Super Detective in the Fictional World
Chapter 2005: The Glove Appears, The Second One

However, Ebony Maw was indeed too troublesome. His telekinesis was flexible, and could use all the debris on the battlefield as a weapon.

Tony and Thor couldn't break through his defenses, and he either flung people away or created obstacles to disrupt everyone attacking Thanos.

If they could kill him, the pressure on the Avengers would be much less.

Luke didn't beat around the bush and simply told Wanda his plan.

Wanda nodded almost immediately.

This plan was very simple and unlikely to contain any traps.

She took advantage of this interlude to confirm that the voice in her ear indeed belonged to the person who had called Thanos a lunatic.

For a super witch, she couldn't be mistaken – it was just that she hadn't remembered who Knight was.

After confirming who Luke was, she immediately recalled how he had stood with Tony and the other two to face Thanos's army together.

As they were talking, Luke suddenly heard Clint's urgent warning over the comms. "A four-armed monster has the Infinity Glove and is on the approach from the right."

Almost everybody looked in that direction.

Luke jumped lightly onto a flier that had crashed. He looked around and soon found the four-armed monster.

After all, the four-armed monsters were too eye-catching.

Without any hesitation, he raised his guns and fired plasma beams. The four-armed monster that was running immediately collapsed.

After the four-armed monster carrying the Infinity Glove was blown up, the other four-armed monsters that lunged forward were also killed on the spot.

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The six Stones embedded in the glove glowed where it lay on the ground, attracting everyone who was nearby.

They absolutely couldn't let Thanos get close to this thing.

As long as he got it, Thanos, that lunatic, wouldn't hesitate to snap his fingers again.

What was even more troublesome was that Dr. Banner had already proven that most people would die if they wore the glove; they weren't even qualified to snap their fingers.

It had to be pointed out that Dr. Banner in his Hulk form not only had the strongest physique among the Avengers, but also had extremely overpowered resilience — although he usually didn't need it.

But after that snap, Dr. Banner's right arm showed no signs of recovering, as if it was completely dead.

And even if someone else wore that glove and snapped their fingers, what if their thoughts weren't right?

Some people might subconsciously want to change the past, which would definitely lead to massive confusion.

Thus, how to handle the Infinity Glove was a big problem.

Luke fired wildly. After ensuring that no one had the glove, he immediately charged in that direction.

The Avengers had concerns, but Luke didn't.

Although the system didn't allow him to put the Infinity Stones in his inventory, it didn't warn that he couldn't use them.

Even if the system gave him a belated warning after he obtained them, he would still have the upper hand.

Besides, didn't Dr. Banner still have one arm? If he had to snap his fingers again in an emergency, he would have two vibranium arms at most in the future.

In any case, Bucky had already proven that a vibranium arm was worthwhile.

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Luke had only run 100 meters, when another problem appeared.

Ebony Maw, this annoying Squidward, appeared again. At a distance of 100 meters, he used his telekinesis to manipulate the gravel and soil, which turned into an 'earth dragon' to send the Infinity Glove to Thanos.

Fortunately, Ebony Maw couldn't telekinetically move the Infinity Glove itself since it was brimming with the power of the Stones.

At this critical moment, the Wakandan King T'Challa suddenly charged out from the side and jumped onto the 'earth dragon' to grab the glove.

Ebony Maw was furious. He exerted strength with both hands, wanting to use the 'earth dragon' to squeeze this troublemaker to death.

Unfortunately for Ebony Maw, this sort of ordinary physical attack was the last thing that T'Challa's vibranium suit was afraid of.

He couldn't immediately break free from the 'earth dragon,' but it was impossible for him to be injured.

At that moment, Luke had already run forward 400 meters. He glanced at Wanda, and saw that she was about to charge over. He hurriedly sent a voice transmission. "Now. Send Ebony Maw flying to your five o'clock."

Stumped for a moment, Wanda immediately sped up and stretched out her hands toward Ebony Maw.

Focused on the Infinity Glove and T'Challa, Ebony Maw was caught off guard; he was enveloped in a huge ball of red chaos energy and sent flying at an angle.

Alarmed, he immediately used telekinesis to stabilize himself, but he realized with a shock that his telekinesis was useless against the chaos energy which he was wrapped up in.

At the same time, Luke took out a black grenade from his inventory and threw it at Ebony Maw.

The grenade glowed red and cut a hazy red line in the air.

Wanda threw Ebony Maw at the red grenade.

Calculating in his heart, Luke suddenly said, "Release."

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Wanda subconsciously released the chaos energy that was suppressing Ebony Maw.

In the air, Ebony Maw felt his vision go dark. The expanse of scarlet energy disappeared, and only a faint red light remained.

Before he could react, that hazy red light almost exploded in his face.

The shock wave from the explosion receded as quickly as it had surged out, creating a distortion in the air which quickly expanded.

The fine dust and debris around Ebony Maw rose and were sucked into the expanding distortion.

Ebony Maw was surprised at first, then despaired. He let out a short scream. "No~"

He plunged into the distortion, which quickly shrunk into a white dot of light that flickered and then disappeared.

System: Kill Ebony Maw. Mission accomplished…

That was the second one. Luke made a second note in his heart as he slipped back into the battle.

Picking up the vibranium spear of a fallen Wakanda warrior, he killed two four-armed monsters who attacked him. The spear felt much sharper than his collapsible staff.

Thinking quickly, he picked up vibranium weapons as he advanced and hurled them, killing many giant beasts nearby.

On the other side, after Wanda pulled Ebony Maw away, four-armed monsters swarmed over T'Challa before he could run.

He had just used an energy blast from the suit to send a bunch of them flying, but before he could jump up, more four-armed monsters fell on him like dumplings.

"WTF…" T'Challa cursed helplessly before he was swarmed again.

The little spider swung over in time and grabbed the Infinity Glove with one hand. He didn't forget to shout over the comms, "Mr. Stark, I've got the glove. I'm headed to the back. Where should I take it?"

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Tony, who was trying his best to hold Thanos back, roared, "The further, the better."

The little spider quickly replied, "No prob… Ah~~"

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