SPELLCRAFT: Reincarnation Of A Magic Scholar
Chapter 520: The Cult's Assembly [Pt 2]

Legris couldn't help but shake in excitement.

He had thought he pulled one over Jared Leonard, yet the boy managed to surprise him yet again.

'He really pulled it off... he tricked me again.'

That was what made the kid so interesting... but also dangerous.

"This was the work of the Singularity, no? Why did you not kill him back when you had the chance?"

At this point, the Cult Leader was glaring at Neron.

Everyone knew that Singularities were extremely dangerous to the Cult, regarded as threats that had to be purged.

Of course, lower members like Legris didn't know very much, but the upper echelons had a better idea why.

For him to have had Jared Leonard in his grasp, yet did nothing to kill him... it was highly irresponsible and suspicious.

"I couldn't kill him. He'd just teleport away. Besides, any further time I wasted deliberating the matter would be disadvantageous for me. For all I know, he could have been contacting Neron Kaelid."

What Legris said made sense. If it came to that, then he was justified not to launch any assault.

Still, though...

"Very well. I'll accept your excuse. I am disappointed, though. Despite your great achievements, you've made a blunder that has cost us some leaks in information."

Jared Leonard had heard a portion of their conversation, making him privy to confidential Intel.

The very existence of the Cult—as well as its location—was in jeopardy.

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"We could use this to our advantage, so I won't be punishing you. I'll be limiting your promotion, though."

"Thank you for showing mercy." Legris bowed emphatically.

"It's fine. Let's get this over with."

The leader looked at the seven people who were seated before him—six from the upper cadre, and one from the lower one.

Since he sought to promote Legris, who was the 9th Chair, it only made sense that he made it meaningful enough.

"I will be promoting Legris Damien to the Sixth Seat."

"Wha—?!" A silent shriek leaked out, but was instantly quelled.

It belonged to none other than the occupier of the Sixth Seat himself.

"You know what to do, Reed Sterling."

An old man, Reed Sterling himself, rose from his seat and shamefully left the right side of the table.

It was obvious what would happen once someone else took his rank. He would be demoted to one seat below him.

As such, the old man was now the Seventh Seat.

"There's no need to return your Arcana. Since we have a sufficient amount, every member will wield one of them." The Leader turned to Legris and permitted him to return to his seat.

Legris, now an Upper Seat member, moved to his new position in a gentle stride.

He gave a sly smile to the previous occupant of his seat, and then glanced slightly at the young boy who occupied the seat higher than his.

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It was a familiar face that wasn't going to wear out anytime soon.

"Now, then, to another issue that warrants our discussion... it concerns your nephew, Kido."

This time, all the focus was placed on the golden-haired man in the room.

He had a carefree aura around him, and his playful smile matched the youthful glow he exuded.

Even though a few were inclined to be serious during meetings, his disposition never changed in the slightest.

But, almost no one could caution him. After all, he was...

"I apologize about that. He's probably still looking for me after all these years."

... The Second Seat Of The Cult.

"He must miss me so much." Kido's golden earrings dangled as he shook his head while sighing.

His sarcasm was met with silence, and then shortly after, the leader continued.

"Your nephew killed four of our members. I would think that it has escalated beyond your little family feud."

"It's not my fault they were easy to kill off. They're weak, you know?"

"I agree to the latter, but not the former. They were weak, but it's your responsibility to take care of family... isn't it?"

"Sigh, you're right..."

"Great. Then, nip him in the bud as soon as possible. Of course, that's when you have free time. You'll be required for a new assignment soon."

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With that, the leader closed the chapter and decided to move on to the next matter for discussion.

"Forgive me for saying this, but is that really okay? Four of our members are gone because of his irresponsibility, and we're just going to let it slide?" Another Upper Seat member spoke.

If not for his pronged ears, he would have been recognized as a human. But, how could he be an Elf when he had beautiful wings glimmering behind him?

Yes, this was none other than the Fourth Seat Member of the Cult—Fairy King Beruel.

"Hm? What's the matter for concern? They can be replaced, can't they?" Kido responded with a nonchalant tone.

"You... one of the people killed was my right-hand man! Sure, he was only the 12th Seat, but he deserved the protection of this Organization!" Beruel banged his hand on the table.

He was fuming as his long, silver hair flowed behind him.

"Welp. Sorry about that, but... he ded! Hahaha!" Kido laughed, once again insensitive to the pain he caused the Fairy King—no, to the Cult as a whole.

"You basta—"

"That's enough. You men just keep arguing. I'm sick of it. Can we just proceed to the meeting? I was in the middle of some research." The member at the center sharply spoke, already reaching her limit as the one clustered between the two warring parties

"Oh, sorry about that Karlia. Didn't mean to disturb you. If I stop, will you promise to—?" Kido sharply turned his gaze to the crimson Succubus beside him.

Her sultry attire was captivating, and her figure was enthralling—to say the least.

She was none other than the Third Seat Of The Cult—Karlia The Demon Succubus.

"Nope. Never ask me that again." She scoffed, pouting as she folded her arms with resolve.

No matter how anyone sliced it, she still looked cute despite feigning annoyance.

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