Shen Yin Wang Zuo
Chapter 84: An Alarming Sword (II)

Li Xin’s opponent was competitor #46. His face changed completely upon seeing the Rose Unicorn’s face that seemed to be emitting red sparks. His magical beast companion was an extremely imposing Austere Frost Bear. After maturing, the Austere Frost Bear would turn into a magical beast of the sixth step, and it wouldn’t be long before it became a full grown adult. It was roughly 1.5 meters tall and looked small and cute. Judging by its appearance, it was a beast that was approximately at the middle-rank of the fourth step. Cha, Li Xin let out a warcry, her hands holding her two swords, while the Rose Unicorn below her immediately charged like a red lightning bolt towards competitor #46.

#46, still shocked, took a large stride forward. The shield in his left hand was covered in the white glow of [Holy Filter Shield]. Sternly and calmly, #46 stood beside his Austere Frost Bear. With a smug look on its face, it released a blue light and immediately erected a little [Ice Wall] before him.

Li Xin was madly charging, her pair of swords lifted high in the sky, spreading gold-colored light all around. Looking at her current appearence, she was like a hero that had made many great accomplishments in his life.  

#46’s complexion immediately became grim. The golden ray was rushing at him uninterruptedly as he relied on various Guardian Knight abilities to enhance himself. He clearly knew that when facing the Rose Unicorn, he had basically no way to win in terms of speed. If he couldn’t block Li Xin’s first attack, he would have no chance to win this fight.

Three thick ice spikes appeared from underground, trying to obstruct the assault of the Rose Unicorn. It was at this very moment that the vast difference in terms of abilities between the two magical beasts appeared.

Rose’s legs turned into a red blur, and facing the flurry of ice thorns appearing from the ground, she jumped above without the slightest hesitation. These ice thorns that jutted up from the ground were, without exception, melted by the red-hot flame attribute released by her body, and had absolutely no effect at all.

Right after #46 concentrated all of his power to try to block Li Xin’s next attack, Rose suddenly leaned in and swept to his flank.

“This…” Competitor #46 was completely flabbergasted, he didn’t understand what Li Xin was trying to do. However, this Austere Frost Bear of his was quite smart, and as its figure shone, it immediately avoided her, dodging to the other side while not letting Li Xin have the opportunity to attack.

Rose rushed from her originally distant location, and the red light on her body kept amplifying, gradually turning the spiritual energy released by Li Xin into a gold-red color.

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From the lounge, Long Hao Chen revealed a faint smiling expression, before shutting his eyes once again, thinking to himself, Big Sis, you’ve become quite crafty! There’s no point in watching more of this match, I should resume meditating.

Joint spell.

Turning around and dashing out, Li Xin completed her joint spell with Rose. Before, she had relied on the same ‘mode’ to defeat the Dark-Green Dual-Bladed Demon. Without a doubt, this ‘mode’ of hers was her most powerful asset. Especially now that Rose had evolved, the power of the joint spell had increased by a wide margin.

Ye Hua’s face revealed a rare smile, When did this girl, Xin’er, become so crafty? Not only did she give herself the time to prepare this joint spell, she also wasted the spiritual energy the opponent had spent on his all-out defense. At this point, there wasn’t any mystery for the outcome of this match.

As fast as lightning, the Rose Unicorn turned back and kept running. Competitor #46 was on the verge of crying: he had already used all his defensive skills, and their effects had already dissipated. His spiritual energy was pitifully consumed in vain.

Launching out ten ice spikes, the Austere Frost Bear gave Li Xin’s companion a furious look, waving his bear paw.

It was too bad, these ice spikes didn’t have any effect. They vaporized and disappeared upon entering the range of the red-gold light emitted by Li Xin and her Rose Unicorn.

[Thorny Charge], [Instant Blast Cross Cut], [Lightning Thrust], [Light Thorn]…

Retribution Knights’ most tyrannical offensive abilities instantly broke out, continuously aimed at #46 one after another. Under the joint spell mode, Li Xin already possessed a cultivation level of the fifth step, so in addition to her dual attribute of light and fire, her offense was extremely overwhelming. Although in terms of raw power, this competitor #46 was stronger than Li Xin, he had no way to fight back at all.

