Sign In Buddha’s Palm

Sign In Buddha’s Palm


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Sign In Buddha’s Palm novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Comedy genres. Written by the Author Back To The Beginning. 79 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Su Qin crosses into a world where martial artists run rampant, where Buddhist monks from the Yuan Dynasty dominate the world. Jiuyang’s successor’s fist conquered the mountains and rivers, and Xiao Li’s flying knife smashed through the void.

Because Su Qin had no martial arts qualifications, he could only become a sweeping monk in the Shaolin Temple. At this time, the ‘Sign In System’ was activated.

Sign In in front of Buddha’s Golden Body, get [Buddha’s Palm].

Sign In in front of the Arhat Hall, get [Invincible Vajra Divine Art].

Sign in at the back mountain of Shaolin Temple, get [Golden Demon Body].

The Shaolin Temple was riddled with treasures, and you can sign in everywhere.

Su Qin decided that he would never leave the mountain without Signing In to everything in the Shaolin Temple. And so, he Signed In the Shaolin Temple for twenty whole years!

Twenty years later, the Shaolin Temple got mixed in the battle between the Righteous and Evil.

The Demons were fierce and powerful, they blatantly invaded the Shaolin Temple and were pushing forth with great force, but that is until they met Su Qin who was sweeping the floor…

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  • shanks98

    if you all need more chapters go read at foxaholic, they are ahead by 4 chapters and updated daily

  • lukewarm_oj

    yoooo idk i love the fact that our man is rlly just a sweeping monk lmao. pretty fun guy with the blandest personality (which ik it sounds sarcastic, but i truly mean it when i say that i don't mean it in a bad way), which makes an overall fun situation.

  • XoudrionS

    Oh God how lovely this novel is. MC is slow everything feels slow but at the same time MC got at the peak of the world in a blink of an eye. Doesn't feel hurried and finally after a lot of novels this one uses the logic of a cultivators life span. MC does not fight all the time but he uses the resources at his disposal and several years. Instead of an MC that just battles all day and night and gets really powerful in few so called "months" or 2-3 years which feels a lot more unrealistic than this one.

  • lolv2

    Here is for more chapters ....... Edited by Admin

    • ProximusRel

      Please do not compare machine translations with original translations and do not recommend them. It may cause your account to be banned.

    • lnwUser32114

      *** is mostly machine-translated but also readable : ) Edited by Admin

      • Tobyritz

        Dude, how can you read that sh**. It was not readable at all

  • XoudrionS

    Chapters I require more CHAPTERS

    • lnwUser32114

      I am also updating .......! Edited by Admin:

  • OhDokja

    Currently reading until the latest chapter , the novel is pretty interesting. There’s alot times skip and the mc is soo strong but humble and didnt like to show off his strength. I hope he will go outside of the tample soon and meet more people . Lookin forward for more plot !

  • XiaoZai

    This Novel need world building and new chapter

  • Xetrz


  • lnwUser15398


  • lizardman149

    More chapters!!!!!

Latest Release: Chapter 79: A Bit Boring.

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Having a lot of fun with this one. It has a different feel from usual fast paced cultivation novels. The feel is still fun with unexpected encounters and starting to advance the plot a bit more.


Love this story. It has a slow relaxed place but has enough action to be interesting also the mc is so much better than the usual murder hobos who will destroy a world when somebody looks at them weird


This novel feels weird or should i say different. The story progressess slow and fast at the same time. It was light and good story, even though I hate the Hiding Abilities thing...


Relaxing novel with a pretty lax MC just vibin his life without destroying everything like every other MC with OP system does. Not much fighting and where there is fighting it is pretty quick and MC usually takes care of it easily. So far a great novel that is not focused on some heavy gore lore that cultivator MCs usually have. If you are looking for a chill novel with an MC equally as chill I highly recommend. Also Buddhism if someone does not like it then they should go look for something else...


Good novel to take a break on after reading serious novels, it's relaxing to read, the mc is calm and not arrogant, there's none of those arrogant brats flaunting their family and status around then getting beaten up every 5 chapters by the mc. You could argue that the reward is kinda forced for the mc's convenience but it's not bad, atleast it's not the usual mc found a divine yin yang cocaine on a golden corpse from some random ass cave that somehow no one found for millenias just because he is the chosen one or some bullshit.


Pretty good, almost relaxing reading it. Even though I hate overpowered MC, that’s well written and feel like I have a sense of calmness. I definitely recommend it!


So far its this is a calm enjoyable read. Although the progression in this book is really strong overall reading it feels like taking a relaxing walk. The main character is pretty enjoyable although extremely calm and not arrogant so far. Sadly only 17 chapters have come out so its impossible to 100% know where this book will go but for now I say its library worthy.