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Chapter 1307: Dissolution of the Blood Contract!

The Eighth Universe, the back garden of the palace in Yggdragon's territory.

Xia Fei and Furball were in a precarious situation. The abundance of energy from the Lasting Draconid Essences were beyond what Xia Fei could bear, and he had no choice but to borrow Furball's strength. Alas, Furball had become very frenzied after absorbing Dragon Qi, and his two eyes were now bloodshot!

In the Spirit Realm, Xia Fei and Furball's souls were intricately linked, but at this moment, the Holy Beast was actually behaving abnormally, not allowing his master to get near him.

"Furball, are you alright?" Xia Fei asked telepathically, very concerned. Xia Fei got even more worried after seeing how frenzied Furball had become.


Furball's answer to Xia Fei's inquiry was a rage-filled bellow!

Xia Fei was stunned!

Ever since he first tamed Furball, this was the first time Furball had thrown a tantrum at him!

In the past, whenever Xia Fei abused Furball, the creature would at most duck to one side and ignore him.

What had actually happened today? Furball was actually acting distant with Xia Fei!

The conversion and accumulation of the Dragon Qi was almost over, but the tension between the owner and his pet had reached new heights!


The final sliver of Dragon Qi entered Xia Fei's seventh brain region, and all was quiet in this mysterious space in the Spirit Realm.

Though Xia Fei and Furball were only a few meters apart, it was no different from being an entire galaxy away; right now, Xia Fei could completely not recognize the Furball in front of him.

Furball momentarily looked into the distance, then flicked his eyes to Xia Fei. It was almost as if he were hesitating. His habit had always been to leap into Xia Fei's arms and fawn over him by acting all cute.

Alas, this was not the case anymore; Furball had turned big and powerful!

When the Holy Beast devoured the Draconic Power, it was unavoidable for there to be a temperamental change after. What were the Draconids? They were, of course, the apex existences that stood atop the food chain! Arrogant and aloof, unparalleled!

Furball also had a prideful heart, and it was only because the stars had aligned that Xia Fei had managed to get him to enter a blood contract with him. Right now, it was even more impossible for a Draconid to accept a contract, which would have him showing subserviency toward a human!

The more Draconic Power Furball absorbed, the more arrogant and tyrannical his desire to make the world surrender to his might became.

However, old habits die hard; Furball, who had become used to Xia Fei's companionship after all these years, was somewhat unwilling to leave just like that.

The situation right now was that of Furball struggling against the chaos inside him!

It was as though there were two voices inside his head; one was from the great transformation he had undergone due to the Draconic influence, hoping Furball would leave Xia Fei and become a dignified and imposing tyrant in the universe! The other was Furball's: He was fond of Xia Fei and even Avril. He liked Little Goldie and the Skywing wolfpack, so he felt reluctant to leave.

These two completely different powers were troubling Furball greatly, and he had no idea what he should do.

In the Spirit Realm, Furball would let out uneasy cries from time to time, his voice evidently pained.

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Xia Fei saw all these, and he could not bear to see Furball suffering more.

All of a sudden, completely unexpected. Xia Fei said something groundbreaking!

The corner of his lips curled. Xia Fei broke out that genial smile and said softly, "You may leave."


Furball was startled. His two small eyes stared blankly at Xia Fei. He could not believe that the latter had actually made the first move to release him!

With a pause, Xia Fei sighed. "Having been with me for so many years, showing such fierce loyalty, you've never owed me anything. Instead, it is I who owe you.

"When we first entered the Law Realm, and I found myself surrounded from all sides, you sacrificed your life and used the Singular Shatterstar Strike. Ever since that day, I've already decided that if there ever comes a day when you wish to leave, I won't stop you but will instead support you wholeheartedly, for you're the best friend I've ever had in my life!

"Everyone has the right to pursue their freedom and desire. I quite easily get into trouble, so there's no reason for me to let you deal with all such random nonsense. You deserve to have your freedom and your life back."

