Shen Yin Wang Zuo
Chapter 75: Violent Priest (III)

Although Sima Xian’s retreating speed was quite fast, and his body in no way weak, it couldn’t possibly compare with a Scarlet Shelled Earthworm. Gui Wu’s lance was thrust forward, a golden light surrounding the edge of this long lance. This was the skill [Light Thrust]. A golden light shot straight towards Sima Xian.

Gui Wu was a Guardian Knight, but he didn’t use a shield at all: both his hands were instead holding his lance. At the same time [Light Thrust] was launched, the Scarlet Shelled Earthworm rushed forward towards the bald priest. Stamping on the ground to its front right side, it used a trampling energy commonly used during fights by magical beasts. An intense shaking spread all through the ground, attacking and sinking the surroundings.

Exactly as Li Xin said, Sima Xian’s face didn’t show the slightest change; on the contrary, the face of this robust priest held a ferocious expression.

With a Buzz, [Light Thrust] was immediately blocked and dispelled by [Sacred Light]. The Scarlet Shelled Earthworm stamped layer after layer of ground, spreading a pure white light all around as the charging beast aimed [Breaking Charge] under its foot, .

“Haa–” Sima Xian shouted loudly, whirling the large magical staff in his hand, directly welcoming Gui Wu’s lance.

As a loud metallic sound echoed, completely stunning Long Hao Chen’s group, on the hillside; Gui Wu’s lance was unexpectedly blocked by Sima Xian’s attack, and the upper part of Gui Wu’s body was immediately knocked away. Right after the colliding sound could be heard, it was evident: the magical staff of this bald priest was indeed made of metallic material.

One must know that Gui Wu was a Guardian Knight! In combination with this fact, his use of the charging power of the Scarlet Shelled Earthworm created an attack that was obviously quite powerful. Still… this collision concluded with his loss.

At the same time that Sima Xian resisted Gui Wu’s attack, the Scarlet Shelled Earthworm was immediately slapped to the side, a thick palm colliding with its sharp, shining claws.

Sima Xian was not the slightest bit disturbed, and while partially turning around, he swung the magical rod. With a Peng sound, the Scarlet Shelled Earthworm was hit. Gui Wu’s Scarlet Shelled Earthworm unexpectedly stumbled from the attack, losing its balance.

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Instantly, Sima Xian’s body changed direction, the magical staff in his hand sweeping around, directly smashing the Scarlet Shelled Earthworm on its side.

Gui Wu instantly corrected his posture and hurriedly used the lance in his hand to parry.


The next scene astounded everyone! Gui Wu’s lance was smashed back towards the Scarlet Shelled Earthworm’s face: with a painful cry, the Scarlet Shelled Earthworm was pushed two meters back, almost falling to the ground.

A priest, facing the forte of the Scarlet Shelled Earthworm, its full force charge, accompanied in addition by a Guardian Knight’s support, was actually winning in this situation… No matter who watched this scene, he would be completely astounded.

However, Sima Xian’s adaptability wasn’t lacking at all. Gui Wu’s two warriors immediately rushed forward, simultaneously arriving before him. At the same time two enormous fireballs appeared.

The fireballs formed unexpectedly, directly blocking Sima Xian’s way out. The two warriors, one on the left and one on the right, were both armed with huge swords in each hand, and simultaneously initiated jumping attacks on him.

But then, there was an astonishing scene. As he was being attacked from both sides, Sima Xian’s decision betrayed all expectations. He took two steps back, and atop his magical staff, a white glow appeared, turning it into a very large hammer which he instantly smashed behind him.

Taking two steps back enabled him to evade the attack of the two warriors, but unfortunately thrust him into the path of the two fireballs.

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An imposing blood-curdling sound was made as he ferociously wielded the milky white-colored hammer, smashing it onto a black figure nearby. This was precisely the assassin who had come from to attack him sneakily at his back.

