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PumpkinGirl 1
Chapter 117 2 months ago

One of the worst light novel I have red. It is really bad. The writer wasted the perfect storyline and plot. The characters are not even likeable. FL is the dumbest girl I have ever seen. She cabt even think for herself properly and she didnt had much of a character development. She is obsessed with the ML so bad and same goes for the ML. He is as much as obsessed with FL. At least he is a bit clever. Bit he still sexual assaulted the FL and she didn't even frikin mind! The ending was really dissatisfaying. The writer probably wanted to finfish it as sooner as possible i think wtoter realized how bad the story was. I won't ever never read it again. You can read it if you off your brain

Matcha_Angel 1
Chapter 93 2 months ago

I tried really hard to like this, but the female lead is just SOOOO annoying! She can’t think for herself, she has these amazing powers but always falls into the damsel in distress trope and she’s so stupid. She makes the dumbest designs over and over again. Seriously, it’s so irritating.

Zagawaprime 1
Chapter 56 8 months ago

Such an intriguing and original story line. I love how provocative it is. Who are the heros and who are the actual monsters? The steamy parts are, well, steamy. 😏

Ankurabs 0
Chapter 56 9 months ago

This novel is deffinitely a hidden gem . Ammmazzing translation and story Donno y there r no reviews to This. Anyways this is truly an ammmazzing story

lnwUser45612 0
Chapter 56 one year ago

La storia mi piace, due "lui" tenebrosi, una ragazzina fedele fino al paradosso, situazioni adrenaliniche... insomma, ma perché non arrivano altri capitoli? 🤔
Siate gentili, continuate a tradurre il racconto!

Watermelon 1
Chapter 56 one year ago

I honestly like the story so far. Excluding the smut part, certain parts of the story reminded me of a manga I used to read: To The Abandoned Sacred Beast.