Supremacy Games
Chapter 101: Dropping From Above.

Felix bent his legs with a hunched back and fingers spread apart, gripping the hood like his life was dependent on it. His position somewhat resembled spiderman's one in the movies.

The only difference was that Felix was applying as much force as possible on his bent knees until the hood couldn't take it anymore and deformed under his force.

He took a deep breath while squinting his eyes in focus, Then!


He jumped straight ahead of Vision's car by few meters, so he could land exactly on its roof. It was easier than it looked since Felix brought his car as close as possible. There were only 5 meters or so between them.

"He must have passed out of my ability. That should teach him a lesson." Vision said while gasping for breath like he just ran a marathon. His hands kept shaking as he tried to rebandage his eyes back.

Till now, no one knew why he even exposed his ugly eyes if he was simply going to screech from his mouth.

The spectators speechlessly watched him focusing on bandage his eyes, not paying attention to Felix, who was dropping down on him from above.


Vision's car shook and dove slightly down after Felix successfully landed on the roof. Thankfully, he landed on his stomach, making it easier for him to get a tight grip on the dark alloy.

His image might not have looked as dashing as landing on his feet, but Felix valued his life more than to mind about such useless details.

The cars were literally on the border of flying at the speed of sound. If Felix's body wasn't inhuman, he would have been slapped like a fly by the wind the moment he got out of his car.

Shocked and horrified, Vision dropped the bandage under his seat after he noticed Felix on top of his car, lying down with his feet and one hand dug deep in his alloy. But, what scared him the most was the other hand that was clutched as a fist.


Vision lowered his head in fear after seeing his most prized car defenses get easily bent into a shape of a fist from one strike.

He didn't dare imagine his fate if that punch landed on him. He quickly took control of the wheel and started driving randomly. Going left, right, horizontally, and even added some spins. Yet nothing managed to throw Felix off. His grip was too tight.

The only thing that remained constant through all of this was the sound of Felix's punches striking the roof every chance he got.

"My only solution is to drive away from his car."

Absolute Vision quickly decided to slow his car speed and change direction. He wanted to get as far as possible from Felix's car, so the chain that was around his waist get tugged and pull him away.

"That's a good strategy by Vision. But our dear Landlord already anticipated it and modified the autopilot system to keep a close distance to his body." Marlion commentated over this scene with his head shaking slightly.

He knew that Vision was f*cked without any way to retaliate.

This was the fate of every mental type fighter. Getting smashed to paste by a melee form fighter if they got close to them.

After only three strikes at the same spot, Felix finally managed to punch open a hole on the roof. His behemoth strength made the spectators wonder if he was a beast wearing human skin.

"Hello there." Felix greeted the terrified Absolute Vision with a wide grin from the hole. He then gripped the two sides of the small hole and spread it open to allow his arm to pass through.

"Please stop, I surrender!! You can win the race, I won't bother you anymore!" Vision begged for mercy after noticing Felix's arm heading towards his head.

His begging would have sounded a bit more sincere if he wasn't trying to remove his seat belt. He clearly wanted to hide under his seat.

Too bad, Felix heard jack shit as he was currently deaf. And even if he wasn't, he still would finish him off.

After all, there was no surrender in the games. The moment it started there were only three options; win, die, or survive after heavy injury.

So how could he trust his word? Felix knows for a fact that the moment he accepted Vision's surrender, he would instantly get bit in the ass by him later.

It happened too many times in the games, it became the norm.

"Don't worry I will make it quick." Felix smiled warmly while clasping Vision's head with one hand.

Vision latched into Felix's hand, trying to remove his steel-like fingers. But, his pity strength couldn't do much.

"Please don't kill me! Please!!"

He just carried on begging for mercy while wailing out loud, uncaring about his image. Unfortunately, Felix heard none of it as he tightened his grip, using all of his strength.


Absolute Vision's head immediately exploded akin to a watermelon hit by a baseball bat. Blood, flesh, eyes, and even brain juices were projected everywhere, painting the car with red color. Some pieces even landed on Felix's face. Even then, he still had that warm smile on his face.

Marlion and spectators went quiet for a second at this barbaric scene. Then, out of nowhere, the stadium rambled with booming noises. Screams, cheers, and shouts over a perfect brutal climax that they wished for.

"As expected from Landlord!! Not a hint of hesitation as he brutally pops someone's brains out!!"

Ecstatic, Marlion jumped on top of his commentary table with spits flying from his right mouth over the microphone. He pointed at the large screen and the scene of vision's head popping kept on repeating over and over again.

'Pop' 'Pop' 'Pop'….

The sound of the skull being crushed resonated each second in the stadium hyping it even further.

"He is the one! I will be the number one fan for Landlord. I will watch all of his games, and document everything he does!" A good looking boy with glasses on decided out loud while clapping his hands zealously.

"I will create his fan club. A player of this caliber must not remain unknown!" A beautiful mature woman said with adoration in her eyes.

"Invite me in!"..."Me too."..."Don't forget me!"

"I will leave my current fan club and swear eternal loyalty to Landlord." A man with a bushy orange beard swore as he took hidden peeks at the mature woman.

"Big brother you said that as well before you joined Hukami club." A cute looking girl said with an embarrassed expression while pulling his shirt.

"That was merely a passing remark. But now I mean it for real."

"But, you said that as well before." She murmured softly not wanting to humiliate her brother anymore after seeing the weird looks others were giving them.