[Sacred Hammer]! He used the most powerful offensive skill priests could use below the fifth step. Frankly speaking, a priests’ offensive skills were extremely limited; they had only three options below the fifth step, [Sacred Light], [Sacred Hammer], and the white halo, [Sacred Knock], which Sima Xian used previously.

The assassin was sent flying by [Sacred Hammer] at the same time as Sima Xian was hit by a fierce fireball passing through his [Sacred Light], and knocking him six or seven steps back while scorching his priest’s gown.

“Arg–” Sima Xian roared. His two arms shook, as his body was revealed, revealing an extremely heroic appearance. Instantly, he raised his magnificent body, and with a Puff sound, his priest robe immediately shattered, revealing his bronze-like muscles.

His muscles towered like mountains; they had the thickness of a python and the shape of a dragon. A reddish glint could be seen; they were the burn marks on his body that had come from the previous attack.

From the hillside, Chen Chen, who usually didn’t speak much, exclaimed, “[Madness], a priest that can use [Madness]!”

[Madness] was a skill that was not even necessarily possessed by berserkers. It required a very robust body, and was a secret skill of the Warrior Temple that couldn’t be learnt normally, only rewarded for great merit. Even Chen Chen who was a berserker couldn’t use it. And yet. this bald priest before his eyes apparently could.

With the two sounds Bang, Bang, the two warriors who had been abruptly repelled by Sima Xian’s magical staff began to rush, but Gui Wu was already charging, his Guardian Knight’s [Faith Halo] skill spreading around himself. The lance in his hand emitted a golden glint, as it turned into dozens of spears aimed at Sima Xian.

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In [Madness] mode, Sima Xian’s body was even sturdier, and his magical staff ‘whipped’ up and down before directly attacking the Scarlet Shelled Earthworm without even taking half a step back. A solid attack with a solid defense.

At this moment, Gui Wu’s face had already become quite ugly. He knew that Sima Xian was quite a tough opponent, but he didn’t expect him to have such a level. Even if he grouped with the two warriors, he could only barely be a match for Sima Xian.

“Attack persistently, his [Madness] won’t last for too long.” Gui Wu shouted, as the golden light covering his body intensified, while the Scarlet Shelled Earthworm helped block a good portion of Sima Xian’s attack.

At this very moment, behind Gui Wu, a three meter long enormous red light appeared in the air, emitting fiery-red-colored clouds all around.

The two people behind Gui Wu, who looked like mages, lifted up their magical staves, and produced an enormous red-colored radiance.

Joint magic, [Glorious Scattering Fire Dance]. A powerful offensive spell of the fifth step.

These two mages were like brothers; subtly relying on joint magic, they used a spell with an incredible offensive power.

The bald priest Sima Xian’s complexion changed completely. He was extremely valiant, but in the end, he was no more than a single man, with a fourth step cultivation level. Facing Gui Wu’s group composed of youths that were also at the fourth step in their vocations, 5 versus 1, even this valiant priest wanted to surrender in such a situation.

Suddenly, as the [Glorious Scattering Fire Dance] rose in the sky, locking onto Sima Xian, two specks of light filled the sky, forcing themselves into the middle of the battlefield.

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In a flash, a reddish speck of light arrived at Sima Xian’s body, and instantly, Sima Xian’s whole body was covered by a layer of reddish gold inscriptions, increasing his strength, attack power, and defense. Still in [Madness] mode, he lifted up his magical staff, and violently shook the two warriors.

The second speck of light, that was white-colored, was flying in the direction of the mages when a strange scene took place: the [Glorious Scattering Fire Dance] that was originally locked onto Sima Xian suddenly changed direction and aimed instead at his side.

“Hong–” With a flash of red light, there was nothing left but scorched earth in a ten meter radius. Astoundingly, a youth sparkling with a gold-colored radiance remained, standing proudly at the center of the zone hit by the [Glorious Scattering Fire Dance]. He didn’t even seem the slightest bit affected by it.

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