Supremacy Games
Chapter 84: Signing The SG Contract

Immediately after leaving the room, Felix was met with sneaky glances and peeks, or outright direct stares. He ignored those emotional looks that everyone was giving him and went straight to the elevator.

The further he walked away from them, the louder their gossip got, to the point they were talking out loud by the time he entered the elevator.

"Does anyone know his name?" A flamboyant haired man asked the group he was in.

Unfortunately, everyone shook their heads, having no idea who, why, and where did Felix come from. They assumed that he was either a visitor from another city in the kingdom, wanting to spend some time training here, or he just moved in and planned to remain here for a long time.

Their assumption was based on the fact that Felix was a peak 1st stage bloodliner, and for him to have such strength, yet never showed up before in the Training Center, only made them reach those two conclusions.

That being said, they didn't care where he came from and for how long he planned on staying on their floor, the only thing that mattered to them was having him join their club to receive extra protection when a club challenges them for the floor's rulership.

Unfortunately, they had no idea that Felix didn't give a crap about who takes command of the floor. As long as he beat the strongest in a club, he would always have his spot secured without entering those battles.

"Sigh, I sure do hope that Nora speaks some goodwill about our club, and invite him properly."

"Hehe, I joined this club only due to Nora's beauty, so I doubt he will refuse if she actively recruited him." A tough-looking man with sharp long bones coming from his elbow joints answered with certainty.

"You too Minty??!! I thought I was the only one who joined due to Nora." Someone exclaimed in surprise within the pack.

"What the hell, me too. I can't sleep at night without coming to the club at least once to see her." Added a tall thin man with a spellbound expression.

"Cough, I joined because of Melody." A rugged huff came out of a man who was benching 100 kg of weight in each hand.

"Me because of Becky. Fuck, How I wish I could grope her perky butt just once."

Suddenly every male on the floor followed after this group and started to confess their reasons for joining the club. Sadly for the girls, none of them were proper.

The girls left the public training hall and entered their rooms, not wanting to dirty their ears anymore by those shameless bastards.

As the men were chatting out loud with lecherous faces, a rigid voice interrupted them. "Did none of you guys joined because of my strength?"

Everyone's faces turned instantly black after seeing their silent giant leader cracking his knuckles while standing next to the entrance. Clearly, blocking their escape.

"Sigh, you guys are really immoral and despicable to speak about our sisters like this. I abhor being mentioned in the same breath as you."

Disappointed, the flamboyant haired man kept shaking his head, as he approached the leader, trying to stand next to him, like a faithful dog.

Too bad, his plan just made it worse for him, as the giant's hand clutched his head and lifted him from the ground effortlessly.

"Ouch, ouch, Ayyyy!!! My skull is being crushed leader! Put me down please!!" He bellowed miserably while his hands were trying their best to free his head. Sadly, his penny strength couldn't nudge a single finger.

"Do you take me for a fool Liorio? I was watching you from the beginning, bragging loudly that you touched melody's ass. Daring to even defame your sisters now?" The leader raised Liorio until they were face to face and offered him a warm smile, "Let me give something to brag about later."


Without warning, he hurled Liorio by his head like a cannonball through the open window!!


Everyone felt a sudden chill course their spine, as they listened to Liorio's screech, nosediving from the 22th floor.


A body fell straight on a moving hovercar breaking its front glass window entirely and scaring the shit of the driver, who was face timing his wife with his bracelet.

"What was that flesh clapping sound dear?! Are you cheating on me again in the UVR??!! And you even dare to face time me while doing so!! I will fucking cut your d*ck off if you don't log out now!!"

His insecure crazy wife immediately connected the crushing sound to an obscene sound in her mind with absolutely no common sense. The poor man's entire week was ruined wrongly by Liorio's vulgar bragging remark.

Aggrieved, He could only try to pacify his wife with watery eyes over this injustice.


In the SG Administration Office. Felix was waiting in the lounge for his appointment patiently.

A few minutes later, he was called for earlier than he expected, which only meant that the bloodliner that was inside the room, read, and signed the contract faster than the anticipated duration.

Felix walked unhurriedly towards the elevator and clicked on the 4th-floor button.

A few seconds later, he stepped inside the floor and knocked on the 3rd room that was on his right side.

"Come in please." An aged voice responded to his knock.

Felix opened the door gently, not daring to act without manners in the presence of a SGA's official.

