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Chapter 1294: The Emergence of a Powerful Weapon, the Fiend Tears!


Yang Ji flipped a hand over, and as if by magic, that Shadow Fox by the name of Baby returned.

The white fox, who was clearly intelligent, still felt resentful over Xia Fei for telling on him, and he shot a glare at him.

Furball felt unhappy about this and immediately growled in return. After spending so long with Xia Fei, Furball had developed a habit of avenging every wrong. No matter who it was, as long as they disrespected his master, Furball would have the impulse to kill them.

Xia Fei hastily pushed Furball back and said, "My apologies. This little guy is somewhat unruly."

Yang Ji was very understanding. "It's normal. Exotic beasts aren't just loyal to their masters but will also take up the personalities of their masters. Plus, Shatterstar and Shadow Foxes are both Tier 2 powerful creatures, so it's very normal for them to compete against each other."

Xia Fei asked curiously, "Only Tier 2? Then what's on Tier 1?"

Yang Ji grimaced in fear, and he began to count with his fingers. "Tier 1 naturally consists of those ancient wicked beasts, those that stand at the very top of the food chain. Forget about it. Talking about them is actually very inauspicious."

Xia Fei nodded. It was easy to guess that Yang Ji was referring to the three great wicked beasts of ancient times, Stellar Dawn, Stellar Chrysalis, and the Ancient Megadragon!

In terms of combat power, the Ancient Megadragon had once forced the elders of the various great sapient clans to use suicidal methods just to hold off its attacks. Putting aside the fact that all the experts of the known universe had died in that battle, the survivors had to divide it into nine regions, which surrounded the Megadragon Clan, preventing it from invading a second time. This was a clear indicator of how much the sapient lifeforms feared these mythological creatures.

They were the only existences that could stand shoulder to shoulder with gods!

"Then what about Yggdragon?" Xia Fei asked. "How is there combat power?"

Yang Ji hastily raised his hands. "Yggdragon aren't dragons! While they have 'dragon' in their name, they have nothing to do with real dragons, and they aren't savage at all! It's just like how your Holy Beast Shatterstar shouldn't be put alongside other beasts."

"Does Furball have other friends besides you?" Yang Ji asked.

Xia Fei shook his head. Furball truly did not have any friends. He was black-hearted and ruthless, proud, and aloof. If Xia Fei was not around to control him, this guy would probably go to war against the entire universe! He simply did not know the meaning of fear.

Yang Ji pursed his lips. "That's exactly it. Holy Beasts can't be categorized with the common beasts and are more like wandering warriors! Yggdragon are somewhat similar. Holy Beasts represent the most special personalities among beasts, while Yggdragon represent the highest form of intelligence. They're like the cultivators of sapient races."

Xia Fei frowned and said, "I was just asking; why're you so tense about it?"

Yang Ji had an embarrassed look on his face as he whispered, "You don't understand many things, so I naturally have to explain, or else you'll believe that Yggdragons are as wicked and savage as Dragons."

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Xia Fei found Yang Ji to be very bizarre. He grew frantic whenever Yggdragon were brought up, as if people would have some misunderstanding about them.

"Purely in terms of combat power, Yggdragon are very formidable. Otherwise, they wouldn't be known for being second only to Dragons. Still, Yggdragon normally don't fight with other people, and that's because they're closer to intelligent beings like humans and Bluebloods," Yang Ji explained.

Yang Ji brought Baby closer to Xia Fei as he spoke. The white fox sniffed at Xia Fei, and then his face relaxed as if he had gotten intoxicated.

After whispering something into Yang Ji's ear, the Shadow Fox disappeared.

"It really is! You really do have some great connection to my clan's lost friends!" Yang Ji was as excited as a small child.

Xia Fei was startled, asking, "Why do you say that? Who exactly were your clan's friends?"

Yang Ji replied, "Our friends are our friends! I've never met anyone from that clan before, nor has Baby, but as the Shadow Foxes have a blood inheritance, he's able to understand a bit of what had happened back then through it.

"Baby said that you have a lot of things left behind by our friends on you, and you yourself have the odor of our friends."

Xia Fei was rendered somewhat speechless. What equipment did he have the most? Naturally, the legacies of the Fiend Clan!

Setting aside the Fiend Scar, Fiend Tears, and Fiend Lock, he had the mystical plate armor of the Sky Devils. When he put two and two together, it appeared that Yang Ji's clan was really friends with the Fiend Clan!

He recalled Yang Ji's previous words. Something had happened to their friends' and his clans. Clearly, the Yang Clan had been dragged down by the Fiend Clan's betrayal, causing them to go into hiding. It was only because Yang Ji had disobeyed his parents and run away from home that Xia Fei had gotten a chance to know him.

"Oh, the Fiend Clan! I truly do have some connection to it. I was actually supposed to join the Devil Shadow Dragoons, but judging from the current situation, it'll be very difficult for me to become an Devil Shadow Dragoon," Xia Fei muttered.

Xia Fei now knew that the Devil Shadow Dragoons had betrayed the Annihilators en masse, and this was their second time betraying the Annihilators. Although Xia Fei was not involved, as an Devil Shadow Dragoon neophyte, Xia Fei could not consider himself uninvolved. He was unsure what awaited him, so there was a heavy tone of self-derision in his voice.

