Strongest Mage with the Lust system
Chapter 303: Angelic beauty

"We will. But first, we need some more Mana stones." Max said and continued walking away.

Rima and the rest of the group hurriedly caught up, and Leticia asked, "Why do we need more Mana stones? Didn't we already have more than 2.5 million?"

After saying this, her eyes widened, and she almost shouted, "Don't tell me they took all of our Mana stones? I know they were up to something."

"Hey, don't worry. That's not what happened." Max smiled wryly, seeing her react like that.

"What is it then? Why do we need more Mana stones? Is that pill so expensive?" Leticia calmed down but was still puzzled.

"Well, I exchanged them for mid-grade Mana stones." Max nonchalantly said.

"Really?" Leticia became excited immediately when she heard this.

Contrary to her, Belen and Rima didn't seem excited about it. Belen glanced at excited Leticia and asked, "You do know that you can't use mid-grade Mana stones efficiently if you aren't at least a three-star mage, right?"

"Huh? How come? I heard that if we use mid-grade Mana stones to cultivate, our speed would be several times faster than when cultivating with low-grade Mana stones." Leticia asked in confusion as her excitement receded.

Belen didn't seem surprised by her reaction and said, "It is true that our cultivation speed would be several times faster if we use mid-grade Mana stones. However, that is only true when we are able to absorb the Mana contained in them."

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"What do you mean?" Leticia asked.

"I'm sure when you first tried, it was very difficult for you to use low-grade Mana stones for cultivation, right?" Belen asked in return.

"Yes. It was." Leticia nodded.

"That's because the Mana contained in the low-grade Mana stones is quite purer compared to the Mana present in the environment. Therefore, our body needs some time to get used to it before we can utilise it.

And if we talk about mid-grade Mana stones, the Mana contained in them is at least a hundred times purer and denser, which our body can't endure if we aren't at least a three-star mage or higher. Therefore, before we breakthrough into the three-star realm, mid-grade Mana stones are useless to us." Belen explained.

Hearing this, Leticia's excitement vanished completely, and her footsteps became hurried as she said, "Let's go and hurry to the auction house then."

Seeing her become flustered like this, Max, Belen, Rima, and little Arya couldn't help but laugh.


After a while, they reached the auction house. Max asked the servant girl who was with them to call the middle-aged lady from before. The servant girl obliged and went to call her.

After a few minutes, she came with the middle-aged lady who had a happy smile on her face. It was obvious that the servant girl had told her about their conversation, and with her intelligence, it was easy for her to guess that he wanted to sell more copies of [Destruction wheel].

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Max didn't beat around the bush and directly told her what he wanted.

The middle-aged lady patiently listened to him before she said, "We will be happy to buy more copies from you. However, I'm afraid we won't be able to give you the same amount as before."

Max had expected as such, so he wasn't surprised by this and asked, "How much are you willing to pay me then?"

"What do you think about 3 million each copy? We will buy as many as you are willing to sell." The middle-aged woman smilingly said.

Max shook his head and said, "3 million is too low. If you give me 3.5 million for each copy, I'll sell you ten more copies."

The middle-aged lady took a moment to think before she nodded, "Okay, deal."

"Good. Give me ten scrolls. I'll inscribe the spell onto them." Max said.

After the middle-aged lady gave him the scrolls, Max took a little more than half an hour before he was done with them and handed them over to her.

She gave each of them a thorough read and stored them away, "Dear customer, for the ten copies, we owe you 35 million low-grade Mana stones. Would you please wait here for a moment so I can bring your sum to you?"

"Okay. However, can you pay me with mid-grade Mana stones instead of low-grade ones?" Max asked.

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"This..." The middle-aged lady hesitated for a moment and said, "I don't have the authority to make this decision. However, I'll try what I can do."

"Thanks." Max nodded and sent her away with his gaze. However, he knew they wouldn't pay all in mid-grade Mana stones, but he would be happy even if they paid him a few thousand mid-grade ones, and if they paid more, that would be even more amazing.

After she went out, Rima asked, "Max, do you need mid-grade stones for something?" Belen and Leticia also paid attention when she asked this.

"Yeah." Max only nodded without explaining much. Rima also didn't push him for more information since he didn't want to explain.

After 20 minutes, the middle-aged lady returned with a graceful figure following her. As they entered the room, everyone present in the room had their eyes fixated on the figure behind the middle-aged woman. Max was no exception to this.

"Aunt Siana." Little Arya excitedly called out and ran toward her.

Seeing the adorable girl running toward her, Siana extended her hands and picked her in her arms. She laughed lightly and said, "Oh, isn't it my little princess?"

"Hehe, auntie, you remember me." Little Arya giggled happily.

"Of course. How can I forget you?" Siana also giggled and adorable pinched little Arya's nose and said, "However, you have grown up quite a lot since I last saw you. You are almost a lady now."

While Siana and little Arya merrily talked to each other, Max, the sole male in the room, couldn't move her gaze away from Siana's angelic face even though he could feel Rima and others' burning gazes trained on him.

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