SSS-Class Suicide Hunter

SSS-Class Suicide Hunter

SSS급 자살헌터



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SSS-Class Suicide Hunter novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Comedy genres. Written by the Author Shin Noah. 117 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


I want an S-Rank skill too! I want it so badly, I could die for it!

[You have awakened an S-Rank skill.] [But it only works when you die.]


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  • Kalt

    I love this UwU

  • VanillaSunshine

    Is there romance??

  • Fazz

    Need Moar.

  • Malw02

    Look when he possessed butler he kept his initial appearance right?

  • Flux12

    From chapter 88-109 is just two fucking crazy good the crazy romance is ark the best

  • Polyester_Banit

    This is no doubt one of the best stories I have ever had the pleasure of reading. The arcs just keep getting better and better further in the story, it is almost like it isn't just us that are growing with this story, but the author is also growing with us and growing with our MC. Spoiler warning .... Spoiler Alert The heavenly demon arc brought about a reaffirmation of his humanity. he has been thoroughly separated from other people and was losing his touch on humanity and the Heavenly demon arc brought him straight down. He became more human that us and at the same time, less human. It flushed out his character in a beautiful way and the writing was charismatic and entrapping. There is a lot more I want to say about this arc, but I better talk about the most recent arc that is yet to finish . The romance arc seriously made me cry and every chapter is making my heart move, flutter, and break. The arc is written beautifully and is truly splendid. The author showed us that he isn't just capable of doing action and death, but he is capable of creating such a romance that can not be compared to anything else I have written. The LOVE MAKES SENSE!!! it truly doesn't feel rushed or not make sense. It is a logical and emotional way to an in depth analysis on human nature. I LOVE IT!! basically, YOU GUYS SHOULD READ THE BOOK!!!

  • EscapistKay

    So going back to how I've been reading the MTL versions of future chapters. Made it to 235 and am still reading. Guys I said it one I'll say it twice. This novel is so fucking good. I can't wait to read the polished versions that get posted here. - Personally this novel has been nothing but a positive experience for me to read/immerse myself in. If you're on the fence about reading it please trust my recommendation and give this one a go. - I won't post where I've been reading the MTLs since it would be disrespectful to this website's admin but you can find them in a simple google search if you try to. They aren't translated by people or editing by people a lot of the time so you have to keep track of what words mean what. Sometimes you have to interpret what the translation actually means depending on what the phrase or word can mean originally. Anyway. It doesn't have the best workflow/reading flow but if you can put up with it, it doesn't ruin the beauty of the book at all.

  • EscapistKay

    AHAHAHA even reading this for a second time now, Death King constantly pissing off the pillars of the tower is absolutely great to read.

  • lnwUser11432

    Bem o que eu posso dizer sobre o MC e sua namorada e que dois loucos que se merecem

  • FreeLoader

    Ahh . Where am ? Who is he ? What's happening ? ........

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gee, I was surprised by this novel, at first I didn't expect much from the summary, but after I cannot stop it was like I was addicted to it, there is a lot of things that happened in the story. when I first read the summary I thought it was a comedy type of novel, and when I read the first two chapters I thought that it will be a revenge kind of novel, but as soon as I continue I realize that this novel is not that simple, it was full of color, there was romance, trauma, sadness, and a lot of stuff.

Damn it this novel should really rewrite the sipnosis, I'm pretty sure that if that happens lot of eole will read this novel, that way I'm pretty sure that it will be a top rank novel


First of all, I definitely recommend this. Honestly this is probably one of the best light no els I’ve found, it’s sad more people don’t give it a chance. At first after reading the synopsis I thought that I wouldn’t like it, cause it really doesn’t make me want to read it, but after chancing the manhwa, I got hooked and immediately started reading the light novel. How the MC sticks to his ideals and doesn’t forget himself and his development are managed really well. It also manages to have each ark be interesting.
The romance ark was done so well I couldn’t help but feel empathy for the two characters. That along with how human most characters feel, the world feels thought out and is very interesting, so well thought out I can’t help but red more.
This is 5 stars no contest in my eyes.


this web novel is stupidly good and I’m feeling horribly scammed by how much I love it. The characters are top notch and both the humour and the more emotional moment have made me cry tears of joy and pain respectively. Who would have known that I’d get so horribly attached to a web novel with this edgyass title!!! certainly not me!!!!!!!! Just fucking read it.


I'm gonna be completely honest, the summary does this novel dirty! I'm kinda new to novels so I don't know much, but this is easily top ten, maybe even top three of my fav novels yet! It has tearjerkers, funny moments and battles that have more action than some comics! I definitely recommend it! Currently on chapter 109


Thank you Tapas ads for introducing me to this
I’ve been an avid reader of wuxia(desolate era, MGA, ATG), manhwas(legend of the northern blade, war god’s record, magic emperor) and their webnovel counterparts(solo leveling, returners magic) But This novel really got me hooked. It is the first time i’ve read a Novel similar to solo leveling but can be very flexible with their arcs. The romance in the latest arc quite something to that i had to double check if i was still reading the same novel. Worth the binge read!


When an action LN has better romance and angst than an actual romance LN lmaoaoao READ ITTT! You won’t regret reading it it’s amazing and the way they made the characters are so beautiful it hurts T-T


this novel should add romance now. i wish they add more but I'll be patient. this novel is really emotional for me and i really enjoy it. really love the romance too.


I’ve been avoiding reading this book for the longest time because of its stupid description. But I was wrong. The description doesn’t match up to the book whatsoever. This is not just another strong mc novel, this is a genuinely well written novel that just makes me want more. 100% worth your time


OMG it's crazy i love it so muchh!!! This is just so good. Our dear MC is really perfect. From today on this is one of my favorite novel.
I love his lover OMGG


I binged this in a day. This one is definitely an special treat, sadly I didn't saviour it and now I must beg for scraps as they come by. Beg I shall though because each new arc just keeps topping the other one. I sincerely can't wait till the next chapter comes. Please kind sir. May I have some more?