Supremacy Games
Chapter 74: Human Melodies

The next day evening, only 15 minutes were left before the movie starts.

Felix was already inside the movie world of Human Melodies, sitting with over 500 other viewers talking loudly in anticipation of this movie that was heavily marketed during the past week.

"What do you think about their claim of a new unique filming method?"

"Honestly, I believe it just a ruse to attract more attention."

"I think so as well."

"You guys are idiots if you thought that they wasted a shit ton of coins to market their movie by using a ruse. No one is that retarded to seek destroying their movie and reputation like that."

"True"... "Exactly what I was planning to say."...

"I merely hope that their new way of filming deserves those maddening ticket prices."

"Fuck don't remind me of it."

"Sigh, 200 SC for a ticket is indeed too expensive. But I believe the prices will go down later on."

"Yeah the train hype is currently carrying this movie, but it will stop at some point."

Felix listened to their endless chatter for a bit, then clicked ]mute[ on his remote control.

Instantly, peace submerged the movie world.

Felix lay in a relaxed position in his chair, hugging a popcorn container in one arm and a large drink with a straw at the top, on the other hand.

He ate a handful of popcorn while lifting his head to see the large timer in the air that was counting backward.

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59 seconds 58, 57 ... 3...2....1.

The movie world instantly brightened up a little bit, as the plot had started with an army of beasts of all types and shapes, rushing forward madly at a human outpost on a faraway planet from earth.

The commanders of the post placed their orders down to prepare for the impact.

But everyone in the audience gasped out loud after hearing that the commands all rhymed at the end of each sentence musically, even when the tone of the commander was without emotions!

A soldier who had a plasma gun on his arm kept shaking in fear, after seeing the thousands of beasts coming at them, howling and roaring.

"Why am I even here, where I could have been lying near my wife without having this fear."

"Why are we even getting invaded? when the only sin that we had created, was to exist and live peacefully, without harming anyone's lives evilly."

"For us to be bullied to this degree, it only means our plans have been comprised by he."

The soldier spoke with bone-chilling hatred about the person who betrayed his race and joined the other side.

"You chose to be a pet than to be killed. A moronic decision I say! To send your skin to be eaten and grilled."

"The beasts that you submitted to, will never ever let you go. For they thirst for our blood and flesh, more than a drunken thirst for a bottle of scotch."

"You made the wrong decision, and we the pitiful soldiers are forced to face this bestial collision."

That was the last spoken word of the solider after getting his head penetrated by a beam of light coming from a three-eyed beast.


The viewers all screamed out loud after seeing this scene happening right in their faces without the ability to intervene.

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Meanwhile, Felix only kept watching the movie go on with enjoyment.

This was probably the 5th time he watched it. But who would blame him?

This movie was a gem thrown in the heap of shit with other average movies that had no budget to market it.

The investors pulled out because they believed that this style of filming would not bring them too much profit due to its niche nature.

But what they didn't know was that the entire human population was already sick and tired of the same filmed and edited movies by the AI, which took absolutely no effort or time for the makers to create it.

Anyone with a half-assed script could apply to create a movie nowadays, without checking if the script was worth it or not.

This resulted in movies to appear extremely similar in plots and dialogues, whether it was produced by a large company or merely two dreamers planning to earn big.

But for human melodies that had every line rhymes with emotions that sent goosebumps through every viewer skin. It was truly a breath of fresh air that everyone needed.

One could only applaud at the massive effort it took to make this movie.

A movie about a true story that happened during the middle of the war between humans and beasts, where a traitor traded the information about an important outpost that was built to research beast bloodlines and how to harness them.

It was one of the few remaining ones that could actually save the human race from extinction. Unfortunately, the traitor sold them out, turning the entire outpost into a living hell.

Everyone died except one researcher who used every second in his possession to send the research data to another facility after seeing that the situation was hopeless and grim.

But by doing so, he risked exposing their data to intelligent beasts that had the ability to interpret and read the radio waves with ease.

Luckily, that didn't happen. As, by the time the outpost was attacked, reinforcement, which was already on the way had met with those beasts outside the planet, and killed them before the data could be harvested.

This was the entire plot of human melodies, but with more vivid details and rhymes.

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After 3 hours of the movie, the credit scene rolled out under the heartful cries and sniffs of the audience, followed by heavy clapping and whistling to express their enjoyment over this masterpiece that could be nominated as the best movie of the year in the Alexendar Kingdom.

Felix clapped slowly as well for a while and left the movie world with a smile after seeing the audience reaction that he wanted.

"It seems like I will earn much more than I anticipated." He said with a smirk after realizing that the one billion returns that the movie earned in his previous life, was about to double or even triple after it goes viral.

The producers really managed to earn big after relying on a primitive filming style that was used millions of years before.

After all, humans in the Milky Way existed for more than that, and it was impossible for this technique not to be used before.

Felix stopped walking at once after a sudden realization hit him hard.

That it was impossible for the producers to dig data on filming styles that had millions of years of history.

But it was completely another story if they dig within the public data of the Queen AI about them, and as far as he remembered, the world leaders sold all of their planet data to the queen after joining the SGA.

The queen took the useful information for herself and threw the unnecessary data in the public data for everyone to browse.

Such as movie techniques that earthling's used for their filming!!!

This led to one simple conclusion.

The producers dug the musical style of filming that earthlings used for movies such as 'Les Miserables' and imitated it in Human Melodies!

That's why the movie started production only after the earthlings joined the SGA.

'I guess earthlings still have some potential to put a mark in the UVR. They just have to find a way in.'

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Felix chuckled lightly at this conclusion and started walking again, away from the noisy Cinema that had thousands of people lining up to enter and watch this imitation from a claimed primitive planet.

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