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Chapter 64: Heart Attack

Felix didn't know whether to laugh or cry at her reaction. But he could not blame her. After all, His entire demeanor had transformed after his stylish mutations occurred.

If before he appeared harmless and playful to everyone else. Now with his current appearance, His bearing completely changed to being cold and dangerous with those gleaming deadly slits.

But that's only if he kept his mouth shut.

Too bad, Felix was not known for being as such, and he wouldn't change his personality just to fit his current style more.

So, he welcomed the fuming Olivia with his typical charming easygoing smile. "Come inside little Oli. Don't worry it's just me Felix."

Olivia stuttered while pointing her shaky finger in his direction. "What happens to your hair and eyes?!"

Before Felix could even answer back, she fired another question with a hint of excitement in her voice. "Did you really awaken and those are the famous mutations that I read about online?"

"Indeed, those are the byproducts after awakening." He answered, smiling.

She quickly rushed to his side and asked with stars in her eyes. "Can I touch your hair, please? It looks so soft and smooth."

Felix rubbed his nose and allowed her to do as she please. Yet, he instantly regretted his decision after she planted her face on his hair and started rubbing it with her eyes closed shut in content.

"So soft and silky. This is the dream hair of every girl."

"Enough Oli, get your face away." He pushed her clingy head away and scolded, "You are dirtying it with your dripping saliva. Fuck my Purple tips are all stained."

"Stop being stingy, just let me smell it one more time."

Olivia just kept evading his hands while sniffing his hair with a happy expression like a puppy.

Who could blame her though? Felix's hair had a unique natural fragrance that could be sold as perfume worldwide and reach instant success. The mutation might be useless in fights, but it made sure he wouldn't lose out in terms of looks and attractiveness to anyone.

"God damn it, Olivia, Don't force me to cut i.."

Suddenly both of them froze playing around as their eyes made contact with five elders who were watching them with a wide grin.

"Olivia, who are you flirting with?" Charlotte asked.

"Sigh, our little Flower is even flirting with men now. Time truly flies." Carter's shoulders slumped a bit.

"For my Grandson to have his girlfriend flirting with another man even in his room." Robert sighed, "I truly raised disappointment."

"If he saw her now, his hair will probably turn green, don't you think?" Albert threw a jab at Felix without mercy.


"I know for a fact mine would." Abraham nodded his head while touching his long white hair.

Irritated, Felix stared at those old fogies tease him with a dark expression.

He knew that the elders were taking advantage of this situation to vent some of their anger at him, after not being informed that he was awakening.

If before, they were a bit skeptical at his announcement, now, after seeing his hair and eyes, it became pretty clear that he was telling the truth, which made it pretty hard for them to stomach.

After all, too many things could go wrong during the process of awakening, and only by having someone at Felix's side, backing him up whenever an issue popped up, could he awaken safely.

Just like when Asna intervened when he was about to pass out.

But the elders had no idea that he had her at his side. They thought that he went full commando, like an idiot, and risked his life for no apparent reason.

"Elders it's not what it looks like! This is Felix after he awakened." Olivia jumped away from Felix like someone stepped on her tail. She tucked her hair behind her ears with a slight blush on her cheeks and murmured, "And he is not my boyfriend."

Felix immediately supported her claim with a nod and changed the subject to not embarrass her any further.

"What brought you here Grandpa, are you here for the party?" He asked.

"Rascal stop playing dumb. Hurry up and explain yourself. I can only hold those fogies from beating you up this far." Robert held his hand behind his back and ordered him to cough up his excuse, "You better provide a good reason. Otherwise, even I won't be able to save you from the punishment."

"He is right. Don't try to bullshit your way out of this!" Abraham approached him and said, "Just tell the truth. At least your punishment will be light."

"Queen AI, Please show them my Betting log."

Felix kickstarted his plan immediately without using words, but actually showing them hard evidence first, to facilitate the following lies.

"As you wish Sir Felix."

Right away, Queen presented for each elder a holographic log that showcased Felix's latest bet.

The elders were not expecting this at all, as they assumed that Felix would either lie through his teeth or acknowledge his wrongdoing.

But they still read the log with narrowed eyes, trying to see what he was on about. Yet, the moment they spotted the huge amount that he won after betting on Wally, their eyes couldn't help but widen in disbelief.

"You, you actually managed to win 1 million from betting??!!" Abraham shouted out loud, almost deafening the elders near him. However, they didn't seem to mind as their eyes were too engrossed in reading that amount over and over again.

Their expression was slowly changing from disbelief to envy and finally greed!

