Shen Yin Wang Zuo
Chapter 54: Entrance Examination and Equipment (II)

Apart from these several people and Lin Jia Lu, there were also two sturdy youths present. They took the initiative to give their regards to Li Xin, which led Long Hao Chen to return the courtesy. Between these two youths, one was a little taller and was called Chen Si; the second one, a little shorter, was called Chen Chen. They were a pair of brothers, both from the Warrior Temple.

Li Ao Xiao looked at Long Hao Chen and was very pleased, “I have heard Li Xin mention you before; as expected of a genius, you are so young and yet you look brave and talented!”

In reality, after Long Hao Chen and Li Xin arrived, all the gazes seemed to be focused on him. Li Xin and Lin Jia Lu were beauties, but Long Hao Chen’s appearance was so dazzling that it seemed to conceal them.

“Uncle Li is just flattering me.” Long Hao Chen half rose out of his chair, politely replying.

“Elder Brother Li, we should start the banquet first. Let these children get something to eat before getting to business.” said Lin Yin Jia.

Li Ao Xiao said, “Right, we should proceed like that. No need to be polite everyone, eat without restraint.”

Excluding Long Hao Chen, everyone else knew roughly what would be discussed today; even though the mood was far from being enthusiastic, it was still comfortable. In particular, the two brothers Chen Si and Chen Chen were devouring the food ravenously. Their portion was even more astonishing than Li Xin’s. Of course, Long Hao Chen would never mention that to Li Xin…

After simply eating and not drinking alcohol, everyone was quickly almost full. Almost the entirety of the food had entered the bellies of these few youngsters.

Li Ao Xiao spoke: “The Demon Hunt Selection Competition is about to start, and you five are the elites of our Hao Yue City that have been selected to take part in the competition. This food has been prepared to nourish you and, at the same time, for us to warn you.”

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Now that the time had come, Long Hao Chen put down his hand and attentively listened.

Lin Yin Jia continued: “The Demon Hunt Selection Competition is very important to our Temple Alliance; this tradition has existed for a very long time. It can be said that during these thousands years, our Temple Alliance not being annihilated by the demon race, is due to the benefits of Demon Group Hunts. We will proceed this way: let the three of our branch halls introduce us the circumstances of these children you selected. Elder brother Chen, please.”

The Hall Master of the Warrior Temple was a tall and sturdy middle-aged man. Hearing Lin Yin Jia’s words, he nodded, “Chen Si and Chen Chen, you two have been the elite of our Warrior Temple for these few years. Chen Si will be 24 years old this year, right under the age limit of 25 years old for the Demon Hunt Selection Competition. He’s a second rank War Grandmaster, an orthodox shield warrior with a very good defense.”

The Soldier Temple’s ranking system was similar to the Knight Temple’s, the step of War Grandmaster was the fourth step of the vocation of warrior, equivalent to the step of Grand Knight.

Chen Si and Chen Chen were two brothers who seemed quite straightforward; hearing the word of Chen Chun Hua, they immediately stood up.

Chen Chun Hua was clearly fond of these two disciples, and said very proudly: “Chen Chen is two years younger, Chen Si’s little brother, a berserker adept in offense.”

Li Ao Xiao and Lin Yin Jia looked quite pleasantly surprised. Only youths below 25 years old were allowed to participate in the Demon Hunt Selection Competition, and they had to have reached the third step of their vocation to be admitted. These two youths from the Warrior Temple had both reached the fourth step, it was indeed impressive from them.

To any city, having one of their youths be selected to join the Demon Hunt was a high honor. If he could get a good rank during the selection competition, the consulate, the military head minister, as well as the branch hall masters would be awarded.

Li Ao Xiao looked extremely pleased: “Very good, very good, young and promising. I really wish for you to enter the last stage of the competition.”

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The hall master of the Mage Temple, Bai Yu, showed a smiling face: “Fourth step in their vocations, there shouldn’t be any problems with them; with the protection of these two children, they shouldn’t have any problems getting the right to enter the qualifiers. Everyone here should be familiar with Jia Lu, she’s the absolute genius of our Mage Temple. 21 years old, a mage specialized in ice binding, and already a fourth step Grand Mage.”

