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Chapter 62: I am Done For

Felix opened his eyes to the sound of birds' chirps and a bright sunny day within the UVR. The day couldn't get any more beautiful.

He stretched his arms behind his back and stood up from the bench. 'It's time to buy some general techniques that I desperately need now.'

He called for a taxi and waited for a couple of seconds before it arrived and picked him up.

"To Techniques Center please." he requested, smiling.


10 minutes later...

Inside a humongous shop that had a large black signboard hanged slightly above the entrance. Felix was sitting in the lounge with a hologram in front of him, displaying the current empire-wide news.

'As expected Wally is still trending even after an entire month. That game truly changed his life for the better.'

Felix smiled while looking at Wally glorified image that had a bold title above his head: 'Rules are unchanged, but can you do the same?'

Indeed as the title of the article said. The rules were still untouched, anyone who was not afraid of the hellish pain Wally went through, could repeat his feat and win as well.

The SGA never changed the rules unless there was a loophole. But it had been ages since the last loophole surfaced. Now, the only thing left was to either win properly or find an unorthodox way like he did.

No one would stop you.

'My time will soon arrive to dominate the entire news platform. Just wait for this handsome daddy to have all his pictures planted everywhere.'

Confident, He smirked and turned off the hologram, planning to head to the counter, in order to check about his current position in the queue.

"Sir, there are still 102 customers ahead of you choosing and testing the techniques. If you are in a rush, I suggest that you pay a small fee to be served as a priority customer." A polite beautiful lady with a ponytail informed him professionally.

"No need, I can wait. Just make sure to give me a call when it's my turn please."

Disinterested in her suggestion, Felix waved his hand while walking back to the lounge. He knew that he couldn't act like a rich lord anymore by paying to skip the queues and lines. He had to pinch every coin from now on, so he would have more coins to bet during the upcoming game.

It was truly a sad fate for Felix to have millions in his bank account. Yet, still feel broke. But, he couldn't do much about it. No one forced him to choose the best of the best.

He could have easily avoided those problems if he simply walked the normal path like everyone else.

But in his eyes that would be the greatest injustice to everyone in the universe who wished to have a second chance in life with this many opportunities and cheats.


45 minutes later...

Felix received a call from the receptionist, informing him that his turn had arrived. He immediately strode forward to get this done as fast as possible.

"Please enter public room number 149 to see the general techniques catalog." She gave him a key and continued her explanation, "Additionally, you can test them in it for free the first 5 times. But after so, you need to pay 1000 SC fee for each test. Understood?"


He took the key and scanned it with his bracelet. Immediately after, it broke into light particles. Felix nodded his head politely and walked towards his room with a hidden smirk.

He planned to learn the consciousness access technique first, to pay a surprise visit to Asna while she was still asleep.

"Hehe, we still have unfulfilled promise between us." He rubbed his hands together with a lewd expression.

No wonder the bastard was in a rush to learn the technique. The promise he made with Asna during the shower was still on his mind to this day.

Based on how frequent he took showers and changed his clothes, Asna probably owned a heavy debt of nudity to pay!


Shortly after, he stepped out of the elevator and kept walking slowly, bypassing room after room until his eyes landed on the room numbered 149.

He put his bracelet on the door scanner and waited a couple of seconds before the door opened up automatically.

Nostalgic, His eyes kept roaming around, observing each corner of the white simple room that had nothing inside but a chair and a large screen, showcasing boldly hundreds of technique names that would make one's head spin from all of their variety and outrageous prices.

"It's been really long time since I used those kinds of rooms." As his eyes landed on those prices, his eyelids couldn't help but twitch. "Still as expensive as hell."

He clicked on the search button and keyed in the name of the technique he wanted to purchase.

Soon after, a list of all the techniques that had the same name was listed, from the cheapest to most expensive.

Felix didn't bother scrolling down to see those techniques that he couldn't even afford with his pity capital.

He clicked the purchase button on the 3rd technique on the list.

'Sir Felix, I advise you to prepare your mentality, as in 5 seconds the details about the technique shall be sent directly into your mind.'

Felix thanked the Queen for the early warning and closed his eyes.

Abruptly, a massive amount of information detailing everything about the technique flooded his brain for 6 seconds straight.

Overwhelmed a bit, Felix sweated heavily from his forehead with his hands on his knees, supporting his weight. It was quite tough to handle such a load of information all at once.

"At least I didn't faint, or get a headache." He sighed in relief.

"Let's see if I'm able to enter my consciousness even with only 1% bloodline." He wiped his sweaty forehead with his sleeves and sat on the chair.

He wasn't 100% certain in it working though, as in his previous life to activate manually a general technique one should at least be at greater purity. So, the consciousness barrier wouldn't break instantly after one failed the attempt.

But he had to try, as his consciousness barrier wasn't like the rest. He was somewhat confident in it sustaining at least three strikes before breaking.

