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Chapter n/a 5 days ago

Honestly I like this novel a lot can’t explain it but I just enjoy reading this everyday during lunch and after school. A month ago I was still on the first chapter but now I’m waiting for the next to be translated. For once you start reading it pass a certain point I just don’t want to stop reading it. I really enjoy this novel and hope I could read more of it once it is translated. Can’t wait for the next chapter to get translated

Chapter 55 12 days ago

I don't know if it's just me not in the mood, but I ended up very disappointed with this one. It starts off very interesting with the MC getting a big break along with a novelty personality. . . Then another chance, and another, and another, and again, and when he finally gets punished, it's actually a guide to more power, turned into a cardboard cutout of a character with many powers.

Chapter 222 13 days ago

The protagonist has a noble and twisted personality. The twisted one came from his envy and his noble one came from his disappointment of the person he admired. The first three arcs showed the protagonist having no care for his life and constantly making suicides to reset. He aimed for perfection by committing suicides. The next arc however prevented the repetitive suicides by introducing a love interest. The arc was SUPER fast paced but the protagonist received a massive buff to mental attacks. The current arc about regression and the tower was super confusing but very deep. Although I wanted the main love interest to be the Black Dragon Master sadly it was not.

driftingbout2 (Banned)
Chapter 226 22 days ago

i love this novel it has such a great story it doesnt dwell on soley action which is a nice change i quite love the philosophy in this it just elevates the drama and the drama elevates the romance although its getting dull in the recent chapters The IF section probably because its taking so long for translation idk but i adore this novel the mc isnt overly righteous but will do whats best for himself and those around him the twist just keep u intertwined and you fall deeper into the rabbit hole altogether a very great piece i do have problems though as the atory kinda gets dull in certain areas like 120 it was really hard to push thru it but once i met raviel it changed for the better cant wait for more hopefully it doesnt take 5 more years to translate this 8 . 5/10

Chapter 78 25 days ago

I have read chapter 78 tons of times. His growth until then is amazing, that arc was certainly weirder than others but I have absolutely loved every chapter except for mayybe 10 out of 200. Him doing the bows combined with the heart wrenching death stories made me cry. Amazing story and characters. I first read the mangwa(?) making me want to know more but the now the mangwa the characters seem bland and dry compared to how saturated they are in the novel.

Chapter 91 1 months ago

Very well written. The characters are fun and well rounded, the world building is interesting and varied, and the story moves at a good pace. The novel has a very interesting style- it feels almost like poetry at times, what with all the line breaks. I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Chapter 57 1 months ago

This Novel was bearable until Chapter 64, In my opinion it's undeserving of it's high rating really really undeserving. I feel let down by the quality of this Novel, so don't let yourself be swept away by the positive reviews/ratings and keep your expectations in check and who knows you might be able to get further than me

  • Meepius147
    Reader KP:-106

    If I'm correct, chapter 64 was partway through the arc w/ the heavenly demon. That's one of my favorite parts- If you don't mind, could you please elaborate on why, exactly, you disliked that chapter? I'm of the personal belief that it's a pretty good novel, all in all, but it sounds like you have something in mind that I haven't really considered.

    1 months ago Reply
Chapter n/a 1 months ago

One of the best i've read in my life. A mature estory and characters well developed and writen. Had made me cry a few times already because of it's intensity and themes aborded. I Recomend.

Chapter 39 2 months ago

It's a breath of fresh air among the Korean novels which we are accustomed to. it's specialty lies in balancing the chaos and serenity contained in it.

Chapter 39 2 months ago

Liked it at the start but then grew bored of it on the later chapters. I suppose this could have been because I was also reading regressor instruction manual and the much darker and scummy theme seemed a bit more realistic compared to this novel which seems to lean on the childish side of the spectrum. Novel still good but since I am unsure of whether to praise or criticise I will just leave a 3 star.