Summoning the Holy Sword

Summoning the Holy Sword

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Summoning the Holy Sword novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Drama genres. Written by the Author Siberian Cat. 1309 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


During this chaotic era, the darkness engulfs all.
In a struggle of fire and death, despair shrouds the continent.
The line between fantasy and reality becomes blurred as a speckle of starlight penetrates the night sky.
But is it enough to reverse the downfall and fate? To regain the lost glory?

Rhode is a famed player in the game “Dragon Soul Continent”. There, he leads the strongest player guild in the game, the Starlight Guild. Just as he defeats the last BOSS, the Void Dragon, he unexpectedly awoke in a world identical to the game.

As the Summoner Swordsman returns to the continent, waves will be cast in the rivers of fate. Can he face the coming chaos and avert the destruction of the continent?

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    Mar 01, 2021

    It's not that good, but i wasnt disappointed much when i read it because i have no expectation in the first place. Yeah it's that kind of story, only read it when you feel really bored and dont know what to read. MC has op skill and op summons, massacre enemies, sad past, and he fucked his own summon because reasons lol.

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Not a good read, I don't know why chinese authors can't keep constancy on their plots. It started interesting then the story keeps progressing with lame situations.
Another thing, this story is the same as other chinese novels, they forgot the concept of timeline.
I'M ALSO BOTHERED ABOUT THE INCEST GOING ON HERE. The MC rapes captured women and turns them into his slave by making them sex addicts.
And also, this novel is full of discrimination. The author describes muslims without respect. Another thing, the author destroys statue of liberty and killed hundreds of thousands of humans on earth. This is to show how the author hates USA. By the way he uses symbolism to describe villains here but in fact pointing out specific countries. Maybe he thinks communism is good or better.

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I hated this novel, the start is very interesting but after some time, it becomes shitty, I don't know if this can be considered a spoiler, but I'll say it here.
He reincarnated in a world that he had already experienced everything that happened, but his memories are basically useless, it has almost no meaning to the history. Then there is that Anne girl, what a bothersome character, she always do reckless things without thinking just because she "wants to protect everyone and blablabla" and this something may cripple someone, but she always benefit from it, which irritates me, I just wish she could take a setback to learn to use her fucking mind.
Another thing is that he is basically an errand boy for that Lydia, he does everything she asks and that's it, just because of a shitty background history that happened on the game. All the things she can't do, she passes to him and always thinking like: "it's obvious that he's able to do this" or that "I want to see what he will do, I hope it's interesting", giving the impression that he's only a chess piece.
And then comes that Gaya girl (I think that's her name), that is passing to him a mission from the Lydia and after he did all of that on the Soraka Mountain, risking his life to fight against a super strong guy for the Lydia, she still want to test him to see if he's good enough to do the mission while he only recently reached the Master (I think it was this) Stage and she is already at the mid-stage of the Legendary Stage, I can't understand this logic.
There are so many things that I hated in this story and if you saw this, treat it as only someone venting their frustations on a story that he found insteresting but disappointed him. I really wish I could rate it with 0 stars and not one.
Sorry if I made mistakes at the grammar, english is not my native language.

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