Shen Yin Wang Zuo
Chapter 41: Knights’ Sacred Mountain (III)

“Hm?” Such caution? Ye Hua gave a puzzled look to Long Hao Chen. Long Hao Chen’s voice rang out at this moment.

“Teacher, my innate internal spiritual energy level is 97.”

“Mh.” Ye Hua let out a little reaction; he was still thinking about Long Hao Chen’s words, describing him as a teacher as well as a father. His heart felt warm and his joy could not even be described anymore. He lived his whole life as an unmarried man. Having such a sensible treasure as a disciple, it was natural that he regarded him like his son.

“97. Eh? Wha’did’ya’say?” Ye Hua’s look suddenly became overly fierce, the tears that were flowing from his eyes completely disappeared. His tone had completely changed, he could only yell.

Long Hao Chen’s face showed a faint smile: “That’s why I was reluctant to tell you. I knew you would show this kind of reaction.”

Ye Hua’s body was clearly somewhat drawn out, forcefully gulping a mouthful of saliva as he suddenly waved his hands, creating a much more imposing [Divine Light Mantle] that spread out from his body, covering both master and disciple inside with one more layer.

“You, you said, your innate internal spiritual energy is 97?” Ye Hua’s eyes were wide opened.

Long Hao Chen nodded.

“No, that’s impossible.” Ye Hua said resolutely, “When you just came to our branch Hall, Nalan Shu, that fat bastard, told me that your internal spiritual energy was only at the 268th level. When you underwent the Sacred Awakening, you should have had a 200th level external spiritual energy, so even if your innate gift is so formidable, your innate internal spiritual energy shouldn’t be higher than 68.”

Long Hao Chen scratched his head: “At that time, my internal spiritual energy was much greater than 100. Only, I had fused with a spiritual stove, so my internal spiritual energy was temporarily depleted. Had you not noticed that during the first month we trained together, my internal spiritual energy was cultivated at a phenomenal speed? It was the restoration of the spiritual energy depleted from fusing with the spiritual stove.”

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“Spiritual stove… you, you even have a spiritual stove…” Ye Hua almost plucked the feathers of his Vibrant Mountain Bird out of surprise as he frantically looked at Long Hao Chen.

“Stinky little kid, do you know what I really want to do right now?” Ye Hua’s eyes revealed an ominous glint.

Long Hao Chen gave him a surprised look, “Teacher, what do you want to do?”

Ye Hua’s cheeks were streaming with tears, “I really want to kick you down. Fucking shit, why did you have to tell me?! You have just injured me mentally, why did I have to ask?! A disgrace, this is simply a disgrace!”

After a full hour, Ye Hua’s emotional state was finally stabilized. But every time he turned around to look at Long Hao Chen’s gentle jade like face he could almost see a nine written on his left cheek, and a seven written on his right cheek, with a spiritual stove drawn on his nose…

After another full hour, as Ye Hua’s mind could finally be considered as stable, Long Hao Chen requested: “Teacher, I’ll depend on your help to find a magical beast that is suitable to become my companion.”

Ye Hua glanced at him, “Naturally, the higher is the cultivation level, the better it is, but with your potential, even the 7th or 8th stepped magical beasts can only be ashamed at their inferiority upon looking at you, there is no way they will be self-confident enough to become your companion. At best, we could find a ninth stepped young magical beast. Right, what kind of spiritual stove did you get?” As he asked, he took out a water gourd to drink a mouthful.

“Saint Spiritual Stove.”

“Puff–” The mouthful of water that Ye Hua just drank splashed out. “You, you, are you even human?! Please don’t be so cruel to me!” Ye Hua’s face was full of grief and indignation.

Long Hao Chen distractedly asked: “Teacher, are you alright? The Saint Spiritual Stove should be a spiritual stove that is suitable for us knights to fuse with, ranked at the bottom of the ranking, right?”

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Ye Hua took a deep breath, “I am going to tell you this once more, this uncle’s heart has just been violated! You don’t understand at all, dammit! That’s right, Saint Spiritual Stoves are at the bottom of the ranking, but did you know that among the three Grand Divine Knights, two of them are old Guardian Knights, and they both possess a Saint Spiritual Stove?”

