Shen Yin Wang Zuo
Chapter 38: Asura Ye (IV)

Note: Long Hao Chen started to call Xin’er Sis (jie), instead of Big Sis (jiejie); it seems that he became also more mature during these two years.


The one who was coming was Li Xin.

Although they could still occasionally meet each other, the way Li Xin looked at Long Hao Chen’s charming appearance had not changed compared to before. She couldn’t help but blankly stare at him, especially since his body still let out a faint fragrance from the bath he just took.

“I just finished my practice and happened to see you return, so I decided to come over and visit you.” Li Xin showed a beautiful smile as she spoke, caressing Long Hao Chen’s wet hair.

Long Hao Chen had a shy reaction: “Sis, you should come inside, I’ll serve you a cup of water.”

“Don’t be so formal. I just came to see you.” Li Xin held Long Hao Chen’s shoulder in a very natural way as she entered. Although Long Hao Chen had already a height of 1.7 meters, Li Xin was 1.75 meters. Her slender thigh, her slim waist, as well as her round butt could excite to death an unimaginable number of people. Only, no one dared to approach her, the woman known as the Hell Rose.

After she patted Long Hao Chen’s shoulder, she started pinching his arms, and said with an amused smile: “It looks like results are finally showing up. You are becoming more and more tempting. Sometimes, Big Sis really wants to eat you. It would be so great if I had a skin as nice as yours!”

Long Hao Chen spoke helplessly: “Sis, here we go again. Do you think that I feel the same way? My appearance was given to me by my parents, I cannot do anything about it. I just resemble Mother, nothing more.”

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Li Xin fell into laughter: “Okay okay, I’m stopping, let’s have a proper talk. After half a year, the Magical Hunt and Selection Competition will take place. I have already broken through the second rank of the step of Grand Knight so, this time, I will work hard to be selected as a participant of the Magical Hunt. I have already told Uncle Nalan to bring you along for your personal experience, to experience this scene. Five years later, you, who are not even 12 years-old yet 1 for the moment, will also be able to advance to the Magical Hunt and Selection. You will already have some first-hand experience at that moment. Only, we still need Asura Ye’s agreement. It is better that you tell him yourself. At worst, Uncle Nalan will just order him to let you go, and he will not be able to do anything about that.”

Long Hao Chen chuckled: “Okay, I will tell him. Sis, I am going out with Teacher Asura tomorrow. I will tell him at that time.” He felt quite helpless because Asura Ye was really too uptight, he would never permit him to show the results of his training to anyone else, including Nalan Shu. Using Nalan Shu’s words, this zombie face could be described as the most troublesome thing possible, with his resolution fixed at amazing the world with Long Hao Chen’s brilliant feat.

Li Xin’s eyes had an astute feeling, “Lil’ Bro, you are not allowed to tell me about your training, but since you are following this Asura Ye, it shouldn’t be lacking. This time, when we from Hao Yue City participate in the Magical Hunt and Selection Competition, there will be several people, like this fucking servant Lin Jia Lu who also intended to go. So you should help your big sis later.”

Long Hao Chen was somewhat speechless: “Sis, you have been babbling for so long, forget about it. From what I can conclude, although the both of you quarrel whenever you meet, in reality you consider each other like a friend.”

“Peuh, peuh, peuh, who considers this girl like a friend? Alright, I’m leaving, you have to train hard for this half year too.” This girl was the high-paced type.

Looking at her leaving figure, Long Hao Chen felt a very warm feeling: after he left his parents, the only affection he could receive came from this big sister. In his heart, Li Xin had long ago become his dearly loved big sister that he was willing to use his life to protect.

Long Hao Chen was not good at all at expressing his feelings, but deep inside, he was very grateful towards her.

Returning to his quiet room, Long Hao Chen sat cross-legged; he seemed like he was finally going to enter the meditative state. Gifted people weren’t always meant to become successful. Countless geniuses fell down during their period of practice, and even more of them died because of their temperament. Long Hao Chen’s training speed was incredibly fast, but his mental state was as important as his innate gifts.

Going step by step, with a serene mental state, he didn’t have any distracting thoughts during his practice: his state of mind was much better than average people’s.

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It looked like a supple wave of spiritual energy rippled around him. A faint shining light could also be faintly seen, spreading out from his body. On his chest, another light shone even more brightly, the pulsation and fluctuation of this light seemed to be matching the pace of his heartbeat.

The pure holy aura released from Long Hao Chen’s body, with his physique of a Scion of Light, absorbed a great part of the essence from Heaven and Earth, and way more easily than average people. The most important thing was that his internal spiritual energy was unceasingly increasing as he trained; Long Hao Chen discovered that the sacred light element internal spiritual energy he had was purer than the other knights’. This was something he discovered as he was practicing using the Guardian Knight skills.

When he used a skill taught by Asura Ye that was supposed to consume 50 units of spiritual energy, it used only 30 units.

This was, however, a secret he didn’t even reveal to him. In his heart, although he was fully aware that Asura Ye deeply care about his well-being and, at the same time, considered him as the person he was the closest with, the place Asura Ye occupied in his heart was nowhere close to the place he held Long Xing Yu. As a result, he never forgot his father’s words that he should never completely expose his talent. In addition, the details were something completely inconceivable from the point of view of ordinary people.

The gold color faintly discernible on his chest was the Saint Spiritual Stove’s undulating energy. This Saint Stove inside of his body floated quietly, and, around it, his internal spiritual energy was rotating, acting like a funnel.

This internal spiritual energy shaped like a thin gold colored mist that was spinning quite slowly, but could be stimulated by meditating: it would increase its rotation speed. Even without stimulation, the time needed to complete a whole cycle was only two hours.

It looked like the cultivation of the internal spiritual energy was extremely slow, but even though this process looked full difficult to comprehend, it could be simply summarized: every time the golden light rotated six times around, Long Hao Chen’s internal spiritual energy increased a little bit.

In other words, even if he didn’t do anything, his internal spiritual energy would still be cultivated a bit everyday. This little quantity of spiritual energy should not be underestimated; a bit every day would become 365 bits in a year. In fact, even if he only spent all of his days sleeping, after three years, he would still promote from a Grand Knight to the realm of an Earth Knight.

This period of countless bouts started a month after he arrived in the city; his internal spiritual energy was constantly being used up and refilled. At the beginning, Long Hao Chen could not sense the rotations at all and could only go all out while fighting, he was full of flaws. What differed back then, compared to the present in which he had broken through the 1000th spiritual energy level, was that he could now control these rotations. Long Hao Chen’s current cultivation speed was completely astonishing.

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Long Hao Chen by nature couldn’t spend all of his days sleeping, his diligence combined with Asura Ye’s training were bringing great results together.

Perception, attraction, absorption, assimilation, filtration, condensation, this was the process of the cultivation of Long Hao Chen’s internal spiritual energy; it was very fast, especially when he entered this peculiar state.

Bright morning.

Long Hao Chen arrived in time in front of Asura Ye.

“Time for us to go.” Asura Ye still had his zombie face.

“Teacher, where are we going?”

“To the Knights’ Sacred Mountain.”

“For my mount?”


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An intense feeling of excitement appeared in Long Hao Chen’s heart. With this bright red fiery feeling, hoping that a mount that was as fast as the Rose Unicorn could belong to him, Long Hao Chen shouted from inside, I want my own mount too!.

1. he’s 13 actually, atm. Author or Li Xin’s mistake.

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