Super Detective in the Fictional World
Chapter 1985: The Good and Bad of New Abilities, New Head of the New Division

After messing around with Selina for a bit, Luke collected his thoughts and started cultivating the Kunlun Chi Refining technique.

By circulating his chi, he could clearly sense the minute changes in his body.

After cultivating for almost half an hour, Luke stopped and stood with his eyes closed for a moment before he heaved a long sigh.

Selina had already finished her cake and was now drinking hot chocolate to quench her thirst. "How do you feel?"

Luke nodded. "The increase in explosive power is alright."

Then, he shook his head. "But it's hard to control it smoothly."

Selina's eyes lit up. "Then you have to transform and train more."

Luke chuckled and didn't expose her true motive. He tried to cancel the Muscle Expansion ability with a thought.

But his chest muscles, which were even more developed than Selina's, moved, and then… nothing happened.

Luke was baffled.

After a few more tries, he had to abandon the idea of immediately removing this transformation.

That was because going back to normal too quickly would cause serious damage, so his body instinctively resisted this operation; that was why trying to cancel the transformation hadn't worked.

Luke immediately understood. Daddy System said that this ability could be activated automatically and that it wasn't permanent, but it didn't say that it could be canceled automatically.

Looking at the current situation, as long as he wasn't active, his swollen muscles would slowly return to normal in half an hour.

This was a self-protection mechanism for the body, and wasn't a side effect.

After hearing his explanation, Selina immediately chuckled and took out her phone. She aimed it at the muscular man in front of her and took 360-degree shots.

As she took photos, she didn't forget to shout, "Come, do a twirl and give me a side profile of that face which you make a living with!"

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Luke glared at her.

She nodded quickly. "That's right, that's it. Keep it up, don't give me a gross expression."

Luke rolled his eyes and ignored her. He walked to the side and had a look at the data that he had taken.

It wasn't that he was afraid of Selina – he had just given her a lot of work, and he would have to pay for it sooner or later.

As long as Director Selina didn't go on strike, he would endure it.

In subsequent tests, Luke no longer used Muscle Expansion with his main body.

That first time, he had only used it at the lowest level, and he had directly gotten bulkier, like a cheetah turning into a leopard.

Anyone with normal eyesight would be able to see the difference.

Although some people had always suspected that he might have a superpower, they generally speculated that it was related to shooting.

If he suddenly had a physical ability, there would be even more people watching him.

Luke didn't want that to happen.

He should be an ordinary and weak detective. At most, he would rely on his marksmanship to make a living.

There was no way he would do anything like demolish a house with his bare hands and flip over a car on the streets.

After that, the Level 2 clone carried out a comprehensive examination on its own. This way, a certain female director didn't get a chance to 'lick ice cream.'

If she saw the full extent of Muscle Expansion, however, she probably wouldn't feel like she was licking ice cream, but more like eating… raw pork.

It was completely different from the 'beautiful muscle lines' in Selina's heart.

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She liked 'art films,' not 'thrillers.'

Thanks to the help of and coordination with Luke's other physical abilities, he didn't look as ugly as the mountain man.

Strength was temporary – if he was photographed one time with an ugly appearance, it would be remembered forever.

Wasn't Tony, who pursued a dashing appearance, also fearful of the photos that Knight had taken of him doing the 'split'?

It was because of this that the tycoon's psychological advantage in front of Knight had dropped by at least 21.3%.

Luke didn't want to give the tycoon a chance to settle the score.

If the guy could settle the score, he would get cocky, and when he got cocky, something would happen.

Knight also needed the Muscle Expansion ability as his trump card. It could be integrated into his explosive, control, durable, and recovery abilities in his system of superpowers.

It wouldn't be to the point of his muscles turning into armor, but his expanded muscles would enable him to handle the side effects of ten times the explosive power.

A punch with ten times the power wouldn't break his bones. At most, some of his muscles would burst.

Bone fractures had a bigger impact in a battle, and recovery was slower.

Elementary Self-Healing and Light of Life could heal his muscles in seconds.

Thinking that, Luke couldn't help but rub his chin and mutter to himself, "There seems to be something wrong with my luck recently. Why am I leaning more and more toward becoming a meat shield? I was clearly an expert marksman before."

That being said, he didn't dwell on it.

He had always adhered to the 'safety first' rule. As a super meat shield, he would definitely be the king who could live to the end.

When it came down to it, in this cold and cruel society, whoever was left was king!

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Jennifer's switch in jobs had pretty much gone smoothly.

'Pretty much' because it took a month to settle things.

Dustin was an old acquaintance, and Luke didn't want to use his abilities on him, so they just met in private.

Jennifer was a tough and determined woman, but in the end, she couldn't resist her husband's pillow talk.

In mid-November, she officially joined the PDD as the head of the Crime Investigation Division.

This was a new department specially set up for Jennifer.

More importantly, for Director Selina, it was a department for her to offload a lot of troublesome things.

Criminal investigations carried out by the PDD had to be meticulous and accurate.

This meticulousness didn't have to address all aspects, but it had to verify that a crime had indeed been committed and the real culprit behind it.

After being a detective for so many years, Selina was no stranger to investigating cases, but she didn't have the patience to investigate a dozen at the same time.

Jennifer, the new head, was different. She was a deputy district attorney at the New York D.A. office.

If it wasn't for the complication of her turning green in the last two years, she might have become the chief prosecutor.

The chief prosecutor's main task was similar to that of the head of the PDD's Crime Investigation Division, which was to direct others to look for and analyze leads and evidence.

In terms of personality and capability, Jennifer was indeed suited for this job.

In fact, she adapted to her new job faster than Luke expected.

As for whether or not her behavior had anything to do with Dustin using Life 1, Luke didn't know.

He just knew that during those few days, Dustin, who always got to HQ early, was late.

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Perhaps he could give the boss a 'PDD Medal of Honor and Valor' in the future? Otherwise, Luke would be looking down too much on the boss's valiance during this time.

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