Shen Yin Wang Zuo
Chapter 62: Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon (II)

Rose was already a fifth step magical beast, only a bit away from the sixth step. Strictly speaking, at this stage, magical beasts were as strong as humans one step below them. So in her original form, Rose was equivalent to a peak level Grand Knight in terms of cultivation level and was a lot more powerful than the others present. As long as they had her help, their odds in dealing with this Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon were indeed a bit better.

Lin Jia Lu had already become calmer, and she kept using [Eagle’s Eye Method] to observe. “In at most three minutes, it will be in sight.”

Long Hao Chen made prompt decisions, “We will be facing the opponent very soon. I do not want to keep this fact hidden, but what I previously used to ‘attract’ the Dyke clan’s invisible demon was an ability from my spiritual stove, the Saint Spiritual Stove. After I block this Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon, but before I get killed by it, use your most powerful attacks and go all out against it. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to last either, so you will have to unleash your most powerful attack as soon as possible to get rid of this enemy.”

Their group of five included only three vocations: a knight, a warrior, and a mage. In addition, this was the first time they have worked together. That’s why, when facing the invisible demon, they were so uncoordinated. As a result, Long Hao Chen had to make them function cohesively.

Hearing the three words ‘Saint Spiritual Stove’, the others could not help but show awed eyes, especially Lin Jia Lu. Being the daughter of the leader of governmental affairs in Hao Yue City, she was a lot more knowledgeable in regards to spiritual stoves than the two Chen brothers. She immediately understood that the Saint Spiritual Stove was what saved her life.

Li Xin, completely shocked, looked straight at Long Hao Chen, “Hao Chen, you stinky brat, why is it that you concealed this from your Big Sis?”

Long Hao Chen showed an apologizing look, “Sorry, Big Sis, teacher didn’t permit me to reveal it, so I…”

Li Xin smiled: “It’s okay, now is not the time to speak about it. Let’s get rid of this Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon, and then I’ll settle the bill with you.”

Chen Si and Chen Chen exchanged glances, their expressions somewhat wooden; a 14 year-old Grand Knight who also had a Spiritual Stove, something they did not even dare to dream about getting.

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Chen Si said: “Hao Chen, I’ll provide assistance to help you defend against it. If you do this alone, I am afraid that…”

Long Hao Chen nodded and told him: “Big Brother Chen, later on, I will need you to come from the side to block and gain some time for me. I will use [Divine Obstruction] to conduct the defense, but everytime I block, I will need some time to concentrate my spiritual energy before I can use [Divine Obstruction] once more, so I want you to defend and resist during these short moments. If we are well coordinated, this Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon will have no chance to get through my defense before my spiritual energy is entirely used up.”

Chen Si gulped, “Earlier, was it the [Divine Obstruction] that enabled you to block the all-out attack of the invisible enemy from the Dyke Clan? At that moment, I didn’t dare be sure of it, but was it indeed that?”

Long Hao Chen gently laughed, winking before him: “Please keep it a secret for me, elder bro Chen!”

Chen Si gave an understanding look. From his point of view, Long Hao Chen had become 2 meters tall.

Even if they have not cooperated together in the past, everyone here was a well-known figure among the youths of Hao Yue City. With Long Hao Chen as their core, it would become a lot easier to coordinate themselves.

With Lin Jia Lu retreating back to the rear and Li Xin and Chen Chen on both sides, the five people calmly waited together.

It could be said that they had the possibility to challenge the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon precisely because Long Hao Chen possessed a [Saint Spiritual Stove]. Otherwise, only Long Hao Chen with his [Divine Obstruction] would be able to resist when this powerful fifth step opponent had the opportunity to attack.

Despite the fact it was the first time he had relied on the Saint Spiritual Stove in combat, Long Hao Chen already had a profound knowledge on this impressive tool; the defensive power of the Spiritual Stove had an immense utility in collaborative battles.

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Looking at the Light Blade in his hand, deep inside, Long Hao Chen became gloomy. His father was right, it was during real battles that one could improve himself the fastest.

In terms of robustness, Long Hao Chen’s body had no way to compare to that of Chen Si and Chen Chen. However, even though he was only 14 years old, he was currently the cornerstone of this five-man team. Facing a powerhouse at the fifth step, he was not afraid in the least. Even if there was only him present among the five youths, he would still try to face and overcome this fifth step powerhouse at all costs.

At this moment, the sun was already rising from the east, shining brightly onto the earth and on the horizon, with the shining sunshine illuminating everything, the silhouette of a Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon gradually appeared in the field of vision of these five.

At this moment, Long Hao Chen slowly shut his eyes, adjusting the internal spiritual energy revolving in his chest.

[Saint Spiritual Stove]. It does not only draw the enemy in, but also my internal spiritual energy! In the last fight, when I used the spiritual stove, the recovery of my internal spiritual energy was at least 20% slower than normal. Long Hao Chen was gradually becoming more and more interested in these mysterious treasures.

The dark-green-colored demon was constantly advancing towards the group. Li Xin, Lin Jia Lu, Chen Si, and Chen Chen all took the same action without prior discussion: they gripped their weapons firmly in their hands.

This was not a friendly practice, they were facing a powerful enemy with a fifth step cultivation level for real. Defeat would not be acceptable, because it would mean their death.

At last, they could finally see the appearance of the dark-green-colored figure clearly.

The Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon looked two meters tall, but was actually approximately three meters tall. Its thick limbs were stepping on the ground, and it rushed, covering 15 meters in a split second. At its back, a narrow winged shell could be seen. This winged shell was not for the purpose of flying but enabled his majestic body to keep its balance while running. Its fierce and evil face resembled that of a lizard’s, but was much wider, revealing its thick teeth, and the most impressive thing was that a couple of forelimbs were growing on its shoulder.

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These forelimbs were 1.5 meters long and extremely thick, but unlike its other four limbs, they did not support the creature’s body. They were raised up in front of its face, each one was a stinger with three long, sharp blades: the first, the sharpest of the three, a blade that was half a meter long; the second, a third of a meter; the third, a little shorter still. Together, these forelimbs had six blades glittering with a jade green light, essentially forming a group of magical blades. But ordinary magical blades would not be so long, nor so sharp; they would be much smaller than the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon’s forelimbs.

When this Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon was a hundred meters away from the group of five, Long Hao Chen opened his eyes wide. His long eyelashes jumped up slightly, showing his crystal clear golden eyes. It was to the extent that the silhouette of the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon could be seen reflected in them. An intense fighting spirit exploded throughout his whole body.

“Prepare to fight!”

To this Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon, a distance of a hundred meters was something it could cover with a few steps.

“Lowly humans, you had the impertinence to kill my demon soldiers. Go to hell!” The Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon spat out these words, its voice extremely loud, and even before it finished speaking, its enormous body had already charged forward.

With a white glitter, the Saint Spiritual Stove was activated. The Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon, locked in on Long Hao Chen, instantly rushed and covered twenty meters.

The Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon was slightly delayed, but directly charged toward Long Hao Chen without the slightest hesitation. The dark green shell shone as the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon charged at a high speed like a dark ray of light, arriving at Long Hao Chen and chopping towards him using its enormous forelimb.

“Hong–” The first thing that it collided with was not actually Long Hao Chen’s body, but the magical spell launched by Lin Jia Lu.

Four long ice spears were barreling towards the body of this Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon.

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