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A Retribution Knight had the advantage in this competition. Under her joint mode, Li Xin was even more dominant. She continuously broke the opponent’s defense, and when the pair of swords in her hands started to clash against the Austere Frost Bear and #46, Rose’s charge suddenly stopped.

Staring full of envy at the Rose Unicorn facing him, #46 helplessly said: “I lost, but the one that outdid me was your mount, not you.”

Li Xin nodded at him, and taking back her two swords, she performed a knight salute before turning back.

This was the classic case in which the mount carried the fight. Regardless of whether it was in terms of speed, offensive power or defensive power, a Rose Unicorn surpassed an Austere Frost Bear by far. Li Xin perfectly exploited Rose’s superiority to crush her opponent.

“#97, #99, next fight.” As Li Xin just left the stadium, upon hearing these two numbers, her heart skipped a beat, and she gave an astonished look to Long Hao Chen at the lounge.

Ye Hua displayed an ugly smile, coldly looking at the nearby Gui Ying. Gui Wu was close to Long Hao Chen and Li Xin when checking in, so without the slightest hesitation, the competitor #99 ought to be him!

Gui Ying looked at Ye Hua, as his eyes displayed a strong look, “No matter how, there’s no way for you to win in normal circumstances. Remember to use this ‘thing’ I gave you.”

“I will definitely win.” Gui Wu was somewhat sinisterly looking at Ye Hua and Long Hao Chen, who were not far from his position, but Long Hao Chen didn’t even glance at his direction.

Long Hao Chen and Ye Hua were looking at each other, with Long Hao lowering his head. He didn’t promise anything to his teacher, but let Ye Hua see the fighting spirit in his two eyes.

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Summoning the Radiant Shield and the Light Blade from his ‘forget-me-not’ ring, Long Hao Chen headed out to the stadium with big strides, full of determination.

But Gui Wu was a bit faster than him, going into the stadium first. Tightly pursuing his lips, he glared at Long Hao Chen.

“The match may now begin.” With the command of the referee, Long Hao Chen did the same as before as a sort of fog of light was circling around his body, [Storing Power].

Gui Wu coldly smiled while quickly summoning his Scarlet Shelled Earthworm. His left hand held a circular bright shield with red patterns on it, and his right hand grasped the lance he used that day against Sima Xian.

To break the skill [Storing Power], the best method was to immediately launch an attack, preventing the [Storing Power] from being completed. But Gui Wu came up with another choice. His mount, the Scarlet Shelled Earthworm ran to the place at the furthest distance possible from Long Hao Chen.

[Storing Power] was in reality a process that consisted of compressing spiritual energy. After compression, spiritual energy could bring out a formidable offensive power. Naturally, the consumption when compressing spiritual energy was as great as the amplification. The reason why this skill didn’t have much interest was because the spiritual energy after compression wasn’t very stable, so even if [Storing Power] was completed, a skill had to be used within three seconds, and if not, the previously compressed spiritual energy would be scattered quickly. Not only would his compressed spiritual energy be unusable, all the spiritual energy consumed by [Storing Power] would also go to waste.

The whole stadium was 200 meters long, and Gui Wu was retreating to the stadium’s edge, increasing the distance between Long Hao Chen and him to roughly 130 meters. Within three seconds, could he cover a distance of 130 meters? I will let you waste your [Storing Power], using up your spiritual energy for nothing, thought Gui Wu.

A cold sneer was faintly drawn on Gui Wu’s lips, who was standing behind, holding a circular shield in his left hand and the lance in his right hand. Slowly lifting them up, both the shield and the lance were taking and sending out a large quantity of golden light. The armor on his body also issued an intense bright luster. He just stood at that place, calmly waiting for his opponent.

In this kind of circumstance, Long Hao Chen’s apparent goal would be to immediately launch an attack using the compressed energy. However, what he actually did was against all expectations.

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