Xia Fei swallowed his saliva. His eyes had become moist as his voice quivered. "Go. Come back and see me sometime if you miss me. Also, Avril's snacks are really quite disgusting, and I've had trouble telling her off. Every time Avril forced you to taste what she made, I could only bite the bullet and swallow, just like you did."

The atmosphere was bittersweet and silent, and the only sounds that could be heard were just the owner and pet's heartbeats.

Xia Fei was Xia Fei, alright. He treated his enemies with viciousness, while he showed incomparable tenderness and concern for his loved ones.

When Furball wanted to leave, not only did he not stop him, Xia Fei even encouraged him to go about his life!

In Xia Fei's mind, Furball had never been just some personal Holy Beast but rather a friend, who had been with him through countless hardships! He was a close confidant!

Furball's two beady eyes trembled, as his entire body shuddered vigorously.

Clearly, he was getting even more emotional than Xia Fei!

Holy Beasts had no friends their entire lives, and they did not have anyone of the same kind, but Furball felt that he was different from the other Holy Beasts, as if he had something more.


He saw Xia Fei make a swipe with his palm in the air, pulling out a complex string of rope-like things, which were tightly bound together.

This was Xia Fei and Furball's blood contract!


Without any hesitation, Xia Fei pressed one palm on it, and that complicated knotted rope was completely disintegrated!

Xia Fei and Furball's blood contract had been dissolved!


Yggdragon King's White Grand Palace.

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Yangguang, Yangji, Hangxiao, and that mysterious stranger were all staring at Xia Fei and Furball. Seconds passed, yet neither of the two moved at all.

"How are they?" Yangji asked, curious.

That mysterious middle-aged man heaved a long sigh and answered, "I already told you: Xia Fei's strength, along with Furball's, can surely turn danger into safety. The only real danger now lies with the Holy Beast Shatterstar!"


"There's no way to predict just what will happen when a Holy Beast absorbs Dragon Qi. There's a very high possibility that Furball will choose to leave Xia Fei, and if he rejects this, the two will engage in an intense battle inside the space, with Xia Fei possibly having to slay Furball."

Yangji was shocked as he exclaimed, "It's that serious?!"

The middle-aged man laughed mirthlessly. "That's not the worst outcome, either. The worst-case scenario will be Xia Fei dying to the Holy Beast Shatterstar's soul attack!"

The three Yggdragons sucked in breaths of cold air. It would be really tragic if Xia Fei died at the hands of the exclusive exotic beast, which he had reared all these years.

Unfortunately, none of them understood Xia Fei, and they were even more clueless as to the fact that he had not only allowed Furball to leave, he had even encouraged the latter to do so! He was the one who tore the blood contract between them!

There was a series of sighs, which echoed in that palace. This was especially true for Yangji; he was the one who gave Xia Fei those Lasting Draconid Essences, yet it had actually caused such a disastrous outcome. Yangji felt very uneasy deep down, and his mother, Hanxiao, did her best to console him.

All of a sudden—

Yangji raised his head, stared outside the palace and hissed, "What is it with today? To think another would dare to enter our lands! Just what's going on here?"

Just as his voice died down, a shrill whistle came from outside, which pierced through the clouds and echoed in the grand palace.

Instantly, everyone inside arched their eyebrows, with the Old Dragon King Yangguang showing a startled expression. "It's THEM!"


Yangguang immediately rushed out of the palace. He did not reveal his true form and was, instead, glaring straight into the eyes of four individuals, above the clouds.

These four were wearing masks, which effectively concealed their true visages, completely disguising themselves from top to bottom. All that could be seen were their eyes, and those gazes held unreadable glints.

"You people aren't welcome here!" Yangguang growled while still glaring fiercely.

These four people thought nothing of his statement, alas, and one of them even quipped back, "Actually, none of us wants to be here at all, but we can't find the metal tome that our master left behind, which is why we came over to ask the esteemed Yggdragon king if he's seen what our master left behind."


Yangguang snorted and pointed at the one speaking. "Are you Gale Sky Devil's spirit familiar? If I recall correctly, you're called Gale."

