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Chapter 2 10 months ago

This novel is horrible. Not only is the story incredibly boring but if the tags weren’t eneough to tell you how messed up the story is and generally I like dark novels but never this

Chapter 2 one year ago

Interesting mc. Not always on the moral high ground, but his character improves as the story progresses, I think. The characters are cute and entertaining and the story is complex. Translation is pretty bad first couple chaps, but gets much better.

In summary, a great story where the Harem isn't everything.

Chapter 2 one year ago

This first chapter shows a lot of the author's style, and from what I saw, and just bad, he tried to make humor in every piece of written text, just like the background laughs of bad series, that is to try forced humor, besides he exaggerates in 'author's notes' and idiotic terminologies of types of romance ...

Chapter 2 one year ago

Honestly I like the vibe it has. The only issue I would say is that it's a tad dull when he's back in the 'host' world I shall not go into more detail to avoid spoilers but if you want a nice action with multiple universes give it a read honestly hope he heads over to a high school DXD universe .

Chapter 2 one year ago

The MC is a Pedophile, Rapist, Harem Seeker, Masochist. It's a failure of a harem, just like many other harem novel. The action is decent, the comedy is decent, the plot is average, interaction is funny until the harem reach 6+ members that is, now he's just being trampled on by the girls for every little thing, the personality of the girls are almost dead, to keep the presence of the girls active sometimes there's a dedicated chapter just for some dumb conversation among them. it's bad. but it definitely work for some people though. since it's a crossover type of novel?