"Here we go."

Out of nowhere, Felix pinched his throat and started speaking in an unknown language that sounded extremely bizarre and quite annoying to the ears of the listeners. It quite resembled different buzzing sounds mashed up together.

Shortly after, he stopped speaking and sat straight without a single quiver, just like a corpse. But that changed after a few seconds, as he dropped on his knees and started to cough a large amount of blood.

"Cough, Fuck! One small mistake and the entire manual activation fell apart and cracked my consciousness wall." Vexed, he wiped the blood from his mouth and sat back on the chair.

Now, he only had two more tries before the damages caused to his barrier be unrecoverable. He must use them wisely.

Composed, his irregular breathing was normalized, as he concentrated on practicing in his mind that weird-sounding activation code. He had to wait anyway for those cracks on his barrier to recover. thus, it was better to at least rehearse a bit.

The language of the hive race wasn't that easily spoken by anyone. The only reason Felix's was able to, was because the clan he was in, made it mandatory for every junior bloodliner to attend the hive race, language class.

After all, there were tons of general techniques released each year by the hive race. Just like the mental transmission that the Alexander kingdom used on earthlings.

Thus, it was a must-learn language in the universe for hardworking bloodliners.

As for the lazy ones? The hive race didn't forget about them and made the technique activate automatically if a strict condition was met.

For example, this technique that Felix was trying to manually activate, could automatically take effect after the user reached the origin purity of the purification realm.

Although Felix was part of the lazy group after he became a 3rd stage bloodliner, he still didn't dare to laze in that language class, as the reward of being one of the top 10 in it was to receive a technique of their own choice.

He wasn't going to miss that at any cost. Thus, he learned and mastered at least 20% of the language, earning him third place in the class.

Who would have known his hard work would have come handy in this situation?

Still, Felix was taking quite a big risk even with his good mastery of the language. After all, to manually activate this technique while being a newly awakened was a risk no one would try to do.

Hell, they might not do it even when they reached the lesser purity, the recommended power level to manually activate it, since there was no point or clear benefits worthy enough to risk their own consciousness destruction on this endeavor.

Simply because their consciousness was empty without a single fart in it!!

So who would bother taking such a huge risk just to enter and see nothing inside? They could just wait until they reached the origin purity and automatically enter without any issues cropping up.

But Felix's case was different. His consciousness was being rented by Asna, and as the landlord, he must check on her as soon as possible.

After all, it was extremely weird that someone was living inside his body without even seeing how she looked like.

This curiosity was slowly eating him from the inside, and no matter how much he tried to ignore it or avoid it.

It would always come back, every time Asna spoke with her mesmerizing voice that could charm even the devil.

So he was really determined that now was the time to see her and get rid of that annoying curiosity. Otherwise, he truly wouldn't be able to focus on his bloodline path.


30 minutes later, Felix stood up with a relaxed expression. "Alright, it's time for round two."

He took a deep breath, and pinched his throat again, then spoke with the same bizarre language.

But this time he spoke longer and fluently. A vast difference from earlier, as now his voice was far more pleasant to the listeners than before when he sounded like a banshee screech.

He soon stopped speaking and just sat silently with closed eyes.


On a lake that was filled with see-through water while being closed off by thin transparent walls, Felix was lying with his eyes closed peacefully.

However, that peacefulness broke in an instant after he woke up with hands extended forward, trying to hold into something.

"Ouff!!"... "Ouff!"

He gasped for breath like he was drowning in an ocean, while his eyes surveyed around him.

'Fucking hell, I hate that feeling of dropping from the air when I always try to enter this place.'

Annoyed, he eased his rugged breaths and stood up, planning to visit Asna asap. He had no idea when she would wake up. Thus, he had to make haste to prank her successfully.

"Let's go see that old witch. I bet she is ugly as hell with a wrinkled face from all of those years she lived." He chuckled with a playful look.

He was pretty confident in his guess, as he based it on the fact that Asna took the shape of a flame when they saw her in the ruins. He doubted that her energy was low to the point she couldn't take her original shape.

'Good thing my consciousness is still small, so it is easy to find her.'

Just like he thought, it was really easy to locate her, since even without the size of the lake, just the large mansion that was made of mist was an easy hint to where she was at.

He strode towards the mansion on tiptoes, trying his best to not make too much noise by splashing water everywhere. Otherwise, his shocking surprise that he was building for would be ruined after she wakes up and caught him red-handed.

Unfortunately, the only one who was dealt with a heavy shock was him.

As the moment he entered the mansion and laid his eyes on Asna's otherworldly beauty that could steal men's heart in a split second, he stood petrified in his place with his eyes fixated on the crimson-haired beauty that was sleeping peacefully.

The last thought that coursed through his mind before his brain got short-circuit was,

'I am done for!'

Chapter 62: I am Done For
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