However, soon the spectators ignored them and focused on Felix who was being pulled by the chain into the door of the car. The wind washed his face from those flesh pieces.


Felix removed the chain and jumped inside his car from the broken window; He then belted himself and took control of the wheel.

"Activate manual driving." He ordered.

Instantly, the red light inside the car turned green for a split second before turning off. Felix gripped the wheel and accelerated as fast as possible towards the red desert.

He couldn't let his guard down just because he was currently the 1st ranker. After all, they were driving in different directions after Vision tried to throw him away.

This delayed him immensely.

Not to mention his broken windows were going to reduce his speed by a large margin due to wind resistance.

Forget about keeping his speed buff, Felix was worried that his car wouldn't even be able to reach its maximum natural speed.

One should never forget that the player or the players who eliminated Artic Heart were always behind his back. Felix might have put a significant distance between them by having five times their normal speed. But now, after his fight and car's current condition, they were catching up rapidly.

After flying solo for ten minutes, Felix sighed in relief after finally spotting the crimson desert at the shore of the lava sea. However, the moment he glanced at his back mirror, he noticed 4 tiny dark dots flying near each other. They kept getting larger and larger in his vision, entailing that their speed was way faster than his!

"This going to get ugly."

Without sounding a single complaint, Felix snapped his finger, creating two white bombs. He put them in the back launchers' tubes and kept them in it for now.

His focus was entirely on two things, reaching the finish line first and blocking the f*ckers from robbing him of his hard-earned victory.

He kept glancing at his back mirror periodically to get a better feel for the distance separating them. Currently, he believed that at least 10 kilometers was between them. It might sound like a lot, but he knew that this distance could be traveled in three minutes or so.

However, the good news was that the finish line wasn't far from the lava seashore. Felix believed if this chase carried on like this, by the time they get within a hundred meters away from him, he would be either beyond the finish line or about to.

The only variable to this was the blue boxes on the track that he kept ignoring. However, Felix was quite confident that those players would ignore them as well. Simply because, the moment one of them decided to greed for a box, the others would do their best to hinder him. Thus, their thin alliance would break in a heartbeat.

After all, no one knows if the one who obtained the box gets an ability that allowed him to eliminate them, instead of sprinting towards the finish line.

They were positive that he would use it to kill them for free points instead of focusing on catching up with Felix.

So to avoid all of this, they continued ignoring the boxes, while speeding as fast as possible.

Shortly after, Felix entered the red desert and glimpsed at the finish line that was on the horizon. He looked behind him and saw his pursuers were getting closer and closer.


They got so close to him, he was able to see from the back mirror, their clear desperation, and yearning for the championship written all over their faces.

"Not today boys." Felix smirked and clicked fire!

Poof Poof!

The white bombs exploded in front of their cars, leaving a cloud of mist drifting in the air. Before they could even laugh at his idiotic attempt of blocking them, they saw two more bombs fired at them, then two more, and two more! They just kept coming and coming like they were being fired by a machine gun!

Yet that wasn't all, as Felix snapped his finger, forcing a white mist out of his pores. The aura kept expanding until his car was hidden entirely. But, what made those players flinch was the long poisonous white trail that was being left behind.

This combination of abilities forced them to give up on staying behind Felix, as their vision was totally blocked, not allowing them to even aim properly their abilities.

Poof! Poof!

Bombs with all kinds of colors were continuously hurled from inside the white cloud. All of the inducements that Felix showed so far were thrown behind his back recklessly. He didn't care one bit about his energy anymore. He saved it just for moments like those.

"F*cking hell. I can't see shit!" A bald-headed player cursed while trying to clear the white mist from his front window. He thought before that getting hit by them was useless, as they don't deal any damage. However, he regretted the moment he was touched by one.

He literally felt like he was driving a ship through a foggy sea, nothing could be seen. Not even his allies. Felix's long poisonous tail made it just worse.

"F*ck it!"

Not able to take it anymore, he pointed a finger in the air and a sudden flame ignited on his fingertip. The flame grew from a candle-like flame into a golden pointy spear. He put it a long platform to his right and clicked fire. The spear was launched from the center of the car bumper, specifically from a small hidden hole.

Phew! Bam!

The sound of the familiar collision made the baldly feeling excited. Just as he created another spear and put it on the platform, his car smashed into a thick wall made of brown clay, making his excited face get smacked into the wheel.


His nose wasn't spared by the abrupt collision, as it got deformed in a weird shape.

"YOU RUINED EVERYTHING, YOU BASTARD!!!" Beyond Livid, A brunette girl screamed with bloodshot eyes. She quickly switched her vision from the baldy, who f*cked her chances to win without realizing it, to Felix's car that was about to enter the finish line.

Only a couple hundred meters were left before he crossed it. As for her? she was the closest to his car. Well, that was before she was hit by that baldy spear.

She could have reached Felix and even surpassed him, but the f*cker spear unlucky hit her left thruster damaging it. Her speed was getting slowed gradually until the last shimmer of hope in her eyes was dashed.


Relieved, Felix pumped his fist in the air for a split second the moment he passed through the black and white strips. He was quickly followed by two other cars, then finally the sulky brunette's car.

"One game in the bag, three more to go." He smiled while massaging his tired shoulders over everything that happened during this tough race.

It truly deserved the name of ]Death Race[.

Chapter 101: Dropping From Above.
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