bump.

Lunge and shield block; Long Hao Chen raised his Radiant Shield, firmly blocking in front of him.

Bang, Long Hao Chen’s body was sent flying away once more. This time, he fell much more brutally than the last instance, panting for a few seconds before standing up once more.

“Do you know why I could beat you just now?” asked Ye Hua in a desolate tone.

Long Hao Chen’s brows wrinkled as he answered without hesitation: “Because you have trained much more than me.”

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Ye Hua nodded: “Correct. And do you believe that it is unfair that I am relying on my internal spiritual energy to fight you, even if I am not using any skills?”

Long Hao Chen nodded once more after hesitating for a little moment.

Ye Hua snorted, full of disdain: “Fool. On the battlefield, if you meet a foe that is much more powerful than you, will you complain like that? If so, you will only be able to complain in Hell. Facing a much more powerful foe, what you need to do is to surpass your limits to make up for the gap. Defeat the opponent by all means, even unfair ones, in order to defend yourself.”

Long Hao Chen briefly pondered before showing a determined look on his talented face and strongly nodded: “I understand, thank you Instructor.” As he said that, he faced him once more, performing a salute, “Please give me your guidance, Instructor.”

Ye Hua answered in a calm voice: “Do you really understand? Come at me once more. This time, I will be using even more strength to push you down.”

“Please give me your guidance, Instructor.” Long Hao Chen shouted. His gaze was brimming with a stubborn and persistent radiance in contrast with his cute appearance and pretty face.

“Come.” As before, Ye Hua showed a cold expression.

Charge and jump. This time, Long Hao Chen had leapt very high, and his heavy sword which shone brightly moved towards Ye Hua.

“Fool.” Ye Hua gave an angry look to Long Hao Chen. Knowing that the opponent is far stronger yet jumping into air? Wasn’t this the same as seeking for death?

But the anger that filled Ye Hua’s eyes quickly became surprise instead. Because at this moment, Long Hao Chen who had jumped, had unexpectedly arrived above Ye Hua’s head, the heavy sword in his hand targeting Ye Hua’s back. But it looked like Long Hao Chen had already lost his balance.

Still, Ye Hua couldn’t possibly expect his next move because he was looking at Long Hao Chen’s eyes. The eyes of Long Hao Chen who had just failed naturally did have a look that was as inflexible and firm as before.

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Making a half turn, Ye Hua’s shield swept in the air.

Right then, Long Hao Chen who looked as if he had lost his balance a while ago suddenly moved. The shallow light that was, till then, emitted by the heavy sword in his hand suddenly vanished. The Radiant Shield was placed in front of his chest, and he made a little curving movement in the sky.

The spiritual energy issued by Ye Hua was enormous; his shield looked as if it had changed color, even though he moved it slowly, he could easily manage to block Long Hao Chen. His whole body had rotated at the same time.

Puff, the heavy sword was pushed into the ground as an imposing light appeared around Long Hao Chen.

[Heavenly Battle Array], a third step knight skill.

Ye Hua didn’t imagine that Long Hao Chen would use such a method at close quarters. His body was strong and flexible enough to forcibly change his stature while still in the air. At the same time, he raised his shield. A spiritual energy of the level of this [Heavenly Battle Array] couldn’t possibly harm Ye Hua, but the impact was on his shield arm, making him unable to adjust his shield’s position. He also let out a huge burst of gold color energy from his body to form a protective aura.

Using the heavy sword buried into the ground, Long Hao Chen completed the [Heavenly Battle Array]. At the same time, he stabilized his body and used the Radiant Shield on his left hand to make a horizontal strike. With a burst of bright golden light coming from the Radiant Shield, the brightest one used since he first attacked, Long Hao Chen struck at Ye Hua’s waist.


Ye Hua’s right hand that was behind his back all this time finally moved, grabbing the Radiant Shield, but the surprise look in his eye suddenly became that of astonishment.

A dazzling golden light came from his hand. He also released a body-protecting spiritual energy. However, upon the impact with the golden light, he was pushed back half a step momentarily.

Long Hao Chen was also surprised; he had done everything he could. The burst of light coming from Radiant Shield was [Shining Sunlight Strike], a fourth step knight skill. This was also his strongest skill so far. Because the shield’s edge was not sharp, Ye Hua could grab it with a single hand; this showed how big the gap between them was.

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