Super Gene Optimization Fluid

Super Gene Optimization Fluid

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Super Gene Optimization Fluid novel is a popular light novel covering Action, and Sci-fi genres. Written by the Author 9 lightyears per second. 340 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Due to an unexpected turn of events, Xia Fei consumed a Super Gene Optimization Fluid that bore no brand, expiry date, instructions or stated its place of origin.
Our story begins here…

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  • hamski
    Jan 09, 2021

    Yo can anyone explain why people without the speed ability are as fast as the MC? It shouldn’t be that speed increases to the level of MC with cultivation, since it’s stated that you need special equipment to resist the sonic boom and moving at high speeds, yet only speed type people use it. But he fights non speed type people and for some reason they can keep up with his movements?

    • Imashelha
      Jan 30, 2021

      only thing i can think of, is that the people he fights are always a few ranks ahead of him, and when you level up your body levels up with that. so they just a have a stronger body and reaction speed.

      • hamski
        Jan 31, 2021

        I also tried to rationalize it that way but then everyone would be running around at super speed no? Plus the sonic boom equipment being only used by speed types also goes unexplained

      • PlorySara
        Feb 03, 2021

        I feel like we must share similar tastes as it appears that I see you everywhere on the novels I’m looking at or reading👌

  • Devin1044
    Nov 28, 2020

    Good novel to read it has a great story and action cool-headed mc with many interesting encounters cant wait for more 100% go for it.

  • UsernameUnavailable
    Nov 22, 2020

    Quite sad theres no romance but its good either way

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Its not bad but the author toss idea and forget about them...the guy make million by selling poem but now the poem disappeared like it never happened and its not the only instance...well what am i expecting from the author of Super Gene...that novel was all over the place too

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I will try to read this and give my reviews about this novel. Because super gene is my Nr.1 favorite. I like Han Sen cautious personality and his plot ARMOUR etc. Let's see if this is good too.

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