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Chapter 1730: Chiba Trip 10

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With all of that, the festival started on the next day, Haru and Maki also came out together, and both of them were wearing yukata to match up with the festive mood around this city.

In this city, two festivals had always been held every year, the first festival was this festival, which had always been held during the summer, and the other festival was held in autumn.

In truth, the festival that was held in autumn was several times better than in the summer, but it wouldn't be held shortly, so let's just enjoy the summer festival.

Maki was like a child at this festival. She tried various foods and played various games at every stall in this festival. After all, it was her first time to come to a summer festival like this. She was coming from a rich family, and this kind of enjoyment for a commoner was something that she had never felt.

"Haru, what is this?" Maki looked at the apple, which was stuck on the stick, but unlike a normal apple, something around it caused the apple to shine or something.

"It's a candy apple. You can say that it is an apple that is covered in a sugar coating," Haru said.

"...It's extremely unhealthy, but I want to eat it but..." Maki touched her stomach and knew that she had eaten quite a lot. Her appetite was quite small, and she knew that this kind of food had many calories. As an idol, there was no way that she could eat it, but she still wanted to try, so she looked at Haru with a hopeful expression.

"Don't worry. I'll eat the rest if you can't eat them," Haru said simply.

"Yes!" Maki nodded with a smile then bought the candy apple directly without hesitation, but when she held it. She looked at Haru and asked, "How do I eat it?"

"Just bite it," Haru said.

"Bite it?" Maki looked at the apple and wondered whether she should eat it directly. After all, she was sure that the apple was quite big.

"You can eat mine. This apple is nothing compared to mine, right?" Haru asked with a smile.

Maki's face then blushed as red as her hair, and she directly hammed his arm. "Haru!!!" If it was in their room or home, it was alright, but this place was public!

"Sorry, sorry, I was joking." Haru patted Maki's head, trying to appease her.

"Hmph!" Maki pouted and looked away, but she clearly didn't seem that angry. "Still, even if you wear the glasses, you're still very noticeable, huh?" She looked at Haru, who was wearing disguised glasses, and had to admit that he was still attracting a lot of attention even though he wore them.

"After all, there aren't many people who are taller than me," Haru said. Unlike most harem protagonists who had an average height, his height was very tall, reaching 187 cm, with quite a muscular body. Even if his face was average at this moment, his momentum was strong, with such a strong body.

"Well, that's true, your body is good..." Maki said with a blush, especially when she remembered what they had done in the inn's room all the time. She, who had tasted the forbidden pleasure, understood why a lot of women were crazy about him.

Then they continued to walk around, and they saw Kazuma, who was walking with his friends, both male and female.

Haru looked at their group and saw a lot of cute girls there. If he wasn't with Maki, then he might join them, but he was with Maki.

Maki also saw many cute girls around Kazuma, but she ignored Kazuma and looked at the girls. "Do you know any of those girls?"

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"No." Haru shook his head.

"Really?" Maki looked at Haru in doubt since she thought that he knew all the girls in this city.

"Really." Haru was helpless and said, "After all, like in the school, it isn't like you know all the students in your school, right? It's the same in this city. Even though this city is small, it isn't that small either."

"If they're just a normal girl, then I won't say much, but they're all beautiful girls, you know?" Maki said and looked at Haru in shock.

Haru was lost for words and said, "What do you think I am? Do you think that I am a beast that will eat every cute girl?"

Maki nodded and said, "Yes."

".........." Haru.

Haru wanted to say something, but in the end, he stopped. After all, it wasn't wrong to say that he was really a beast. "Well, let's not bother them."

Maki nodded and said, "Yeah, I'm afraid that you might steal his crush later."

"........." Haru.

The festival continued, and the main show of the festival was the shrine maiden dance.

On the wood traditional stage, which gave off an exquisite atmosphere, a single girl danced gently and slowly, as if she prayed for the land of this city.

Haru looked at this girl and remembered that she was the girl he had seen in the store for his first time here.

"She's beautiful..." Maki said while looking at the girl, but then she looked at Haru.

"........" Haru.

"You're more beautiful, Maki," Haru said with a smile.

Maki smiled and hugged his arm tighter, enjoying the show in front of them.

It was the last day for them to stay in this city, and tomorrow, they would go back, so before that, there was one place that Haru wanted to visit before he returned.

"So, where are we going?" Maki asked curiously since suddenly Haru wanted to visit someplace. Without hesitation, she followed, but she didn't expect them to come to the jungle, which was located right behind the shrine. It was very dark, and the only light that could be seen as coming from the stars, but as expected because the trees were huge, it covered most of the light, so she could only hold his hand since she was quite scared, but with him around, she believed that she would be alright.

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"Wait a minute, we will arrive soon," Haru told the truth since they had really arrived at the location that he wanted to see.

"It's amazing..." Maki was amazed, staring at the scene in front of her.

In front of them, there was a beautiful lake, with a Torii gate that was located in the middle of the lake, but more than that, the reflection of the stars were fully reflected on the lake, which gave off the illusion that the lake in front of them was the space itself.

Unlike Maki, who was amazed by the scenery in front of them, Haru looked at the scene in front of him with a complicated gaze, after all, this was the place where Sora decided to commit suicide because of their forbidden relationship, and it was also the reason why she wanted to visit this place. Still, as expected, when he arrived in this place, his feelings were mixed, but at the same time, he was glad that he and Sora weren't blood-related siblings and they could be together without worrying about a lot of people.



"Thank you for asking me to bring you here," Haru said while looking at Maki.

Maki smiled and said, "You're welcome." She rested her head on his arm and asked, "In the future, let's bring our children here."

"Of course." Haru nodded.

"Still, I'm worried that the people around this area might cut down the trees around and change this place into a huge city like Tokyo." When Maki thought that her children might not be able to see this beautiful scenery, she felt worried, so she asked, "Should we buy this entire mountain, Haru?"


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