Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting

Chapter 332: Old Shu’s Gift

Chapter 332 Old Shu’s Gift

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Looking at Old Shu noticing Lan Xuanyu, Ying Luohong’s face suddenly changed.

“My name is Lan Xuanyu, hello teacher.” Lan Xuanyu naturally hurriedly saluted this kind-looking old man.

At this moment, he suddenly felt his knees become slightly numb, and then softened, with a “plop” he knelt down in front of Old Shu.

Old Shu seemed a little surprised, and said, “Little Xuanyu, what are you doing kneeling in front of me ?”

Lan Xuanyu was taken aback, and was about to stand up in a hurry, only to find that his knees wouldn’t budge, and said blankly, “I don’t know.”

Old Shu’s face suddenly enlightened, and said, “Is this the fate that we talk about in the legends ? You called me teacher, and then bowed down to me. It seems that Heaven wants to send to this old man a disciple ! Well, this old man has always been one of its followers, so I’ll accept you.”

“Old Shu!” Ying Luohong really couldn’t stand anymore this Old Shu. She rushed over and pulled Lan Xuanyu up from the ground.

“Why are you screaming like this for no reason ? I’m not deaf yet.” Old Shu glanced at her, and said in an angry manner.

Ying Luohong’s face was really ugly, she didn’t expect the Yuanen family to invite Old Shu directly. There was no doubt that Old Shu was indeed the number one person in the school in terms of treatment. However, he extremely coveted Lan Xuanyu ! Before she managed to get her teacher to come forward with great difficulty, and only thanks to this did Old Shu give up, but she didn’t expect that Old Shu and Lan Xuanyu would meet here.

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Ying Luohong said with a gloomy face: “Xuanyu is now a first-year student in the Outer Court. It is not very convenient for you to accept him as a disciple right now. Last time, my teacher said, you should at least wait until he graduates from the Outer Court before he can choose for himself.”

“Yes, I got it.” Old Shu was still all smiles, one had to admit that his appearance gave off a very strong immortal vibe.

“The matter of accepting disciples can be postponed. Xuanyu ! Since we seem to have been brought together by fate, this old man will give you a meeting gift.” As he talked, he flipped his wrist, like a magic trick, and there was something more in his hand.

It was a green, palm-sized ruyi, all sparkling and translucent. The old tree directly stuffed it into Lan Xuanyu’s hands

“Go back and put it in your meditation room. You will discover its effects in due time.” While talking, Old Shu chuckled and patted Lan Xuanyu’s head.

Upon contact, Lan Xuanyu strangely felt a warm air flow pouring in from the top of his head, spreading throughout his body in an instant, unspeakably comfortable, cleansing away even all of his anxiety from Yuanen Huihui’s potential accident.

After doing this, Old Shu suddenly flashed in a green light, and his whole person disappeared out of thin air.

Ying Luohong’s face was even more ugly, this was an obvious “conspiracy” from Old Shu ! He gifted such good stuff to Lan Xuanyu, he was laying the ground for bribing him ! However, she couldn’t have Lan Xuanyu refuse his gift neither ! What’s more, this green ruyi was really good for him.

No, this matter must be reported back to Teacher.

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“Hello kid, I’m Yuanen Huihui’s father. Just now, your companion has briefly described the situation at the time. You should be the person who helped him evolve. Can you tell us about your experience at that time? “The man looked at Lan Xuanyu with a smile. Old Shu said that Yuanen Huihui would not be in danger, so naturally there was no need for this man to be in a hurry.

Lan Xuanyu recounted the situation at the time, Ying Luohong’s expression gradually returned to normal as he listened to him. Then she found that she regretted it, she regretted that she had been too soft-hearted, letting this kid to that sloppy ghost.

Even without taking into account his own potential first, just his ability to unleash Martial Soul Fusion skills with multiple people alone already made him worthy of being heavily fostered !

He and Dong Qianqiu were able to perform Martial Soul Fusion skills, he could stimulate Li Han, Li Bin and Jia Yu into unleashing a Martial Soul Fusion skills and now again with Yuanen Huihui, he caused him to undergo a Martial Soul mutation. Even for her, it was her first time encountering such a little monster.