“I didn’t know.” Long Hao Chen gave a sincere answer.

Ye Hua angrily said: “A Saint Spiritual Stove can be described as the most optimal spiritual stove in collaborative battles. A knight who has fused with a Saint Spiritual Stove will be able to take care of all of his teammates at the same time, and increase their security by at least 30%. Fortunately, you told me all of this; after we come back from the Knights’ Sacred Mountain, I will properly teach you how to use this Saint Spiritual Stove.”

The Vibrant Mountain Bird continued to fly towards the south: even if its flying speed was slow compared to most magical beasts of the sixth step, it was still a lot faster than travelling on the ground.

The Knights’ Sacred Mountain was located in the northeast of the Temple Alliance; it was bordering the Knight Temple. From Hao Yue City, it was very distant; more precisely, Hao Yue City was in the southern part of the Temple Alliance. It thus required travelling across almost all the Temple Alliance’s region before reaching it.

The positions of all of the Six Great Temples were at the borders of the Temple Alliance, completely surrounding it and protecting its territory. The headquarters of the Knight Temple was actually at its center, and the six Temples were approximately at equal distance to the center of the territory. Because of the apprehension and the protection brought by these Six Great Temples, for so many years, the demon race was unable to proceed with their invasion of the human lands.

Among the Six Great Temples, the Knight Temple was the most formidable, the Warrior Temple had the most people, and the Mage Temple was the richest.

The strength of the Knight Temple and the Warrior Temple was known in almost each village. The influence of the Mage Temple also extended to most towns, from little ones to big ones.

The Assassin Temple, the Priest Temple, and the Spiritual Temple, because of their lesser number of members, only had branch halls in big cities: even in a medium sized city like Hao Yue City, there was only a Priest Temple, and the most mysterious ones, the Assassin Temple and Spiritual Temple, never set up a branch hall there.

However, this didn’t mean that these three Great Temples, with fewer people, were not powerful. Their capability was something the Temple Alliance could not do without.

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The Vibrant Mountain Bird kept flying unyieldingly: he only needed to go back to the ground to rest once. Long Hao Chen had already told his biggest secret to his teacher, and every day, as they were flying on the back of the Vibrant Mountain Bird, he cultivated his inner spiritual energy. Ye Hua could clearly feel Long Hao Chen’s spiritual energy rising.

15 days later.

“We have finally arrived, old partner, let’s go down.” Ye Hua said with a happy voice.

Long Hao Chen, gazing from afar, was startled as he discovered that far away them, a drizzling gold-colored brilliance shone, but because of the hazy fog before them, this brilliance could not be clearly seen at all.

This faint golden envelop had an extremely wide range, and inside, it seemed that a mountain peak could faintly be seen.

The Vibrant Mountain Bird landed on the ground, his wings intensely flapping before resting on the weeds below.

Long Hao Chen jumped to the ground together with his teacher. This 15-day journey was not tiring at all for him; he was cultivating everyday, and during this trip, his spiritual energy increased by approximately 50 levels.

“Old partner, go back first.”

The Vibrant Mountain Bird lowered its head, it seemed reluctant to part with Ye Hua, and as it was rubbing against him, Ye Hua canceled his summoning to send it back.

“Teacher, does the Knights’ Sacred Mountain have a protective barrier? Why do we have to walk more than fifty kilometers, instead of directly entering from the sky?” Long Hao Chen asked.

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Ye Hua answered: “There is no protective barrier, but you have to keep in mind that, in the Knights’ Sacred Mountain, there are countless magical beasts. These magical beasts won’t take the initiative to attack people, but a foreign magical beast flying above them can be interpreted as a taunt. Only if your mount possesses the strength to deal with all of the magical beasts here, can you enter from the sky; otherwise, don’t even try. Let’s go.”

Both master and disciple advanced, facing the Knights’ Sacred Mountain, when suddenly, a gale of wind blew as an enormous silhouette descended from the sky.

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