Super Detective in the Fictional World
Chapter 1983: Bone-Breaking Ability, the Secretary-General Flips Out

Luke had learned a lot of partially available abilities. Some were not as practical as this Yo-Yo, and this had to do with restrictions on the abilities.

For example, the original version of Pheromone Control could be used on both men and women, but Luke's version could only work on women, which was a 50% discount.

The original version of Stacy's Elementary Replication copied the body, memories, and abilities at the genetic level, while Luke's version could only copy the body.

At the very least, however, the flaws of the original version weren't present, so this could be considered a 20% discount.

This time, Luke's version of the Yo-Yo ability wasn't cut down to 50% or 20%, but involved 'cut' bones — and crushed to powder, to boot.

The original Yo-Yo ability which Big Dipper had personally seen for himself was almost as fast as Pietro.

Luke's usual heart rate was around 50 beats per minute; even in battle, it wouldn't exceed 100 beats per minute.

With the original version of the Yo-Yo ability, he would have about half a second to make the first move.

What did half a second mean? It was enough time for Luke to stuff Werner into a 'body bag' and wrap him up with several bows.

With this ability to move at high speed for half a second, Luke could even knock Pietro out.

However, the reality was that Luke's version of Yo-Yo had 'mutated,' turning into an upgraded explosive ability — he could explode with ten times his physical strength in one heartbeat.

Then herein was the problem.

This explosive ability was a combination of the Fraternity's Physical Outburst and Nikki's Muscle Control, and the prerequisite for Physical Outburst was a heart rate of more than 400 beats per minute.

Luke's extraordinary physique and physical abilities allowed him to reduce the consumption rate and increase his efficiency. His heart rate could be reduced to 200 beats per minute.

In other words, Luke's version of the Yo-Yo ability could last for about 0.3 seconds.

Daddy System didn't even give him half a second to be a real man! Luke, who had just been happy about learning a superpower, immediately felt like he had missed out on a jackpot.

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However, he was only depressed for a few minutes, because this was something he had long expected.

The abilities he could learn, including the ones that he could partially learn, were basically applications and extensions of his body.

For example, with the vampire's Hibernation ability, a vampire could sleep for hundreds of years, while Luke could only sleep for a week.

Skye's Vibration could cause the ground to cave in 100 meters, while Luke could only cause the ground to shake up to a ten-meter range.

Thus, Elena was a 'one-second superwoman,' while he was a '0.3-second real man.'

Elena moved at high speeds, while he exploded at high speeds. This was completely in line with the system's learning principle.

Putting aside the reduction in time, this was actually a very suitable ability for Luke.

For example, the Level 2 clone had 12 times the strength of an ordinary person. There was no need to make special adjustments, and one casual punch could produce an impact of more than a ton.

With Yo-Yo, the Level 2 clone's output instantly increased to more than 10 tons.

If Luke recalled his clones and let all his stats return to him, his punch would have an impact of more than 30 tons.

Coupled with his mastery of physical techniques, it wouldn't be impossible for his punch to have an impact of 50 tons.

Moreover, if it were anyone else, they wouldn't dare use the ability even if it gave them 10 times the explosive power.

If an ordinary person who could punch at 100 kg could suddenly punch at 1,000 kg, what they should worry about wasn't killing someone, but about crippling themself first.

That was because their body wouldn't be able to withstand such a fierce output.

But this wasn't a problem for Luke, who already had Elementary Healing and multiple physical buffs.

After his Strength reached 80, there was still Intermediate Healing and Elementary Tempering waiting to be learned. At that time, 10 times the explosive power might become a regular move for him.

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Thinking that, Luke's mood quickly improved.

0.3 seconds was indeed a little short, but both his abilities and control would improve.

In the future, he could try to reduce the power of the output and the cooldown time – a non-stop chain of attacks would no longer be just a dream!

Wasn't that what happened thanks to the effect of his strong physique on the Fraternity's Physical Outburst?

Luke wasn't done with all the good things yet. Another important gain awaited him.

There were some abilities on the list of the mountain man's abilities which could be learned.

Gravity Control definitely wasn't something Daddy System would let Luke learn.

However, he could still learn Muscle Expansion. The prerequisites were 40 Strength, 40 Dexterity, and 10,000 credit points.

After pestering Daddy System for a long time, Luke finally chose to learn the ability.

It wasn't that he was being unreasonable – the mountain man really was a mountain of flesh that was equivalent to five Lukes.

Until Luke was clear that Muscle Expansion was a malleable ability and could be reversed, there was no way he would dare learn this figure-destroying ability!

Thankfully, Daddy System promised that he would go back to normal after using it, and that it wasn't permanent.

Right after Luke learned this ability, Selina flipped out.

She charged into the basement and dragged Luke out. "You threw so much at me, then holed up in your lab. Isn't that too much?"

Luke blinked. "Er, didn't I tell you there's no rush, and you can take it slow?"

Selina immediately exposed his hypocrisy. "If we don't hurry up and deal with the secret assets you threw at us, can we keep them?"

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Luke blinked innocently. "It's fine. Just throw some away. Your mental health is the most important thing."

Selina cracked her knuckles. "Hmm?"

Luke said, "Okay, just tell me what you want."

Selina gave him a "It's good that you understand" look. "I need an assistant who can help me deal with these miscellaneous things."

"Who?" Luke knew that this would be a troublesome request.

The miscellaneous tasks of the PDD involved deploying and planning out the Justice League's underground forces. The candidate for a managerial role had to be very trustworthy – otherwise, Selina and Skye wouldn't be the only ones at this level.

Selina said, "Miss Jenny is pretty good…"

She stared at Luke for a few seconds before she gave up. "Fine, she's more suited to being your secretary."

Hearing that, Luke got a complicated expression on his face. Why didn't Selina mention Jenny's status as a female CEO? Was it because she was the secretary-general of the Justice League?

After grumbling, Selina got down to business. "Mindy is already 18, and she's still hanging out with your brother. I think we can give her something serious to do."

"I think…" Luke smacked his lips. "For Joseph, finding a girlfriend is quite serious."

Thinking about Joseph, who liked to hole up and read files and do research like his brother, Selina was silent for a moment before she concluded, "Joseph is still a minor. He's still a kid… In any case, you have to find me at least two assistants."

Luke fell silent.

There was nothing wrong with Selina's suggestion. She did need an assistant, and Mindy was indeed the right candidate.

Young people needed time to fall in love, but it wasn't a problem for them to take a small part of the workload.

But one person wasn't enough to reduce the number of tasks to a level that Selina could tolerate.

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"How about D.A. Jennifer?" Luke proposed a name that surprised Selina.

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