[Reaper’s Gaze] with the Power Stone collided with Thanos’ double-edged sword with the Space Stone power! It was as if the time stopped for a second before the flashy explosion took place! It was like two asteroids colliding with each other, and the vibration of the explosion could be felt on Earth! When the dust settled, the ground where Dio and Thanos collided with each other before became a huge pit!

In terms of power itself, Dio was inferior to Thanos. After all, Thanos could overwhelm the Hulk in hand-to-hand combat easily! But Dio with Power Stone was a different story!

“Get away from me!” Dio said as he clenched his teeth and unleashed the Power Stone’s power towards Thanos. Like an artillery shot, the power hit Thanos head-on, and he was immediately blown away, smashing numerous boulders and ruins on his way. As Thanos tried to stabilize himself, it would appear that Dio’s attack successfully injured Thanos as blood trickled down his mouth!

Hadn’t it been for the Space Stone’s protection, Dio’s attack would have been enough to incapacitate Thanos for a while. However, Dio himself wasn’t in good condition after the attack as the Power Stone’s energy slowly consumed his life energy! At the same time, the small snail on his arms began to replenish his life energy!

Dio knew that he wouldn’t be able to keep up for much longer as he had to protect Carol too. He had to get away from this place as soon as possible! But as he tried to think of the way out, Thanos used Space Stone power to instantly close the distance between them! Thanos attacked Dio immediately, but fortunately for Dio, he had enough time to get away from Thanos’ attack! But still, Thanos’ attack cut his side, leaving a huge bruise there.

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Thanos teleported once again, and this time, behind Dio! It was too fast for Dio to turn his attention as Thanos was at his blind spot, but as Dio knew that Thanos was there, he dragged [Reaper’s Gaze] to his back to block Thanos’ attack! The two weapons collided once more, sending shockwaves in all directions!

Dio quickly turned around and immediately counter-attacked, but Thanos disappeared once again. Dio was confused as he didn’t know where Thanos would reappear, but as he tried to locate Thanos, he noticed a shadow beneath him. Dio knew that something was coming on top of him, so he immediately stepped away from his position! Sure enough, Thanos’ blade fell from the sky to where Dio just stood.

Dio looked up and saw the wormhole that the Space Stone had created, but it quickly disappeared once again. Dio was annoyed by Thanos’ style of combat. He knew that it was the best style for someone with Space Stone in possession, but it was really troublesome. Even so, Dio wasn’t helpless at all! He immediately used Epitaph from [King Crimson] and [King Crimson]’s Face immediately appeared on Dio’s forehead.

Thanos wanted to launch some sneak attack? Then Dio would delete that possibility! Dio leaped forward and turned around while swinging his scythe into thin air! It seemed like a desperate move at first glance, but the scene after that was shocking! A wormhole appeared, and Thanos stepped out of it as he was cut!

Thanos was not in mortal danger as he held the blunt side of the scythe, but even so, the scythe’s blade already cut him deep enough to make him bleed! Dio smirked and pulled the scythe around in order to shake off Thanos’ grip on his scythe to attack once more.

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However, Thanos didn’t budge, and the wound that he received just now has begun to regenerate once more. Furthermore, the Space Stone’s protective barrier has begun repelling the Power Stone energy that came from the scythe! Dio knew that he couldn’t land any half-assed attack anymore as it would prolong the battle and would end up on his loss in the end.

So, Dio used the Power Stone energy once more. He enhanced his own power as he needed it to be enough to even crush the space that Thanos would escape to! Dio spun the scythe to pull it out of Thanos’ grip and immediately attacked Thanos with everything he had! He couldn’t use the [World]’s ability to stop time right now as it would interrupt the Power Stone’s energy, so Dio just attacked Thanos head-on without any trick!

Thanos sighed, and the Space Stone on his Infinity Gauntlet began to glow brightly.

“Space confinement!” Thanos said indifferently. The scythe immediately froze mid-air, and it didn’t budge whatsoever no matter how hard Dio pulled it. Dio let go of the scythe, but [Reaper’s Gaze] still froze mid-air, confined in the space that it was currently in.

So, Dio channeled the Power Gem energy to the scythe as he tried to overpower the Space Stone ability. Infinity Stone was said to be able to nullify each other’s ability in some way, and that worked for Space Stone and Power Stone too!

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Thanos knew what Dio was planning to do, so he immediately attacked Dio as he didn’t want to give any opportunity for Dio to take back his scythe! But then again, Dio had another power that he could rely on! “Delete the next second!” Dio said as he activated [King Crimson]’s ability to delete the future he saw.

Then Thanos’ attack that was supposed to hit Dio’s neck and decapitate him just passed through like a magic trick! Dio then used his Temporary Stand Card [The Hand] to release the [Reaper’s Gaze] from the Space Stone’s Space confinement.

[Reaper’s Gaze] was freed, and Dio immediately attacked Thanos once again with it, but Thanos quickly escaped to another wormhole that forced Dio to move away once again! But then again, he was quite sure that his attack went through as the scythe had blood dripping from it! Dio looked for Thanos with his Epitaph as he scanned his surroundings in case Thanos showed up before he could find him with his Epitaph.

But it seemed that Thanos had escaped and had no intention to appear here again.

But still, Dio stood his ground and kept using Epitaph until his Hamon Energy was exhausted! He had used all of his 16 million Hamon Energy on this fight alone, yet he still couldn’t deal with Thanos!

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