Yang Ji did not understand what Xia Fei was saying. Smiling, he said, "Friends are friends! It has nothing to do with species! My parents miss those friends terribly, so you should come and be a guest at our home. They'll definitely be overjoyed."

"If I have the chance, I'll pay a visit," Xia Fei replied casually.

Yang Ji did not have much social experience, so he treated it as the truth and began to count the days with his fingers.

Xia Fei said, "I'm talking about the future. I still have something very important to take care of."

Yang Ji nodded. "In the future, so how about next month? Oh? Next month is my father's birthday! You can come on his birthday and give him a wonderful surprise! I'm a genius!"

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Xia Fei was speechless. The future was next month? By whose rules?

Without taking any opinions, Yang Ji decided on the day Xia Fei would visit his home. It would be on his father's birthday, which was next month.

After some thought, Xia Fei asked, "Is your clan very familiar with the Fiend Clan?

Yang Ji nodded. "Yes. They are very, very good friends."

Xia Fei said, "If you can help me with something, I may be able to free up some time to visit your home and pay respect to your parents."

Xia Fei stroked his spatial ring and took out the Fiend Tears. "This is a weapon passed down from the Fiend Clan, but I've never been able to find out how to use it. Your clan is very familiar with the Fiends, so perhaps you've seen it before."

Yang Ji took the Fiend Tears and inspected it. He smiled and said, "While I've never seen it before, my father has a similar piece of equipment. If my guess is right, the method to use it should be similar."

Surprised, Xia Fei perked up his ears.

"Take out a weapon," Yang Ji said.

Xia Fei took out the White Dragon's Screech from the spatial ring, but to his surprise, Yang Ji scowled upon seeing the sword, his nose twitching and a look of great sorrow on his face.

"This one is no good. Hurry up and put it away. That sword was made from the bones of a Yggdragon, and Yggdragons died with immense sorrow. That's why it lets out a mournful screech whenever you take it out, making others uncomfortable." Yang Ji looked away as he explained this.

With no other choice, Xia Fei put the White Dragon's Screech away and took out the Fiend Chains. Yang Ji seemed to be extremely sensitive. He was even able to sense the sorrow a Yggdragon had experienced before death.

Yang Ji seemed to have lost interest after seeing the White Dragon's Screech. He pointed at the Fiend Tears and said, "This weapon has no offensive properties on its own. It's called a Compound Mystical Armament. In other words, it can only be used when fused with another weapon."

Xia Fei did as Yang Ji said and applied his spirit energy to Fiend Lock and Fiend Tears at the same time.

A miracle occurred!

These were two unrelated weapons, but when the same energy was applied to them, the Fiend Tears gained magnetic properties, tightly attaching to the Fiend Chain and refusing to be parted with it!

"It's really as I thought. The Fiend Clan had many masters with unconventional ideas, and the Fiend Tears was a manifestation of their imagination. If you want these mystical armaments to be even more tightly bound, you must insert more energy.

"Relax. This energy won't go to waste. First, the energy will more tightly bind the two mystical armaments, making it so that they won't separate from intense impacts. This is similar to the principle of magnetism. The stronger the magnetic force, the more force that will be needed to separate them.

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"Second, the more energy you insert into the Fiend Tears, the greater the amount of combat power added. In short, this weapon tests the user's energy reserves. If you want a lot of combat power, you must put in a lot of energy, and it will put the destructive power and lethality of this energy on full display," Yang Ji said indifferently. His experience with the White Dragon's Screech had seemingly completely drained him of energy.

Xia Fei nodded. He liked this sort of direct method. There was no trick. The Fiend Tears would express as much combat power as the energy he gave it.

Energy was the source of everything, and Xia Fei had plenty of it! He currently had an unprecedented 220,000 units of spirit energy in his seventh brain region!

Xia Fei crazily poured spirit energy into the Fiend Tears at once.


The tear-shaped jewel let out a dazzling light! Yang Ji's jaw dropped in shock

After pouring in the energy, Xia Fei swung the weapon!

The power of the Fiend Tears had caused a stunning change in the Fiend Lock!

The flexible blade, which was thinner than a hair strand, became a ray of light! It was as if Xia Fei were not wielding a weapon but a flexible laser, instead!

Energy wrapped around the Fiend Lock through Fiend Tears, crazily traveling through it. As the Fiend Lock danced, it let out a shrill whistle! It was like a super electric saw! A bolt of thunder that sought to tear apart the universe!


An unbelievable sight took place!

As Xia Fei casually waved the Fiend Lock, the space that Yang Ji had constructed was instantly sliced in two!

The Fiend Lock sliced through it like a coconut, revealing the white pulp within.

Above them was the darkness of space, those white clouds, white bridge, and white river all destroyed!

"That's too dangerous! Just how much energy did you put into the Fiend Tears?!" Yang Ji jumped in fright, fear on his face.

Xia Fei awkwardly raised a finger.

"One thousand units?!" Yang Ji's eyes bulged. "What did you put that much energy in for? You wanna dismantle the universe?"

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Shocked, Xia Fei whispered, "Uh… It's not one thousand; it's ten thousand."

Super Gene Optimization Fluid Chapter 1294: The Emergence of a Powerful Weapon, the Fiend Tears!
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