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Chapter 100: My turn to Attack.

Speechless, Felix inspected the smooth looking black car that had neither windows nor launchers. The entire vehicle resembled the head of a pencil, sharp, pointy, and black.

"No wonder this bastard was so fast. He didn't modify his offense at all." Felix had a bad feeling about this.

After all, to not have launchers in a car, it meant only two things; either he was a melee form fighter like Ultracraze or a mental type fighter.

And it was clear in this case that Absolute Vision was a mental type user. The worst match up Felix could hope for.

Simply because the mental type users just needed to hide in a fortified box and abuse others outside without being endangered at any point.

This signified that Felix's abilities were absolutely useless against this kind of opponent. After all, how the hell was his poison supposed to be absorbed when there was not a single opening in that car?

The worst part about all of this was the fact that Felix had to eliminate him now before his speed buff gets reduced!

Although with Felix's current speed he could totally avoid fighting him and simply rush ahead. He understood that wasn't a real viable plan.

Let's say he surpassed him, then what?

His speed buff was not infinite. At one point, his car would start slowing down until it gets returned to its natural maximum speed. At that moment, if he didn't already reach the finish line, he would easily get bypassed by Absolute Vision.

At the end of the day, who could contest in speed with that abnormal-looking car that was modified to mitigate as much wind resistance as possible?

Thus, Felix had to fight and make sure Absolute Vision fight back! He only had a small window of time, and he must use it efficiently to get rid of Absolute Vision here and now.

Before long, Felix and Absolute Vision only had 100 meters distance between them, and it kept decreasing quickly until it was merely 60 meters separating them. An optimal distance for Felix to launch his attacks.

"Let's fire two bombs to test the water." He said while creating two acid bombs.

He chose this inducement with high hopes that it manages to corrode Absolute Vision's car. He may not have windows or launchers but Felix acid inducement still could corrode alloys, just like it did to Ultracraze chain.

Without further ado, he put them in the launchers and fired them at Vision's car. He held his breath with expectations written all over his face.

Poof, Poof!

Too bad, his hopes were dashed the moment he saw Vision's car shrugging the mist off like it was nothing.

It just kept flying straight, totally ignoring his attacks, akin to his crush ignoring his greeting in public.

"This bastard is baiting me to approach even closer." Felix quickly figured out the cause of Vision's lackluster response.

It was clear that Vision's mental abilities range was quite shorter than the distance between them.

Although he knew so, Felix still didn't slow down his speed, as the moment he did, he would be left behind forever.

So, he could only obediently enter Vision's attacking radius while thinking of a new plan to get him out of this shit hole.


"Tempo Blindness." The moment Vision noticed that Felix had stepped inside his attacking range, he activated his AOE blindness ability.

A sudden wave of darkness was released from his vehicle. It kept on expanding and expanding until everything inside a 40-meter diameter was hidden behind a dark curtain. The ability was dashing and flamboyant alright. But, did it have any effect?


Absolutely nothing changed, as Felix's car just kept speeding forward unhindered.

'What a retard. So what if you blinded me? I can just activate autopilot and chill until the duration ends.' Felix thought while laughing in ridicule.

Although he couldn't see even his fingers inside the curtain of darkness, he remained unfazed. He knew that those types of large AOE abilities consumed a massive amount of energy each second they were active.

Hence, Vision would turn it off sooner or later after he notices that his attack was useless.

"It seems impossible to win this fight without breaching a hole in his car. I guess I am only left with that option." He pondered quietly in the darkness.

It appeared that the blindness did more good than bad, as Felix's thoughts were clearer and more cohesive.

"Queen call Absolute Vision please." He requested.

The Queen quickly did as instructed.

"Uhmm? Who is calling me now?" Vision wondered in confusion and asked Queen for the ID of the caller.

"Sir, its Landlord should I accept?" She asked.

"Do it what's there to worry about." He sneered.


"Hello, dear Mr. Vision. Can you please answer just one question of mine and I will leave you in peace." Felix's baffled voice resounded in the car.

"Please ask away sir Landlord." Vision gentle persona that he used in the game hall swiftly resurfaced.

