Supremacy Games
Chapter 1082: The Ultimate Coupon.

Felix knew that he had no use for storing his memories within his soul...It would be helpful only if he died, but he had no plans to embrace death so soon.

"Well, it might be useless for you now, but it offers other benefits." Lady Sphinx shared, "You will be having an ally when you enter the spirit realm...Lord Quetzalcoatl will merely give you a ride and ditch you there."

"That's a good point." Felix mumured in agreement.

Felix recognized that the spirit realm would be one of his greatest challenges since it was a wholly different plane. Since he earned only one ticket from Lord Quetzalcoatl, he would be going with Asna alone.

That's because Lord Quetzalcoatl could only bring wisps of consciousness with him, not entire souls. He wasn't told why exactly, but this entailed that he would be losing the support of his masters inside the spirit realm.

Having Kraken be their guide was going to be extremely helpful. It wouldn't have been possible with him creating the soul remembrance.

"I guess this limited your options to etching One Soul, Many Lives." Asna chuckled.

"That's a good thing." Felix smiled, "I was going to be having trouble giving up on it if the ultimate was much better."

Felix was immensely satisfied by such a remarkable passive. It helped him bypass all the hard work and struggle to learn it from the start like other primogenitors.

Abilities related to the souls were a hundred times much difficult than advanced elemental abilities...So, it could be considered as an ultimate too in his opinion.

Still, the thought of going to participate in his first legit empyrean game without an additional peak ability stung him a bit.


Time went by in a jiffy as the day of the game reveal drew nearer and nearer. There were merely a few minutes left before Felix finally see what kind of game was chosen and the list of players in it.

In empyrean rank, there was no such thing as spinning the wheel...The low numbers of players didn't give them the luxury to have random games picked for them anymore.

"We should stop here." Felix expressed while glancing at his bracelet.

"Oh, the information about your game will be released soon?" Selphie wondered as she paused her teaching of another greater spell.

As she mentioned, the greater spells were much harder to learn and master, making Felix take all of this time just to master a couple of them.

"Yes, I need to start preparing." Felix nodded.

"Good luck..." Selphie didn't know what else to say. She was already told that Felix had decided a game with an average rank of 300.

She knew that such a rank was filled with no one but high authoritative figures around the universe.

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They were the elite of the elite, which meant that upcoming game would be one of the hardest challenges Felix ever go through.

In addition, his runic mastery was still too garbage for such high ranked games...So, having those spells was the same as having pebbles in his pocket.

Still, Felix's didn't seem too fazed...He already built an unbreakable confidence in himself after all those victories.

In his mind, this was nothing but another game with different opponents...Nothing more, nothing less.


After Felix took a shower, he sat in his bed and opened the alliance holographic website...He went straight to the empyrean tab, and he was faced with a giant for his own game.

It had the type of the game, the details, the time, and even the players names and profiles.

Felix ignored it and went to read the version specified for the players.

Naturally, he started with the game details first...It looked like this:

// Game Platform: Individual Supremacy Games Platform

Game Format: Player Vs Environment.

Game Name: The God's Raid!

Participants Number: 10

Strength Allowed (Human Race System): Unlimited.

Items Allowed: Nano based items, symbiote-based items, potions, scrolls, and artifacts (Limited to Legendary)

Prize Pool: Obsidian Stone, Staff of Decadence (Legendary Artifact), Fleece of Hunger scroll (Legendary rank), Immunity Grail (Legendary Artifact.), Revival Coupon (Grade Ten)...

Rules of the game:

1) All the players will be teleported above a copied version of The Twilight Moon.

2) Players will be divided into five teams made out of two players each.

3) Virtual Celestials will be spawned around the moon randomly...Those Celestials will possess strength surpassing the realm of mortals. (Strength on par with top 200 players).

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4) There will be three kinds of spawned Celestials...Elemental Celestials, Mentalist Celestials, Barbarian Celestials.

4) The player to slay a Celestial will be rewarded with at least 100k points...His teammate would be getting half...Additionally, an extra point would be awarded based on the performance of the teams.

5) After all the Celestials have been slayed, a virtual god will spawn in the center of the moon. He will have five times the strength of those celestials as well as their abilities.

6) The team to slay this god will be rewarded with five million points.

7) The game will last for twelve hours.

8) The team with the most points will be proclaimed as the winner.

9) The player with the most points will be proclaimed as the MVP.

For more information, please open up your SG interface.

Good luck to all participants//

"Hmmm, what an interesting concept...It's going to be challenging to deal with three sides." Felix held his chin thoughtfully as he read the details again.

Felix knew that since the rules didn't ban teammates from sabotaging each other, then it was completely allowed.

Still, this was easily solved with a Queen contract, so it wasn't much of a problem.

"Celestials and Gods...Heh." Asna snickered in ridicule at those two names being used irresponsibly over such little games. However, she kept her thoughts to herself and watched Felix continue his analysis of the game.

"It would be awesome to secure another legendary equipment..." Felix smiled wryly, "Too bad, their price is really out of this world."

Felix had been hoarding game points from his recent victories since there wasn't anything that he really needed.

Yet, the points he collected weren't enough to even cover 10% of the price for those legendaries!

"Looks like they are there merely for display." Candace commentated.

"Yep." Felix nodded, knowing that not a single legendary artifact had been won from any platform.

They were there just to lure in players and show them the end rewards of the platform...In reality? No one was touching them.

If it was so easy to get a legendary artifact, it wouldn't have been placed as the first reward in one of the primogenitors' event games.

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"I should at least make sure to secure the revival coupon." Felix switched his tone to a serious one as he eyed a white glowing piece of paper with the letter 'R' in the middle.

This was the ultimate coupon in the SGAlliance and in all platforms...Just from its name it was easy to understand why.

"Revival coupon...The only method to get revived upon death in the games." Felix remarked calmly.

Felix had always heard of this coupon, but he had never seen it this close.

That's because it was available only in empyrean ranked games for the sake of offering another opportunity to save those elites in case of a misshape.

It was first introduced when the previous Queen of the fishermen ended up getting killed instantly by Elder Dragon, not giving her even the chance to use surrender coupon.

If it was any other player, her death wouldn't have mattered much.

Unfortunately, she was a Queen and had a massive influence on her people, which ended up making them turn the alliance upside down after her death.

To avoid such heavy affecting disasters from occurring again, the alliance decided to change the rules just a bit for the empyreans.

When they die now, they wouldn't get their consciousness extinguished by the Queen instantly. Instead, she would check if they had revival coupon in their possession...If they had it, she would utilize it to negate the death penalty.

Just like this, the universe wouldn't be impacted negatively by a single death.

To avoid those empyrean players abusing this revival system, the SGAlliance made the revival coupon to be costly as hell.

Though, it didn't have expiration date like the other coupons, which was a bonus.

"I still need to collect a lot more to buy it." Felix mumured to himself, "Should I use my wish to get a loan and secure it at the end of the game?"

Now that an option for revival was available, there was no way Felix would just skim through it...If it meant putting himself in a game points deficient, then he would gladly go for it!

No one should blame him for being this worried for his life since everything was unexpected in the empyrean games.

Speaking about the unexpected...The moment Felix scrolled below, his heart drop to the bottom of his stomach instantly.

"They can't be f*cking serious!" Felix cursed with a livid expression as he eyed his name being paired with another in the players list.

The player's name was Marquise Sebastian...Manananggal's second-strongest champion and the right-hand man of the Vampires Duchess Aline!

He would be non-other than Felix's partner in this game...

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