Shen Yin Wang Zuo

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Chapter 13 2 months ago

Thank you for this one I thought there was no translation for this but I was translated I was so relieved to see this and thanks again 😊 for this one

Chapter 68 5 months ago

I really enjoyed the first 100+ chapters but as the story progressed I lost interest in the MC. The side characters are what kept me reading the story.

Chapter 68 6 months ago

A pretty good one tho is quite a fast pace but still good however, it's quite disappointing when compared to soul land that already undergone great changes in its storyline.

Chapter 68 11 months ago

I was interested in this because I was looking for something with "beast companions" and I was excited since this was written by the same author of Soul Land to see what unique creatures appear. But while other characters use unicorns, eagles, dragons and so on, the protagonist ends up basically playing a summoning gacha game and ends up with a. . . lizard. I don't care how powerful it becomes in the future, it's still a freakin lizard. He REALLY should've made a contract with that Starlight Unicorn King instead of gambling!

Chapter 68 one year ago

Starts out really strong. While it does get worse as it goes on ,and I thought the ending felt pretty rushed, its still worth the read in my opinion.

Chapter 68 one year ago

This novel is awesome. I read the manga too and they are both good. I highly recommend this. As this was one of the first novels I read and it is kind of sometimes similar to douluo dalu.