"That's right." That person nodded.

Yangguang swept his gaze across the four present and said, "How rare for the legendary Wing, Gale, Sea, and Calamity to all be present in my Eighth Universe."

Just as he said this, a woman's voice could be heard from behind Yangguang, "Since they are guests, why don't we invite them into our quarters to have seats?"

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Yangguang snorted coldly. "I do wish to do that, but I'm afraid they won't dare to join me!"

From the distance, it could be seen that Hanxiao and Yangji had also exited the palace. The four actually displayed very good behavior when they saw the two, even bowing to them. "Lady Hanxiao. His Royal Highness the Little Prince."

That mysterious stranger, who had exited the palace right after the rest, stood with Yangguang's group, though he remained silent.

"Oh, even the man from God's Eden is here! What a coincidence we're having today, to be able to meet so many old friends."

"The person of God's Eden has the last name Chu, so I believe that you're a descendant of the Chu family."

"There's this very lively individual from the Annihilation Universe, and he goes by the name of Chu Jingfeng. The way he did things was also very similar to the Elder Chu Xiaotian, keeping a low profile to hide his prolificacy, specializing in the research of strange things."

The four mysterious individuals had started a discussion, but that middle-aged man merely puffed out his chest and remarked in a serious tone, "You're all correct; I am someone from the Chu family of God's Eden. Chu Xiaotian is my grandfather."

Chu Jingfeng!

To think that this middle-aged man was actually the one who had compiled the Thousand Soul Rankings, the most powerful jack of all trades expert in the Annihilation, Chu Jingfeng!

He was also a God's Eden descendant?!

"Do you know who we are?"

Chu Jingfeng smiled slightly. "Before the Four Great Sky Devils departed, they left four treasures with the Fiends: the Broken Wing Sky Devil Paletooth's armor, Flying Eagleplume, a secret manual, which the Gale Sky Devil Medicinal Cauldron Prince recorded in a metal tome, and a pair of short swords called the Paired Comet, which twins Bitter Sea Sky Devil Forgotten Vale and Calamity Sky Devil Forgotten Trouble have left behind.

"Everyone alive knows about this, but what the commoners don't know is that, aside from those treasures, the Sky Devils also left behind four people, and they're of course you four, the Wing Gale Sea Calamity, spirit familiars of the Four Great Sky Devils!"

*Clap clap clap*

The Wing Gale Sea Calamity gave a round of applause.

"You truly live up to your reputation as someone from God's Eden, knowing all sorts of random knowledge. Indeed, we are Wing Gale Sea Calamity, each taking a word from the Lord Sky Devils."

Today, we're here for one thing and one thing only. We seek the legacy metal tome, which the Lord Medicinal Cauldron left behind. The Yggdragons have extremely close ties with the four Lords, so we wonder if the tome was left here?"

The soul pets of the Four Great Sky Devils—Wing, Gale, Sea, and Calamity—spoke as though they were one, each taking turns to say something about their purpose.

Yggdragon King Yangguang wore an unfriendly expression on his face as he growled, "I will only say this once: The legacy metal tome is not with me."

Wing Gale Sea Calamity did not believe him, as they all murmured to one another, "The old dragon king couldn't be lying, could he?"

"When faced with an existence like the metal tome, saying a lie or two isn't impossible, though."

"So what if it's not impossible? This here is the territory of the Yggdragons, and there's even someone from God's Eden. We may not be able to beat them."

This situation looked very strange. The Wing Gale Sea Calamity kept discussing with one another as though there were no one else present.

This was when something unexpected occurred!

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Above the white grand palace of the Yggdragons, thick black clouds had gathered, and lightning even flickered and struck!

"A phenomenon in the sky! Is someone about to cross the Annihilator threshold?!" The four, Wind Gale Sea Calamity, were startled, all of them looking curiously in the direction of the palace.

Super Gene Optimization Fluid Chapter 1307: Dissolution of the Blood Contract!
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