Stealing Spree
Chapter 1990: Can't Refuse

“Ichihara-san, I’ll check on your daughter. You can continue with the exercise now, right?”

“Y-yes. Go ahead, sensei. Thank you.”

Once I finished checking on Ichihara-san's form, I saved her from becoming more flustered every second that passed by leaving her side. I mean, she probably wouldn’t be able to cool down if I stayed around her. The short massage and the unexpected grab on her waist earlier took a toll on her already exhausted mental capacity. If pushed further, she might just collapse right there. Her forehead was already lined with sweat but it wasn’t because of the workout. It’s from her ever-increasing anxiety that she couldn’t really put down.

That’s why it’s best to give her some respite. After everything, Ichihara-san deserves some peace of mind. And I’m aware that I may aggravate it by staying close to her.

I have no idea if it’s because she’s attracted to me or she’s just being influenced by the fact that I put myself into the role of being the back that supports her – which should be filled in by her husband. Regardless, Ichihara-san was really vulnerable right now.

If I left when she asked for cancellation earlier, Ichihara Jun might’ve made things worse for her.

Anyway, it’s really a good choice to stand my ground here.

After getting her approval, I went back to her daughter who looked like she was about to run out of patience.

She’s holding on to my promise of teaching her something after she returned. Yet I spent the last fifteen minutes focusing on her mother.

Nevertheless, Koharu-chan immediately cast that off as her concern for her mother resurfaced.

“Sensei, is mom going to be okay?”

“Girl… You don’t have to worry. You know how strong your mom is. If anything, don’t let her see you worrying about her or she’ll feel bad knowing that you’re maturing quickly because of her shortcomings.”

Koharu looked up at me with her eyes slightly narrowed. For sure, she’s wondering why I could grasp their situation accurately. But she dropped it right away as she nodded in agreement with my words.

“You’re amazing, sensei. I’m glad we’ve met you. Hehe…”

“Stop saying things that can be misunderstood.” I ruffled her hair which produced more giggles from the girl, “I haven’t done anything for you so I’m far from amazing. Remember, your mom is paying me.”

“Eh… You say that but you’re going out of your way to help us. You look even cooler when you sent that guy away earlier!”

“Alright. Stop glazing me and let me fulfill my promise to you.”

This girl. While she still has this willful innocence and naivety around her, she’s not as childish as I thought she would be. She’s an insightful girl who knows where she stands.

Having grown up in this strained environment, it really forced her to mature this quickly.

A few years from now, she’s definitely going to be more proactive in carving out a place for her and her mother. And if that father of hers is really trying to usurp the authority and power of their family, she might just become his instrument to accomplish that. But well, that’s still too far in the future so… we don’t know what is really going to happen.

At the very least, I know this girl isn’t just gonna fold when it comes to pressure. Something her mother probably lacks.

“Yes! I’m ready, sensei!”

Koharu stood in attention and grinned enthusiastically. With the mention of my promise, stars seemingly started to shine from her eyes.

She’s that excited.

… Somehow, it’s making me feel ashamed of what I’m going to teach her.

I mean, it’s the self-defense technique that I also taught my girls.

Cracking a guy’s family jewels.

I composed myself before faking a cough.

Koharu tilted her head cutely as she waited for me to open my mouth.

I guess there’s backing out with this one now…

“Alright. What I'm going to teach you is neither a boxing technique nor a special moveset. Koharu-chan, let me tell you something. Do you know? There’s a certain part of a boy's body that can give them the most painful lesson.” I prefaced it with that.

Surprisingly, the girl caught on quickly. Her expression brightened up as she answered.

“Oh! I know… It's the… testicle, right? I learned it from our biology class.”

Perhaps, understanding that it was a sensitive word, the excited girl leaned forward and whispered it.

She then furtively glanced at her mother, making sure that Ichihara-san didn't hear her.

Really, she must be someone who keeps her full attention to every lesson in class.

In any case, since I already brought it up, I replied to her with a nod.

“However, it's not easy to hit that. Everyone, even me, is guarding it really well. So, in order for you to land a hit, it has to be through a surprise attack.”

I also lowered my voice, matching her volume, bringing a smile to Koharu's face.

She's thinking this is going to be our little secret.

“I understand. Tell me how to hit him there in surprise, sensei.”

She energetically nodded while starting to throw some jabs. I guess he's already getting the hang of using her arms to unleash her fists.

“Sure. But let me remind you first. You have to be very careful. Do not use it unless it's necessary. This can also protect you in some cases.”

Koharu nodded again, this time, she truly looked like she was taking a mental note with my reminders.

With that, I spent the next twenty minutes instructing her.

Of course, I didn’t use the same method I used with my girls where I let them feel it. Instead, since she’s learning boxing, I let her incorporate it within her style. She’s not going to kick but punch at it as hard and as quick as she can before running away.

I mean, while it would hurt a lot, it would also make the guy extremely aggressive so it’s better for her to just hit and run.

Once she got the hang of it, I returned to check on Ichihara-


She successfully recovered and was already in the zone. I didn’t approach her anymore and just waited at the side.

When both mother and daughter depleted their stamina, I brought them towels to wipe themselves with and the water that Ichihara-san prepared earlier.

After this, I considered ending the lesson for today since it had been close to three hours already.

The night had already fallen and they still had to prepare for their dinner.

With the threat of Ichihara Jun already out of their heads, they won’t have to stay tense anymore.

Unfortunately, Koharu asked for an extension and Ichihara-

san also pleaded with me through her eyes.

For Koharu, she probably wanted to push herself further. Not just in the realm of boxing but also in her stand against her bully cousin.

For Ichihara-san, I guess it’s just her way of wanting to thank me. Because as soon as I agreed to the extension, she exited the room to prepare dinner.

When Koharu finished her session with me, Ichihara-san was in her finishing touches on preparing the dinner table.

Then with a pleasant smile on her lips devoid of her concern and worry for their future, she implored me.

“Onoda-sensei. Please have dinner with us.”

Beside me, Koharu locked my arm with hers before copying her mother, “Sensei, you’ll say yes, right?”

… With the two of them teaming up like this, refusing is not an option.

Chapter 1990: Can't Refuse
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