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Chapter 6: The Pride of Being a Human

As Felix began to dive deeper in his dreams, a sudden ear-piercing singing voice, assaulted his subconscious.


Felix woke up scared shitless, not knowing where the voice came from.

"hehe, You really thought you were going to sleep in peace, my dear Felix? Think again, because as long as I don't get your full cooperation to split our souls apart. You are not going to sleep a wink. I will make sure of it, trust me on this one." Asna who was playing dead the entire day laughed evilly in his mind.

Felix thoroughly forgot the existence of this witch, or probably just thought if he ignored her, she might disappear.

"You old hag, you are asking for it, since you seek war then war it is. Let see who is going to tap out!" He screamed with bloodshed eyes from exhaustion.

He then started throwing curses and insults to annoy her to death, since he assumed that she could read his mind. Yet one sentence from her sent him to the depth of despair.

"My cute Felix, I can control if I want to read your thoughts or not, so your attempts to annoy me are really not going to work". She then chuckled softly and said, "you better step up your game, or else it won't be fun torturing you."

Felix knew he was dealing with a psychopath, a formidable psychopath who was sealed for 20 million years.

If he could not find a weakness to exploit, he would forever be threatened to abide by her wishes.

Soon enough, he figured out that the only thing this witch seeks was freedom. She was sealed in ruins forever, and when she was finally released, she got resealed in his body again.

Honestly, if she was not a madwoman he would feel bad for her.

Yet somehow no one wanted to acknowledge that maybe she became what she was now, only due to her being sealed for millions of years. A period Unfathomable to humans, who couldn't survive being alone for 1 year without a person near them, or social media.

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Too bad, humans were inherently born to judge a book by its cover.

Asna understood what Felix was planning to do after reading his mind. "My dear Felix, so that's your idea? Huh, I thought you could do better." She continued mockingly. "When you couldn't figure something out, you decided to threaten me using your life. So what if you commit suicide, I would still be free, don't forget I willingly merged my soul to you just so I can get erased, so I have no problem doing it again."

Felix, who still couldn't get used to having his thoughts being read, realized he was busted and replied with his chin up.

"But you forgot to mention something when you tried to control my body I willingly detonated my soul just so I won't be under your mercy. So yes I have no problem as well killing myself if I'm going to be your slave."

Asna knew he was right as this man had no issue accepting death for freedom.

"Felix, don't you think we are very much alike? You don't want your will to be controlled and I don't want my freedom to be sealed. Can't you understand where I am coming from?!! I JUST want to be free damn it, Is that too much to ask?"

"And when did I say, I want to enslave you? I said it three times already, I seek cooperation between us, you will help me free myself, and I will help you in your trashy bloodline system."

After she finished her piece, silence engulfed the room. She believed that she said enough. Now it was all on Felix.

After a while, he closed his bloodshot eyes and lay on the bed in a relaxed manner. "let me think about it first."

Just as Asna wanted to sigh in relief she heard him continue, "But first I need to see some goodwill from you. So I suggest you apologize to my butt hole for the mental pain you caused it."

Felix smirked wickedly as he wanted to embarrass her one last time to get back at what she did. Sadly, he forgot one important thing. Asna had absolutely no shame or dignity, just like him!

"I am sorry Mr. butt hole for not taking responsibility for my actions, I never planned to escape after what I did, it's just the circumstances forced me to leave you." she added with tender eyes and sweet angelic voice, "but now that I am here, I will take care of you forever, don't worry."

Dark lines immediately took form on Felix's forehead after hearing her messed up apology.

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"Fuck, just forget it, let me sleep in peace." He closed his eyes with an unpleasant expression on his face.

Asna giggled softly with a hand covering her mouth, ' boy you are too young to embarrass me.'


Next morning...

Felix woke up with dark circles under his eyes. He yawned as he walked towards the bathroom to take a shower since he was too tired last night to take one.

As he cleaned himself, he kept thinking about his conversation between him and Asna.

'Why did she call my race bloodline system shitty? Is there something wrong with it? Or her race status in the universe is quite high to look down on races like us."

Before he lingered on too deeply on the subject, Asna popped out of nowhere and replied to his questions, "when I said shitty system, I meant it literally."

She then said without shame. "I already read your memories when we first arrived here to have a better understanding of your personality and the history of your race."

She did not wait for Felix to snap at her for invading his privacy and hastily added, "After reading everything that is useful, I realized that you're so-called human race was born with absolutely no Legacy or Unique attribute. Even the Galaxy that you guys reside in is one of the billions of common galaxies that have no special energy."

She explained her point. "While other races such as the elves have; magic as their legacy, peak affinity to one element based on their subrace as their unique attribute. And finally, their galaxy has mana as its special energy."

"And that created a perfect cultivation system, or in their case can be called magical system."

She suddenly sneered in disdain. "You guys were born weak with no unique attribute that sets you apart from other races and no energy in your galaxy to assist you in your cultivation."

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"So you did what you always do, reproduce, and adapt like cockroaches. Until finally you guys managed to create a half-baked bloodline system by combining the bloodlines of beasts from your neighbor galaxy with your low affinity to the elements."

"Creating this shitty bloodline system that's full of limitations and weaknesses, since it never belonged to you."

She ended her shaming by one last arrogant scoff, "Only when the universe gives you something, you can proudly use it to its peak potential."

Felix just stood there in silence, listening to her shame his race and the efforts of his human ancestors like it was merely a joke to her.

He then replied to her while grinding his teeth, and nails penetrating his palm flesh, with a hoarse voice. "Shut your filthy mouth! You have no right to look down on us like this. Your mind can not fathom the amount of bloodshed we humans had to go through!"

He added enraged while hitting the shower glass with the side of his fist. "Our galaxy was in constant attempts of invasion by void creatures and beasts, and the only thing we had in our arsenal were our brains and wits."

"We fought them over and over again, and we kept losing and dying like flies without a single resistance. We just preserved and AS YOU SAID! We reproduced with the speed of light like cockroaches to cover our losses."

"Years passed by and we adapted slowly. We learned from them what we could and we took from them what we needed, AND OUR FINAL FRUIT WAS THIS SHITTY BLOODLINE SYSTEM THAT YOU LOOK DOWN ON!"

His voice cracked from his yelling but he did not stop himself from raging.

"We used it to repel them, but it was not enough because it was still in its creation process. So billions of humans kept dying and sacrificing themselves. Yet, we did not give up on it. We kept perfecting it and researching bloodline paths that beasts did not even have!"

"We did not plunder their system; we took it and created another one unique to only us humans! THE UNIVERSE DID NOT SHOW US OUR PATH SO WE CREATED IT SINGLE HANDEDLY!"

"You said we humans don't have a unique attribute that sets us apart from others?! You were wrong. We have the best attribute there is in the universe." He thumped his chest and said, "We do not tire, we do not falter, and we do not give up In front of adversity. We may fall billion times, but we always manage to rise stronger than before. This is the human race. This is MY race and I am proud of being part of it!"

He closed the shower tap and said calmly with pursed lips, "You, on the other hand, are part of the superior races. The universe spoon fed you everything you need, gave you everything that you desire. Yet you were still captured and sealed for millions of years by others."

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He calmed down and left the bathroom without clothes on, uncaring about the blood that was dripping from his palms. "So I ask you again."

"How dare you look down on us?" He asked with a frigid tone.

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