Even though this was merely a branch in a human kingdom, Felix still needed to show the correct attitude when dealing with anyone in the SGA governance circle, whether outer or inner, lest he gets refused entry to the games based on some bullshit reason.

"Hello sir, I am here to sign the participation contract." Felix bowed his head slightly and straightaway said his purpose.

"Please, take a seat first, son." The elderly offered warmly after seeing Felix's respectful approach.

"Thank you, sir." Felix sat down and waited for the elderly to give him the contract.

"Here you go."

The official sent him a holographic thick contract that would take hours of time to just read it properly. He then added, "You can ask me about anything that you don't understand."

Felix thanked him for his offer, but he did not bother to even take look at the contract, he simply asked the Queen AI to compare this contract with the SGA public contract in the database.

After a few seconds, he received a confirmation that everything was exactly the same. So, he signed it without a single ounce of hesitation. He trusted the Queen's judgment more than he trusted his.

The Official opened his mouth slightly, wanting to say something after seeing Felix's rashness, but he closed it and thought to himself, 'Whatever it's even better this way than to waste my time for another 6 hours explaining the same things again.'

"Welcome to Supremacy Games son." He stood up with a kind elderly smile and offered Felix a handshake.

"Thank you."

Felix shook his hand with a smile and left the room after, not wasting the elder's time by flattering him needlessly like the majority of bloodliners who came before him.

They always believed that a SGA's official could help them out a little during the games. Too bad, no one had a hand on the games, except for the unbiased Queen.

Bribing SGA's Official was just giving them free money and gifts. They wouldn't refuse the good gesture, but they sure would bail out if asked to give some leeway during the games.

"Good luck in the games, you will need it desperately." The elderly murmured softly while eyeing the closed door. He then called for the receptionist to send the next appointment.

One could only wonder if he wished for good luck to all the bloodliners who left his room or not.


Felix did not return to his house or training center after leaving the office. Rather, he went to a hovercar dealership to buy one for himself. Since it was quite shameful to own a house within the inner circle of the capital without a vehicle in the garage. Plus, he started to get annoyed by riding hover cabs, whenever he needed to go somewhere.

Therefore, Felix spent the next half an hour browsing and testing cars each with their own style and price tag.

In the end, he purchased a classy thin dark hovercar, that was neither cheap nor flamboyant. Just a casual ride that offered everything necessary without being looked down upon. The last thing he wanted was for a nouveau rich 2nd generation kid to ruin his night with Nora by insulting his car.

After test driving it around the city for an hour, his rusty driving got better and better until his wild driving skills from his previous life resurfaced again.

After having his fun, he stopped and returned to his house to groom himself for the evening.


10 minutes later...

Felix was humming happily in the shower, clearly in a good mood. He was finally going to ease his surpassed desire that was eating him up since the moment he was reborn. He refused to touch himself no matter what.

Not because he thought that it was beneath him, rather, it was because of Asna that could read his memories. He was god damn certain that she would roast him alive after finding out.

Speak of the devil and he shall arrive.

Asna who spent most of her time asleep woke up by his delightful humming. She smelled his happiness like a hungry shark smelling blood from a mile away. How could he be happy in her presence? The nerve!

"Oh? My dear Felix is having a date without waking me up." She pouted, "How can you not wake me up during such a fun event?"

Immediately after hearing her damned voice, Felix stopped humming at once with parted lips, not knowing how to respond to her teasing. The only thing he felt inside the warm shower, was a coldness, bone-chilling coldness like he was standing at the top of a mountain fully nude.

He knew his night was about to be ruined.

Asna giggled teasingly after seeing Felix's deadpan face like he just heard the most heart-wrenching news in his life. "Why are you upset? I also want to watch how you humans do it."

"Can't I do so?" She asked, sulking.

"Asna you have tons of my memories, I did it with hundreds of girls there. You can watch as much as you like." He requested with a pitiful look like a homeless dog, "Just leave me alone in this evening. Pretty please?"

He truly was desperate to get laid for him to beg Asna like this.

Felix held his breath, hoping that Asna wasn't in her b*tchy mood and accept his request maturely. Unfortunately, that wasn't happening anytime soon. As long as she was stuck in his consciousness, her b*tchy mode would always be on.

"Nope! I want to watch everything live. Who knows I might even assist you in pleasing her." Asna rejected his proposal with a playful grin.

"F*ckk my life!!!" Felix could only cry out in despair after realizing that the greatest third wheel in the universe was living right inside of him.

And she was hell-bent on ruining his night with Nora.

Chapter 84: Signing The SG Contract
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