Although Lin Yin Jia had been trying his best to control his emotions, he could not conceal the pride in his look upon hearing Bai Yu’s presentation.

At his turn, Li Ao Xiao said, “This child, Jia Lu has really a great potential, she’ll absolutely be the future hope of our Hao Yue City.”

Hearing her father praising Lin Jia Lu, Li Xin was immediately dissatisfied and could not help but retort: “Father, please don’t make another one’s spirit seem bigger than it is while lowering your own prestige. In any case, your daughter is already a third step Grand Knight despite being three months younger than her.”

Li Ao Xiao glared at her, “Only babbling.”

Li Yin Jia laughed: “You two girls! Even after such a long time, you could not forget your disagreements in the slightest bit? You have to keep in mind that, this time, in participating in the Demon Hunt Selection Competition, you will have to join forces if you want to obtain the qualifications to compete. It’s really dangerous, so when the moment comes, you cannot let your disagreements hinder you.”

Li Xin and Lin Jia Lu exchanged a glance before suddenly turning their head away with an excessive motion.

Nalan Shu chuckled, “Xin’er has already said everything about her own cultivation, she specializes as a Retribution Knight. As for Hao Chen, I have to keep his cultivation level a secret, but I can tell you his age. Hao Chen will be, this year, 14 years old, specialized as a Guardian Knight.”

“14 years old?” Except from Li Ao Xiao who knew some facts in advance, everyone else could not help but gasp.

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Lin Yin Jia’s brows were puckering up as he said in a low voice: “Nalan Hall Master, are you joking? How can we let a 14 years old child participate in the Selection? Don’t tell me that you don’t know that they have to kill at least five demon race soldiers per person to have the qualifications to participate.”

Nalan Shu answered, calm and unhurried: “The teacher of this child is Ye Hua, the zombie face known as Asura Ye in our branch hall. Everyone knows his character, and he said that his treasured disciple was qualified to participate to the Demon Hunt Selection Competition; there is no way he was telling lies. Also, our Knight Temple could not possibly risk the life of such a young genius simply to play a joke.”

Lin Yin Jia’s brows were wrinkling as before,while looking at Li Ao Xiao, Chen Chun Hua, and Nalan Shu without saying anything. Bai Yu calmly looked at Nalan Shu, “Fatty Nalan, you have to know that this doesn’t only relate to his life. If anything holds the team back, it can go as far as to lead to them being wiped out.”

Nalan Shu snorted loudly, before speaking back: “Don’t worry, don’t worry. Even though I don’t know at what level Hao Chen’s cultivation have reached, I can tell you all that he will certainly enter the finals of this Demon Hunt Selection Competition, shining upon the splendor of the Five Great Temples.”

Nalan Shu bluntly said these words without any hesitation, his face showing enormous confidence.

Long Hao Chen sat there without a single word. Ye Hua had warned him repeatedly that he could not easily divulge his cultivation level at the present time, that he had at least to wait for the formal participation to the Demon Hunt Selection Competition to reveal it, so he could currently only shut his mouth.

At this moment, Lin Jia Lu unexpectedly spoke: “Father, Uncles, I believe Uncle Nalan’s words. This is because I have formerly competed against little brother Long. He is very strong.”

Hearing Lin Jia Lu speak in support of Long Hao Chen, Li Xin instantly became on the alert, shifting the chair she was seated in to advance towards Long Hao Chen.

Li Ao Xiao nodded, “I have also heard Xin’er speak about Hao Chen’s strength, and I believe that he really has the ability to participate in this competition.”

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“The examination to see if they have the qualifications required to participate in the Demon Hunt Selection Competition is really harsh. If one wants to participate to it, this one has to obtain the right to enter the competition first. A moment ago, elder brother Lin said so. We five have to do our best, join forces, and become qualified to leave for the Temple Alliance to participate in the competition.”

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