Shen Yin Wang Zuo
Chapter 90: Possibility of Evolution for the Spiritual Stove (IV)

“Take a clear look, I am going to start now.” Lin Xin showed her a gentle smile.

What? You haven’t begun yet? The young girl was already on the verge of collapsing.

Raising the fire cloud crystal once again, he lightly used it to hit the center of the halo. With a sort of Ding metallic sound, the fiery red ring instantly dispersed, turning into countless fiery red dots, lighting the air and floating in midair,

At this point, all competitors were focused on Lin Xin’s body, but no one could guess what he was about to do.

“Transform.” Lin Xin said in a low voice, and everyone could clearly see that the fire cloud crystal in his hand started to shiver. He seemed to be muttering a kind of incantation, but his chanting speed was just too fast, neither his opponent or the referee could clearly hear it.

The fire motes in the air started to transform and grow. The strangest thing was that, during this process, they looked like flower buds that were slowly blooming.

One fiery-red-colored rose after another appeared in midair without any foundation, revolving around Lin Xin’s body, slowly rotating.

This scene was simply excessively shocking! The originally handsome Lin Xin was surrounded by a bunch of roses, filled with solidified fire essence; he looked just like a fairy.

Looking at this scene, almost all of the competitors had their breath taken away. They simply couldn’t believe their eyes.

There were at least a hundred of these fiery red roses. How good was his control, for him to be able to manipulate so much fire essence as meticulously as he did?!

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Lin Xin’s opponent, a girl that didn’t pass easily the two first days of qualifiers, was no longer pale. Instead, she started to blush intensely: as she was extremely close to him, she could see this scene extremely clearly. All girls seek beauty. Even without mentioning his exquisite magic control of the fire element, her eyes were already empty of all bitterness, and were filled with admiration instead.

But Lin Xin wasn’t done yet. Pointing at the fire cloud crystal before him, he ordered, “Split.”

Instantly, all the fiery red-colored roses seemed to react, and gathered together, forming a fiery red shape. This dazzling fiery red color belonged to a perfect rose that appeared at this moment.

Lin Xin pointed toward the left side of his chest, and instantly, a sound could be heard, “Thump, Thump; Thump, Thump”. It was the sound of a heartbeat, and it accompanied this heart-shaped rose’s appearance, together with these pulsations that seemed just as if they belonged to a real heart.

The fire cloud crystal ignited once again, astonishing everyone. This huge “heart” flew straight in the direction of the female mage facing Lin Xin.

How could the shocked and shaken girl have the time to react? Looking at such a huge blaze flying at her, her face instantly changed, but she didn’t even have the time to think about dodging it. Looking at this blazing rose shaped like a heart, her brain completely blanked out.

And at this very moment, all the roses quietly faded away while the “heart” grew, turning into an enormous heart-shaped ring with the girl inside. It didn’t have any offensive effect at all, only quietly surrounding this woman’s body. It produced a fiery red brilliance encircling this female mage, and reflecting her deep red-colored blushing face.

The girl stood there, staring blankly at him. She didn’t have the slightest idea about what she should do, but among the observing competitors, almost all the female mages were full of envy.

So cool, so romantic. So mages could actually give birth to such a beautiful scenery.

“My demonstration is finished, please.” Lin Xin courteously said, looking at his opponent.

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“Ah!” #61 cried out in alarm, almost falling down. She had completely lost control and her cheeks were blushing deep red.

“I, I can’t… I concede.” As she finished her sentence, she could feel her heartbeat speeding up. As she didn’t dare look at Lin Xin, she escaped, at near the peak of her running speed.

Without needing to mention this girl that was completely stunned by the sight of this scene, even the referee of this match, a Grand Magic Tutor of the seventh step, was completely dumbstruck. He was utterly confused, He could himself achieve such a delicate control, but was absolutely unable to be as fast as Lin Xin, while remaining so calm. Such a great magic control could already not be described as ‘genius’ anymore, it was simply a peerless talent!

On the platform, an old mage seated at the first row loudly groaned, “Vulgar nonsense to please the crowds; a handsome exterior but hollow inside.”

To his astonishment, the mages to either side of him were in awe, and the old mage seated at his left spoke back, “Old Lin, you cannot describe him as like that. Such an exceptionally beautiful scene held an incredible ingenuity and control. This child’s sentiments in regards to magic are simply astonishing. In the future, he will definitely become a leading figure of our Mage Temple.

Old Lin groaned in fury, “Old geezer Ge, your eyes have a problem. A leading figure? Bullshit, he’s closer to a vulgar buffoon only suited for pleasing the crowds.”

Old Ge’s face was black with rage, “Old Lin, you cannot speak in this manner. We are already at this age, don’t tell me that you are jealous? Although you are a Magic Regiment Leader, if you want to harass a young talent of this kind, I won’t give you my approval.”

Old Lin suddenly stood up, “Okay, then I won’t keep watching this; I am so furious. You think I will beat down this little bastard? Do you think he has anything that I cannot match?”

Old Ge was indignant, “Why are you cursing at people? Do you not have a little bit of the demeanor of a magic sage?”

Old Lin snorted, “What if I am cursing at my own grandson, is it your problem?” As he was done speaking, he angrily left. As before, his eyes were fiercely wide opened, glaring at Lin Xin who was wearing a smile while beckoning all the other competitors.

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Lin Xin felt a shiver, and didn’t dare keep showing off. He hurriedly returned to the lounge.

After Old Lin left, Old Ge revealed a peculiar expression, “Turns out that this youngster was Old Lin’s second grandson, that legendary freak. It’s no wonder that this old fellow wanted to tick him off. ”

Assassin Temple Stadium.

In the Holy Union’s Great Stadium, the Assassin Temple’s stadium was really the strangest one: compared to the five other stadiums, it bore no resemblance to their well-lit environ at all. Instead, it was somewhat dark, and could even be described as sinister.

Today, the competition in the Assassin Temple’s stadium started a little later than in the others, because of the decorations they set up.

Enormous stelae were towering in the middle of the stadium. These stelae had a layout that seemed somewhat random. Each stele was thick enough that two people would be needed to reach around it. It seemed that they had just finished to put them in order.

A cold voice came from a sort of remoted platform, “This year, there are a total of 48 competitors. After the two first days, there are 12 people left. Today, to determine the top ten, you will enter the stadium together, and have a contest. You may use any means, all those who are not in state to fight will be eliminated. The first four eliminated competitors will be drawing lots as a final step to eliminate two of them. All competitors enter; after my countdown of 10 seconds, the match will begin.”


“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh……” A stream of noises sounded, and the participants in the resting area all shot out like arrows.

The assassins of the Assassin Temple were a lot more mysterious than other temples. Every person’s face was covered with a veil of some sort, and some even had their foreheads covered, only revealing their eyes. Their actions were swift and nimble, and that gloomy voice had not even counted to three when the participants who shot out seemed as if they had all disappeared into thin air.

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“Du, du, du, du, du……” The quieter it was, the easier it would be for some sudden noise to catch the attention of other people, just like it was at this moment.

Not all of the participants had moved at the very first moment; there was one exception.

Long, purple hair draped smoothly over her back, her blank pupils gave people a sort of solitary feeling. The blue bamboo stick lightly tapped on the floor, its master moving slowly, step by step, towards the center of the arena.

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