He could already be considered as a Martial Soul Fusion skill maker. When did Martial Soul Fusion skills become so common? Moreover, he currently only had two rings. If his strength rose to a higher level, they had yet to know what kind of changes would occur. This is what Ying Luohong looked forward to the most.

She had to pay special attention to this child. Thinking of this, Ying Luohong squinted her eyes, a faint light flowing in her eyes. She had to talk to that sloppy ghost once again, it was a waste to let this child in the Interstellar Command department.

Lan Xuanyu’s individual strength was not strong enough, but his biggest trait was his comprehensive ability. With his commanding, buffing, controlling abilities plus the ability to create martial soul fusion skills, he could definitely become the core figure of a top team.

Under his leadership, a first year team had defeated the third years’ best team, which already proved a lot. In the future, he would have his Battle Armor and learned how to control a mecha, how incredible would that be ?

“Xuanyu, go back to the dormitory first, and send me the video of the battle.” Ying Luohong said solemnly.

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Lan Xuanyu glanced at Xiao Qi next to him. Just as he was about to speak up, Xiao Qi hurriedly said, “Dear Dean, you should know that the video of the Soul Fighting Tournament in Douluo World belongs to the winner. In a sense, this is the children’s private property. This video should be released in the exchange center, and many people will surely be interested. They have just entered the school, a period of time where they are in urgent need of training resources, so… Lan Xuanyu said with an ashamed expression: “Dean, it was my idea. I previously exchanged for a training session in Sea God Lake, and it worked very well, but was really too expensive. I want to take this opportunity to earn some emblems.”

Hearing what Lan Xuanyu said, Xiao Qidu was taken aback. He was also worried that this kid would say that he wanted half of the share, but who knew that Lan Xuanyu not only didn’t say it, but directly took all of the responsibility.

Lan Xuanyu was an eleven-year-old child, and his request was quite reasonable, Ying Luohong would naturally not blame him. This kid did not only have a high IQ, but also quite a good EQ! He immediately earned from Xiao Qi a new level of respect, leaving him a very good impression.

Only few people knew that all of this was all taught by Yin Tianfan —- weigh the pros and cons, judge the situation and seize up opportunities !

“Okay. I’ll buy one later.” Ying Luohong nodded and said, “You can go now; publish it as soon as possible in the exchange center.”

Xiao Qi said: “I will give him a drive. Should I contact you then ?”

“Good, please do that. Yuanen Fengyu, since Huihui is okay, I’m leaving now.” Ying Luohong said to Yuanen Huihui’s father.

Yuanen Fengyu said: “Sorry for troubling you Dean Ying, I will watch over him here until he wakes up. There should be no problem thanks to Old Shu’s help.”

“I can rest assured then. Huihui’s bloodline should be related to his mother’s lineage. I suggest you invite his mother to check on him, so as not to have any sequelae. After all, we still have to be careful when it comes to Martial Soul mutation. “Ying Luohong said.

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“Well, yes.” Yuanen Fengyu’s expression became a little unnatural.

“Okay, I’ll leave first.” Ying Luohong left, and Lan Xuanyu and the others also left the dormitory after saying goodbye.

As soon as they left the house, Lan Mengqin suddenly grabbed Lan Xuanyu’s sleeves and said, “We won? 960 000 Douluo coins?”

Lan Xuanyu nodded and said: “It should be. With the Douluo World system being our witness, we should have that many. Moreover, we also have some revenue from the tickets, not sure how much.”

Lan Mengqin’s eyes brightened, and she said, “Share, share. Let’s divide now. Directly send it to my Douluo World account.”

Lan Xuanyu said: “Okay, I will also log in to the Douluo World when I go back. By the way, as you are all here, and you have heard what Teacher Xiao said before. This time our battle’s video should be able to sell for quite a few emblems. It will be issued under the name of Teacher Xiao. Teacher Xiao gets half, and we divide the rest equally. You’re okay with that, right ?”

TL note : ruyi is a kind of decorative small scepter, you can google it.

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