The only one who didn't show those desires was Robert, who kept chuckling foolishly like he lucked out on a lottery.

Felix merely sighed after noticing their human-like behavior, as he understood that the entire family budget did not surpass 5 million SC even after having the AP bracelet, and being in contact with UVR for over 8 months.

That 5 million was the fruit of their investments in the UVR in the past 8 months!

When compared to Felix who earned 80 million in two days due to his memories, it truly appeared pitiful. But, this was the true reality of earning money in UVR.

It was never an easy endeavor to do so. Since to sell within the markets, having a good reputation, was a must. But to obtain a good reputation they needed to sell first!

Such a vicious circle was the reason why the majority of new businessmen, who were trying to make a living, tuck their tails between their legs and cancel all of their business ventures.

As for investments? That rarely worked well in the UVR where scammers were popping out like mushrooms with new projects to fool the investors every goddamn second.

Only veteran investors were able to spot the small pieces of gold in the sea of dung, those scammers created.

One should never take Felix's ways of earning money as a standard. After all, he was really just cheating his way up by taking advantage of his memories.

If he didn't have them, he would have definitely performed even worse than the family.

"Indeed, it was truly just blind luck due to my curiosity." He scratched his nose and asked, "Do you want to hear the long version of the process or the short one?"

"Please share all the details on how you did so." Abraham sat on the couch near him and said with his arms crossed, "this is extremely important to the family future."

"As you wish."

With a confident smile on his face, Felix started sharing the bullshit story he worked hard to create. "Well as I mentioned before, I only gambled because of my curiosity. But before I did so, I needed the capital first, since I was penniless the moment I was dropped in the UVR."

"Indeed, just like us." The elders nodded their heads.

"So I tried to find ways to earn coins as fast as possible. Thus, I did what anyone In my age would do." He shrugged his shoulders, "I searched online for a solution, and just like always the UVR network did not disappoint, as I have read in a public forum, that there is a law, entailing that any newcomer in SGA gets a 100.000 SG loan with low interest and without providing a valid reason."

"Here I was wondering how you managed to get capital. It turned out you used the free loan rule." Disheartened, Abraham sighed after realizing that Felix did not luck out a job in a well-paying business or a shop like he assumed. But, merely used his SGA rights, which they already had knowledge of.

His disappointment was understandable, as the family currently wanted nothing more but to expand as far as they could in the UVR. Thus, if Felix had actually found a job, it would further enhance their garbage social network even further by obtaining the friendship of his boss.

"I can already see the rest of the events. You betted your entire capital on the currently famous Solid Wall, thus managing to hit it big."

"Indeed, my father senses tingled that there is a profit to make in this gamble. So without hesitation, I threw everything I had on Wally." He looked at Abraham right in his eyes and said, "I wanted to inform you about taking this gamble with me. But I know that it will be really hard for you guys to bet the family future on a single sense that might turn wrong."

The elders' silence after hearing his explanation was a clear sign of agreement. In fact, they felt like if he told them, they would do everything in their power to convince him to either not bet or cancel it.

Elders' caution attitude towards life was not the same as youngsters, who never gave a crap about future repercussions.

"It was a correct move not to inform us about this one." Robert scratched his beard and asked, "But why didn't you tell us that you planned to awake yesterday with a different bloodline?"

"Indeed, if you told us, we would have done our best to assist you." Charlotte nodded.

Felix truly felt like a criminal being surrendered by detectives. Nonetheless, he neither broke off the character nor showed any loophole in his story.

"Well, I could not share all of the details, since I am bound by a contract I signed. But I can tell you one thing." He stared at their penetrating eyes, that were scanning every twitch in his face, just like a lie detector and said, "The bloodline I awakened with, was a legendary rank."

The instant he said the rank of the bloodline, everyone's brain short-circuited. The bombshell he dropped was too much for their mind to handle.

They simply couldn't process how could someone in their family obtain a legendary bloodline, while they weren't able to even buy an epic rank one.

This unbelievable fact truly blew their minds away, and their diluted stiff eyes were the best proof of so.

"Elders are you alright?" With a hidden glint in his eyes, Felix asked worriedly.


However, the only response he received was Robert's body dropping on the ground with a hand clutching his chest in anguish.

Speechless, Felix stared at his grandfather having a heart attack at this untimely moment.

The shock was truly too big for Robert's fragile heart to handle. Good thing, he didn't expose that he actually earned a whopping 80 million from the bet. Otherwise, his grandfather would straightway drop dead!

Chapter 64: Heart Attack
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