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Chapter 37: Handing Out The Bloodlines

The juniors felt their blood turn hot from excitement and agitation after imagining a glorious future based on Abraham's speech. So, with red faces they shouted at the top of their lungs, their goals and wishes they hoped to achieve.




The moment the last chant was heard, everyone followed after, no matter if it was a junior, parent or an elder.


The only two who didn't chant were Felix and Noah, as one faked the chant by mouthing it, while the other didn't even bother to fake it. He just stood silently within the frenzied juniors.

After a while, the youngsters regained control over their emotions and quietened down. However, their eyes were completely different from how they appeared earlier.

Before the speech, their eyes were calm and nonchalant. They knew that a new era had arrived in their generation. But they just took it for granted, uncaring about their parents or elders' hidden feelings.

But after hearing Abraham's raw emotions that represented all of the elderly in the world, they could not take their bloodline path with a laid-back attitude anymore. Due to the realization that they had something their parents wished for, but couldn't obtain.

The only thought that run amok in their minds was that, if they didn't take the awakening seriously, it was the same as spitting on the opportunity their family could only long for.

Abraham used only words, facts, and his honest emotions to show them all of that.

"Good children, I trust that you will make us all proud in the future with your achievement. But first, we need to lay down a good foundation for you to do so. And this is the job of the training camps that are happening currently in every country and family like ours around the globe." Abraham smiled warmly after seeing their focused looks and continued, "The Training camp is extremely important for your future."

He then began explaining why so; by extending three fingers each marking a stage of the training camp. He closed one finger and told them that the first stage had two months period.

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It would be used to train their body fitness, as well as building their pain tolerance.

So they wouldn't be blindsided by the pain of the awakening process at the end of the first stage, and end up dead without even realizing what happened to them.

He closed another finger and moved on to the 2nd stage.

He clarified first that it would only include those who awakened successfully. Then he carried on by mentioning the things they were going to learn in it.

Starting off by learning the correct method to increase their integration percentage after awakening. Secondly, what they should expect from the passives and actives abilities they were going to unlock after their awakening.

Finally, he closed his hand into a fist and spoke about the last and final stage, the 3rd.

It would be used to teach them how to use their abilities properly, in addition to practicing synergies as a team.

This stage would last for over 2 months as well, and in the end, there would be battles to decide on who would lead them towards the national battle.

After Abraham saw their crestfallen expressions, expecting a hellish camp, he promised them with a cunning glint, that the best performer during the camp would obtain an AP Bracelet.

"I hope the training camp explanation assisted in gaining understanding on those 6 months that you will spend together."

However, he didn't receive any response from the juniors, as their brains blocked every incoming noise after he mentioned the AP Bracelet.

The dream device of everyone in the world currently, whether old or young.

They envied Felix for getting one throughout the entire night. Some couldn't even sleep properly as they kept imagining Felix inside the UVR, living the dream.

So when they heard that there was actually a chance for them to obtain it as well. Their heartbeat couldn't help but accelerate in eagerness to begin showing their efforts to the elders.

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Abraham nodded in approval at this sight. 'Good only AP Bracelet can let them pass the upcoming hellish training camp. It is trul...'

Just as he dived deeper in his thoughts a voice awakened him and the rest from their excitement.

"Elder I already obtained AP Bracelet. So the reward at the end is really not motivating me as much. Without proper motivation, I doubt I would survive the camp. God knows I might even fail to awaken."

Felix didn't let go of this chance to sound his displeasure over not being able to obtain anything at the end of the camp.

"Boy you already got AP Bracelet, what else do you want? The bloodline beast and resources are already going to be given to you during the camp. So there is nothing much to give that has the same value as the Bracelet." Abraham rubbed his eyebrows in vexation over this issue.

"Cough, I don't want much. My only request is to own 51% shares on the entire island. I want to own it, not manage it." He smiled sincerely and added, "I don't think I am asking for much here."

Abraham sighed in relief after hearing his wish. He quickly approved of it without even consulting the elders. He knew that they won't oppose it as well, since Felix was a true heir of the family, not an outsider to consider deeply about it.

After appeasing Felix, Elder Robert decided to take things from here on, as Abraham's throat was as dry as a bone.

"Now it's time to show you the bloodlines that we bought for you."

Robert clapped his hand twice, and the servants brought 39 trays each holding a glass bottle, containing different colors of liquid.

After the servants took their position, he explained that their results in the family tradition were the criteria used to judge whether they deserve to own a rare rank bloodline or uncommon.

"Those who tried their best to revive the business they supervised will obtain a rare rank tier 1 bloodline, while those who simply spent their time enjoying the 5 years period in luxury by using the budget we provided, will obtain only uncommon rank bloodline."

Just as some juniors tried to whine about the unfair treatment, he cut them off sternly.

"You did this to yourselves, not us. If you can't even take the hardship of reviving a dead business, how could we trust in your character to integrate seriously?"

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"We are not charity here. Those Bloodlines cost us a fortune." He added with an unforgiving tone while looking at a few juniors who either lowered their heads in shame or stood in a daze after realizing that nothing will save them from using a trashy uncommon bloodline.

"I will call you one by one, and give your bloodline bottle. You can either take it with you and be responsible over it or leave it with us here until the awakening day. It depends on you."

He tapped on his bracelet and a hologram popped out, displaying a list that had juniors' names with the bloodlines they were getting next to it.

This futuristic image just further increased their eagerness of working hard to obtain the bracelet.

"Abodi Maxwell, Fire Element user. Due to your lackluster effort, you will obtain uncommon rank Red Salamander bloodline."

A servant carrying the said bloodline went to Robert and gave it to him.

Robert took it from there and transferred it to the upset junior who received it unwillingly with his head bowed.

"Jackson Maxwell, Fog Element user. Due to your excellent hard work, you will obtain rare rank Spectral Owl bloodline."

The youngster received it joyfully while bowing and thanking the elders for their grace.

This process carried on slowly, as juniors turn passed one by one. Some returned to their posts upset, while others were grinning widely like they won a jackpot.

All sorts of bloodline names were thrown in the floor, each representing an element, ranging from common elements to uncommon ones.


15 minutes later...

"Olivia Maxwell, Plant element user come forth. Due to your astonishing way of handling your business, you earned a rare rank Lilly Dundalio Bloodline."

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A delicate young lady with short wavy pistachio green hair, deep oceanic eyes, petite nose, and beneath it cute thin lips, approached Elder Robert happily.

Her entire oval visage will make anyone who looks at her scream in their mind 'so cute'. Plus with her short height not even reaching 155 cm, it made her appear like a sweet young flower no one would want to bully or displease, except for one hateful person of course.

Robert patted her head pleasantly and gave her the bloodline. Olivia received it while enjoying Robert's gentle patting. She then returned to her position smiling cutely on the way, while holding the bottle near her none existent chest.

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