"How the hell are you not dead with this trashy ability?!" Felix hastily added another taunt before the connection gets cut off. "Trust me, I had no idea how to deal with you before, but after you blinded me, I was suddenly enlightened. So I called to ask and also deliver my thanks."

"Sir Landlord, you only said this because there was no obstacle ahead of us. If we were in the canyon you wouldn't even have time to call me." Vision replied as politely as possible, trying his best to keep his nerves in check.

"Hahaha, so your ability is only useful in canyons? And you have the nerve to brag about it." Felix yawned in boredom and sent him off with one last taunt, "I feel bad for the audience who expected an epic fight between us. But it is what it is."

He then cut off the connection between them abruptly, leaving the gentle-looking Vision with an unsightly expression. He wanted to retort but the bastard left as sudden as he appeared.

"You f*cker asked for it!"

He snapped his finger deactivating his *Tempo Blindness*. Then, he gently removed the white bandage on his eyes, exposing two dark eyes without eyelids, eyelashes, and weirdly no pupils.

They just showed pitch-black darkness, resembling a moonless night.

The audience, who were laughing at Vision just a while ago, instantly gasped at his weird-looking eyes.

"Don't tell me that's a mutation from a bloodline."

"I believe that's a mutation from the epic tier 1 Deep Abyss Bat."

"One of the few good mutations of that beast, as your vision might be blinded, but you instantly obtain an echolocation ability."

"So it is a trade between vision and enhanced hearing?"

"A worthwhile trade honestly, since echolocation allows you to visualize everything in a 200-meter diameter."

"Indeed, though he quite looks ugly with those kinds of eyes. No wonder he bandaged them."

Everyone got speechless after hearing a teenage girl say this. But they couldn't help but agree with her somehow.

Fans had been always this shallow. Even Felix, if he showed them an ugly face under his hoodie, they would instantly shun him and focus on others.

No matter how one's unique abilities were, no one would want to look at your ugly face while casting them.

Just like Vision now, who activated his peak ability, thinking that he looked dashing. But in reality, the audience only gave him expressionless looks.


Felix knew that after his taunts, Vision would lose his shit and uses his best ability. But that was exactly his aim, for vision to use his peak ability and waste all of his energy or at least the majority of it while doing so.

"Come on, throw everything out."

Calm and collected, he gripped the wheel tightly with both of his hands while wearing a belt that was connected with a metallic chain. Meanwhile, the chain was linked to a hard grip that was affixed to the door of the car. He was doing nothing but bracing himself for the impact.

*Abyssal Screech!*


A sudden ear-piercing screech resonated continuously in the area. It was so loud, the wind kept vibrating each time the sound wave passed by.


All of Felix's car windows started to crack each time they got hit by the sound wave. Sadly, It just kept on coming and coming nonstop until they couldn't handle it.


Pieces of the glass were hurled everywhere like sharp daggers, scratching Felix all over. Thank god the majority of the pieces were hurled outside of the car, otherwise, the interior would have been razored.

Uncaring about his bleeding flesh wounds, Felix kept covering his ears with his hands while gritting his teeth in agony.

He felt like his eardrums were about to snap at any moment. Yet, he could do nothing to defend against it or stop it. He just kept waiting until the screeching end.

After a couple of seconds, the volume of the screech got reduced bit by bit until silence regained in the area yet again.

"Silence? I'm might have gone deaf." Nonchalant, Felix touched his bloodied ears while mouthing off those words.

Although he couldn't hear anything, not even his voice, he still smirked and licked his lips while gazing at the black car that he just surpassed by few meters.

"Now that you are out of gas, it's my turn." Felix unbelted himself and stood up above his seat. He then crawled outside of the broken frontal window and crouched on his car hood with that belt around his waist.


The wind kept assaulting him, trying to throw off, but Felix's fingers were dug deep on the car's hood, not letting him even budge.

Dumbstruck, the spectators stared at this scene with mouth agape, not daring to believe what their eyes were feeding them.

Landlord an elemental range user was also a melee fighter!

They had no idea what they were watching anymore. But just the mere sight of Felix crouching like that with a confident smirk and ears dripping blood, sent shivers of excitement in their spine over the upcoming epic fight.

Chapter 100: My turn to Attack.
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